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How was the sun formed? Why is it not turned off yet?

Some information that you may not have heard before about the sun and its composition

By ghadermPublished 5 months ago 6 min read

The sun, that beautiful star that we rejoice in the morning when we see it shining.

It is the star that without it we won't live, and if it is absent from us, our fate will be like that of the dinosaurs.

In this article, I will give you very strange information about the sun, and facts that you should know about this star that we see every day.

The sun is a star in the middle of its life, so we can say that it is a young star because each star has a stage of birth, a stage of youth, an old age stage, and a stage of death.

Astronomers believe that it was born approximately 4.59 billion years ago, and after 5 billion years from now, the sun will begin to enter a phase called the red giant phase.

And this stage that the star reaches is when it begins to turn into an old man, and then its death becomes closer and closer.

Relatively, the sun's temperature is constantly rising. The sun's temperature has been rising for millions of years but at a very constant upward rate. This stability allows us to live temporarily here on Earth. The sun's temperature and brightness increase by approximately 10% every billion years.

This is a small percentage for us. If the sun's temperature and brightness weren't constant, we would die immediately.

That is why one of the miracles that you wake up to every morning is this amazing steadfastness in the burning of the sun, which gave us and other creatures the ability to live.

Indeed, these are things that require deep thought and aren't mere articles.

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the sun made of?

What are those substances in the sun?

What fuel does the sun use to keep burning?

My friend, the sun is just a big bubble of gas, that's all, a gas bubble, and we can also say that it is a nuclear furnace suspended in space.

The sun consists of 72_74% of hydrogen gas, then 26_28% of helium gas, and other elements such as oxygen, carbon, iron, sulfur, nitrogen, and other materials.

But the percentage of these materials is small, and the sun is constantly converting hydrogen gas into helium gas in nuclear reactions within its nucleus.

These interactions lead to the release of a terrible amount of solar energy, but it is also strange that this large mass of dense gases constitutes an estimated 99% of the entire mass of our solar system. As for the size of the Earth to the sun, it is like a flea for a man 5 meters tall!

You can put a million Earths inside the sun, and maybe more than that.

Can you imagine that what the sun produces of energy in one second is almost like detonating 100 billion tons of dynamite, this is only one second of the sun's energy, and this number is only approximate. Nice and give us warmth on cold days.

One of the strange and incomprehensible things about the sun is the corona surrounding the sun. The surface of the sun has a temperature of approximately 5800 degrees. This is only the surface of the sun.

Well, here is the puzzle and the question, if we move away from the sun, will the temperature decrease or will it increase?

I will give you the answer as an example. We have a fire here, and in the fire, it is 5800 degrees. If we move away from the fire, will the temperature decrease or rise? It will decrease.

But with the sun, the opposite, whenever we move away from the sun, the temperature rises, and in an instant, the temperature rises from 5800 degrees to a million degrees, and this is what is called the solar corona.

Yes, as you heard, a million degrees when we move away from the surface of the sun, while it is logically supposed that the closer we get to the sun, the temperature should rise.

But what happens is the opposite, when we move away from the sun, the temperature increases and jumps to a million degrees.

This matter made scientists go crazy because it is a confusing mystery, and although there are hypotheses to explain this matter, they didn't explain it correctly and fully and explained only a small percentage of the puzzle.

This solar halo is very beautiful, but unfortunately, we won't be able to see it except in one case only, which is when a total eclipse of the sun occurs.

When the moon completely obscures the solar light, and at that time we can see the charming solar corona with the naked eye.

In the end, let us assume a question, what would happen if the sun went out?

What will happen to us? What will happen to the planet?

Do you know, that if the sun goes out, this sun that we rejoice in seeing every morning, do you know what will happen?

First, after the sun goes out, it will still show us for eight minutes, why?

Because sunlight takes eight minutes to reach our planet, so if it goes out, we will still see it for eight minutes, even though it went out.

After that, the symphony of death will begin. The temperature on Earth will reach -18 in the first week.

After that, the temperature will reach -73 degrees Celsius below zero so the deadly frost, which will begin to kill everything on the ground day after day, the surface of the ocean will begin to freeze, and rivers and lakes will also freeze.

The light-representing processes of the plants will immediately stop and become completely paralyzed, and the plants will begin to die of all kinds, and with the death of the plants, the herbivores will also die, and the food chain will be broken by the rapid death of the animals, and whoever doesn't die of hunger will inevitably die of cold.

With the death of plants and trees, oxygen will be completely absent over time, so death will be either by hunger, cold, or suffocation.

With the disappearance of the sun, its gravity will disappear, and if all that enormous force of solar gravity disappears, it will take eight minutes to feel the disappearance of that gravity, according to Einstein's theory of relativity.

Over time, the atmosphere will be completely destroyed, the Earth will be exposed, and deadly radiation will begin to seep into the Earth, so that this beautiful blue planet will turn into a dead planet like a mummy, swimming in space alone.

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