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Finding Your Writer's Voice

AI Could Never -

By Rosie J. SargentPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Top Story - June 2023
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Hello lovelies, misfits, weirdos and fellow outcasts. I hope you are well and doing your best as always. I am not a big fan of AI being used for writing other than an editing tool. The one thing about AI writing I dislike is how monotonal the voice is. It is all the same voice, just clones upon clones; collective voices taken from other people's work. The voice lacks creative flare, and the pain and suffering that is the human existence.

Your writer's voice is unique to you. If you are trying to find your voice organically, I hope this article helps you in your writing journey.

First, it is worth acknowledging that we are not our favourite authors, and although they inspire us, it is important to create your own writing style. So let go of the idea that you'll be the next Shakespeare or Tolkien because you won't. You will be you.

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In my experience, reading comes hand in hand with the craft of writing. I think it is important to have an expansive reading list that changes genre, theme, and sometimes form with each text you read. I like to think of it as a market research, because this is how we become inspired.

Writing has its rules that can bend slightly but not break, like Captain Barbossa says 'more like guidelines,' explore while finding your voice. You need to know what you style you like, what voice you like to write in, and what type of readership you writing for. How to capitvate a readership, and keep them hooked. The only way you can do this... and you wouldn't believe it - is reading.

So get building that personal library of yours (and head to the Online Book Club on my page). Oh, and don't forget the bookmarks.

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Secondly, as a writer you should be aware that there are four main writing forms. These are:

  1. Fiction (prose)
  2. Non-Fiction
  3. Poetry
  4. Script (theatre/screen-play)

Obviously, within these forms, you have different styles of poetry, like a haiku or a limerick. Non-fiction, of course, covers journalism, press-releases, speeches, all that juicy stuff. Then there're the genres: horror, sci-fi, romance, comedy, tragedy, fantasy, action and adventure, and then there's sub-genres. The list is bloody endless.

Which is great for you. You're spoilt for choice, and you're not bound to one or every. You can choose where to write as you creatively go. Always read examples. I'm not going to write a threater script without having read a few examples in a couple of different genres. I need to know what readers are looking for, like I said - market research.

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So - now that we've done a bit of 'light reading', we've considered the forms available to us and acknowledged the many genres there are out there. Let's get writing!

As always, I recommend a freewriting session, where you write non-stop until the timer goes off. No rephrasing sentences or editing, just straight up writing. This is actually your subconscious taking over and is great for warming your creative juices. I normally do about 6-7 minutes on the timer. I'm not sure why, but for me it seems to be the perfect time.

Then, read your work aloud. It may sound like utter gibberish the human mind often is, but you'll have discovered your voice. You will know by reading aloud your work what works for your voice and what doesn't. After this, do a writing exercise.

Prompt: Write a short story/poem using all nine words -

  • Problem
  • Dull
  • Falsify
  • Window
  • Attraction
  • Protrait
  • Graduate
  • Waterfall
  • Hammer

Once again, re-read your work out loud. Edit, edit and edit. Write again. Can you see your writers' voice coming through yet?

If not, another way to discover your voice is writing a duologue/dialogue piece. A duologue is a conversation between two characters (usually actors on stage), so with that in mind; write a dialogue piece based on two characters who are stuck in a room. Have a conversation with yourself. Don't worry, everyone in the writers' room is crazy.

Keep going until you have found your voice. Do you think I just woke up one day and found it after one writing session? No. It takes time. As with any craft. There will be moments where you will compare your work to others, thinking you're not as good as a writer as everybody else. I want you to know all writers feel this, and comparison is the biggest thief of joy. The only way to become good at something is to practise.

So get writing my loves!


Don't forget the leave some love and subscribe and as always;

Stay safe, stay hopeful and stay blessed :)

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Rosie J. Sargent

Hello, my lovelies! Welcome, I write everything from the very strange to the wonderful; daring and most certainly different. I am an avid coffee drinker and truth advocate.

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  • Rui Alves2 months ago

    I'm Legion, I have many voices inside. They are not hard to find. They are loud and I have trouble keeping them quiet. Terrific piece. 👌

  • You made very good points. I especially like the advice to read work aloud. 👏

  • Daniel Lai3 months ago

    Thanks for your reminder about finding the writer's voice. I enjoy writing about what comes to mind instead of a specified topic. I may develop along those inclinations.

  • Khadijah Olayemi4 months ago

    This is so unique write up I ever see her. So direct and friendly! Good job lovelies.

  • Shadow James4 months ago

    Thanks!! It is very helpful!

  • Raghavendra S Rao4 months ago

    Nice article. This will be helpful for most beginners.

  • Daniel Hooks4 months ago

    I did your nine word challenge I think 🤞 I want to hammer it home! The problem is ignorance and to falsify stats and statistics to support your claim the window pane is obscured by dull dirt there is an attraction to pretty lies but they hurt But you can’t graduate on lies and misinformation the waterfall of life doesn’t flow it grows stagnant the portrait I am painting isn’t pretty but it’s the filter the media portray everyday and it can only be removed by the unsightly truth that we all need the truth hurts but we all need to bleed sometimes.

  • Ann Obasi4 months ago

    This was a great read Rosie. I'll definitely try this sometime and recommend this article to others.

  • sleepy drafts4 months ago

    These are some fantastic suggestions! Thank you for writing and sharing this!

  • Rebekah Crawley4 months ago

    I found this really helpful, thank you :)

  • L.C. Schäfer4 months ago

    This is great, thank you for sharing 😁 I wrote a thing recently which touch on some of these things (writer's voice, the rules that are more like guidelines) - we echo each other a little!

  • Kristen Balyeat4 months ago

    Fantastic article! Thank you so much for sharing these ideas and for the inspiration! Looking forward to checking out the online book club as well!💫

  • Very nicely written and encouraging for all of us who love writing, it is certain that no artificial intelligence will surpass the human personality and that is why we write our own thoughts and style

  • Chantae Harding4 months ago

    This was a very inspiring piece. It reminded me of things I did as a kid that I had forgotten. Back when writing was a joy to me. I am rediscovering my inner writer, and this touched me. Thank you so much.

  • Gerald Holmes4 months ago

    Very well said. I agree that finding your voice is the key. Congrats on the Top Story.

  • Caroline Jane4 months ago

    Voice is certainly a key differentiator. Great advice here. Congratulations on your top story!

  • Kelsey Clarey4 months ago

    Great article and great advice. Congrats on your top story!

  • Carol Townend4 months ago

    You have a lot of experience in finding your writer's voice. I'm the same, I don't like AI. I think that it doesn't make a writer sound like it is them writing. I like my own voice when it comes to writing. I might have to over a piece of work several times, but I don't mind doing that, because it makes my work unique. I found your tips useful and interesting.

  • Thank you for this, some great observations and love the nine-word exercise. Well Deserved top Story

  • Cathy holmes4 months ago

    Great article, Rosie. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the TS.

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