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Joey Graziadei Spoilers – The Bachelor


By Lynne BlackPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Joey Graziadei spoilers are here. So, stop reading now if you don’t want to know anything before the season starts. However, if you want to know a few spoilers, keep scrolling.

Joey Graziadei

Bachelor Nation was introduced to Joey on Charity Lawson’s season. Check out my Charity Lawson Spoilers – The Bachelorette to learn more about him.

In the Final Rose episode; The Bachelor fans saw him meet one of his contestants before filming began. During the first rose ceremony; Lea Cayanan was given a letter to read on opening night. In the letter, it stated that she could steal a one-on-one date from any of the other women at any time during the season. So, instead of taking advantage of this opportunity; Lea decided to burn the letter. Lea lets Joey know she wants to be chosen by him for a date; not have to steal one. Due to this, she earned the first impression rose.

Joey Graziadei Spoilers

Now that the Golden Bachelor has ended; it’s Jeoy’s turn to begin his journey for love.

Joey is 28 years old and is a native of Pennsylvania. Presently, he resides in Hawaii.

Since he is a tennis professional he is hoping he finds his love match for on and off the court. Because he is big on family; he will be looking for someone that is on the same page as him.

Although his season will begin with 32 women from all over the country; there are several to keep your eye on. In addition, 10 will be eliminated by the end of the first episode.

Joey Graziadei Spoilers – The Final Four

Meanwhile, every season there is speculation before the season even begins. And, this season; there are already rumors circulating. Indeed, this season is no different.

Reality Steve has already let the cat out of the bag and has reported the final four are as follows.

Daisy Kent – Since Daisy received the first one-on-one date; it appears she made quite an impression. Daisy is 25 years old and is an Account Executive. In addition, she comes from a loving family and her parents have been married for over 30 years. She hopes to find someone who is family-oriented, adventurous, and loyal. So, she is looking for a fairy tale ending. Will Joey be her partner for life?

Kelsey Anderson – Kelsey is 26 years old. She spent much of her childhood in Germany on a U.S. Military base. Additionally, she comes from a loving family and hopes to find someone with a great sense of humor and who loves giving back as much as she does. Kelsey lives in New Orleans and is a Project Manager. When she is in love, she makes thoughtful gifts for her partner. Will Joey be the recipient of her handmade trinkets?

Maria Georgas – Maria is 29 years old and is an Executive Assistant. Maria is from Canada and is done with short-term relationships. During a recent meeting with a Pyshic, she had the impression Joey may be her future husband. Will the Psychic be right?

Rachel Nance – Rachel is 26 years old and is from Honolulu, Hawaii. She is an ICU Nurse and is looking for someone to bond with over her love of Hawaiian food and culture. Since Joey lives in Hawaii; will they find their love story?

Who Will Win Joey’s Final Rose

Although tonight is the first night of Joey’s season; it is already been reported that his final pick is Daisy Kent. Moreover, since Daisy received the first one-on-one date; their date left quite an impression. So, it’s no surprise she receives Joey’s final rose.

In Tulum, Mexico, it is reported that Joey gets down on one knee and proposes to Daisy.

As always, I welcome your comments on Joey Graziadei. Will you be tuning in?

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