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How much time do you have and how are you using it?

by Simmer Oli 4 months ago in Humanity

How much time do you have and how are you using it?

How much time do you have and how are you using it?
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Every day, you get rid of tedious tasks. Waiting for a touch, a stop sign, for the coffee to boil, sit in the living room, brush your teeth, wash, sleep. . . precious moments are lost and there are still weeks and months of our lives. one has those difficult questions in your mind - when and how does one use them? this article will address the very fact that you can use it for the rest of your life. Indeed, with our number sleeping as little as possible, science has shown that insomnia will also shorten your life span and should cause more health concerns. That concern will be resolved!

Most people waste our time on menial tasks, time is slippery as you drive back or forth from work every morning and evening, as you do nothing in line for picking up kids at school, and many other things you wish we could escape.

As in the middle of the song "Seasons of Love," they sang for 500 and twenty-five minutes. How does one estimate, measure the year? ”

How Can We Find Our Life?

On average, Americans live 79.8 years of age, which is amazing as we move forward with health care and technology! you are now making better health decisions and have the opportunity to measure extended and satisfying lives.

How can we make menial tasks a source of joy? inside the light, you will insert the saying: stop and smell the roses.

As you wait for the red light on the car, you will see birds happily jumping over the local lines, how the wind blows the leaves and makes shadows on the ground, otherwise you pass a pedestrian wondering who they are and where they are from. a day when you wrap yourself in the trials and tribulations of life and forget to enjoy how wonderful life often is.

Now you tell yourself, okay, enough, how much time do I spend on these activities?

Time Turner

It is important to remember that everything discussed here is central. It is often difficult to estimate the amount of time you spend on each task, unless you have dedicated your time to each item and tried to calculate it.

American Daily Average:

She spends 6.31 hours online every day

She spends 37 minutes cleaning and preparing food

He spends four hours working

He spends three hours watching television

He spends an hour eating

He spends 8.5 hours asleep

You spend 25 minutes reading a paragraph

She spends 10 minutes on religious activities

* Most of those numbers are collected within the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2019

United States Health Time:

He spent six months waiting for the red color to show the blue

You have spent a third of your life asleep

She spent 15,000 hours in the bathroom

You spent 2,000 hours brushing your teeth

He spent 7,500 hours bathing

You have spent one sixth of your life working or 90,000 hours

He spent 184,000 hours online

How much time does one spend on vacation and looking after your needs?

Do Not Make Them Sleep

Sleeping for five hours in the evening doubles your risk of heart condition. The condition of the heart is that the second meaning that leads to death within us. it was the main site, but is now lagging behind carcinoma. Insomnia can also lead to obesity, which can lead to obesity and diabetes. It weakens your system, causing significant symptoms, car accidents, mood swings, and memory problems. All of these health concerns can affect your quality of life.

Studies show that once you are infected, you are more likely to enjoy your outdoor time with your family and friends. Insomnia can cause mood swings, such as anxiety, depression, mildness, and urgency.

You can support your health by getting enough sleep and getting everything you want. Follow another popular saying: you are better than ever. It is never too late to urge your sleep back to the target.

Stop Spending Time

What else can you do while your red lights are on? you will play games with your children and ask them about their day. you will have random dance parties until the sun turns green. you will hear audio books about the NPR and discuss world politics. you will enjoy your cup of coffee and apply lipstick or cologne at eleven o’clock. you will use your phone to look for a red plant that you just saw blooming a few months ago from your car. expecting bright lights doesn’t have to be trash - you’ll create good habits and get rich with the time you spend on a trip to try the things you always enjoy.

Being online is often viewed as a “waste of your time.” But it is also a time spent studying how to cook or garden or play a musical instrument. It's been a short time since we had a video calling your grandmother during the epidemic and watching a long-distance movie with a loved one.

At the end of the day, you see these activities as a waste of time or a waste of time doing something you "need to do". But these activities create the burden of our lives. they are alive. Enjoy.

The AAA states that on average, Americans spend 58.6 minutes a year in red light. If we were 79.8 years old, about 6.5 months of our life, we would be using a red light! That assumes you are driving the same number in 70 years, as you are in 20 years. Looking at all the work you completed last year, what would you try to summarize and what would you like to achieve? Rate your activities, not your time.


Simmer Oli

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Simmer Oli
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