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Egypt: The Birthplace of Ideas

Original Philosophy

By Johann HollarPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

What would you say if it was said that Greek Philosophy was not original? That the origins of philosophy come from the land of the Pharaohs? For those of you who do not know this, you are about to get a lesson in both Philosophy and History.

For over 3,000 years the Egyptian Schools of Mystery were the places of high learning for the people of Egypt. It was here that a theory developed about the ancient masters, that they had survived the destruction of Atlantis or some other exotic place like that of Atlantis and that they made their way to Egypt. It was in these schools that it was believed that Osiris had come from the Pleiades System, suggesting that he was an ancient astronaut.

The earliest known Egyptian philosopher was known as Imhotep. He was born a man despite being revered by the people of Memphis as a god. He was the Vizier to King Djoser of the Third Dynasty. He helped build the step pyramid at Saqqara and despite what history says about Hippocrates, Imhotep was the first person to be a medical scholar and a philosopher of the human body.(1)

Ptahhotep would eventually follow Imhotep as being a noted philosopher of Ancient Egypt. He would be the first philosopher in history to promote moral philosophy through the principles based on the worship of the goddess Maat. (2)

The vizier of the twelfth Dynasty Karisu (based on what evidence is found) wrote the Egyptian text Loyalist Teaching. The text discusses how children should be loyal to the Pharaoh, for loyalty to Pharaoh meant the destruction of the enemies of Egypt. It is only theorized that the text dates back to the reign of Senusret I.

Pythagoras, the father of Mathematics had studied in Memphis, Egypt after meeting the Pre-Socratic Thales. It was there that he learned of the mathematics that the Egyptians used in their construction of the pyramids.

The sage Ipwuer and his philosophy bemoaned justice and the chaos of Egypt with the death of the Old Kingdom. To say that that he was a political philosopher after reading what little texts are found of this man.

Classical Greece may not have been the birthplace of western philosophy, but they did get most of their philosophy from areas that had adopted Greek culture The pre-Socratics were not officially citizens of mainland Greece. Thales of Miletus was the earliest known philosopher in the Greek world and was the founder of the Milesian School of Thought. It is because of him that Greek world became a place of ideas.

The famous Athenian Socrates was forced to drink hemlock after he was found guilty by the Athenian elders for corrupting the minds of the youth. Plato had been sold into slavery and Aristotle was exiled.

According to the article from Philosophy Now magazine online "Does Western Philosophy have Egyptian Roots?" by Peter Flegel, the article states on the discovery of Egyptian roots in philosophy:

"For the next two thousand years, the historiographical pendulum swung between scholars revering Egypt as a fount of Western wisdom, and those dismissing that idea as a mirage. By the mid-nineteenth century, most Western historians had firmly rejected the ‘Egyptian thesis’. In the 1820s Jean-François Champollion cracked the code of Egyptian hieroglyphics by studying the multilingual Rosetta Stone. This opened the vast body of surviving Egyptian texts to nineteenth century scholars who rapidly realized that the Ancient Egyptian mode of expression differed considerably from that found in such texts as Aristotle’s Metaphysics or Plotinus’ Ennead. That discovery rang the death knell of the Heliopolitan theory, or so many thought. They saw philosophy as a ‘Greek miracle’ born solely from the Greek culture, which had shone a beacon of rationalism through the misty backwaters of Middle-Eastern and African pre-philosophical thought."*

Long story short: Greek philosophy is a stolen philosophy. The rightful owners are those who served the Pharaoh, if not the Pharaohs themselves.





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