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Classic Greek mythology: Hercules angrily breaks the undead head of the demon snake

by Mz zahid 5 months ago in Historical

The tasks assigned by the King of Europe and the hardships and twists and turns experienced by Hercules to complete

#Greece Chapter-43#

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("Hercules", stone sculpture)

The last article said: Mycenae King Eurystheus was jealous of the famous Greek hero Hercules's growing fame and felt bad. He assigned Hercules ten very dangerous tasks, hope He lost his life and got rid of his confidant troubles.

The tasks assigned by the King of Europe and the hardships and twists and turns experienced by Hercules to complete these tasks are the classic and essence of Greek mythology.

Today, let’s talk about the dangerous experience of Hercules in the second mission .

("Hercules and Hydra", woodblock print)

The second task that King Ou gave to Hercules was to get rid of the Hydra (Hydra) that trampled on crops and endangered livestock in the Lena swamp area .

What kind of evil is Hydra?

Let’s put it this way, none of the opponents in the task assigned to Hercules by the King of Europe is easy to provoke. The Nimea giant lion in the first task was invulnerable, and now there is a second one. The Hydra Snake Monster in the mission has an immortal head. This snake monster is not only huge in size, but the most important thing is that it has nine snake heads. The tall and upright snake head in the center is also immortal and can live forever.

("Hercules vs. Hydra", painted by Tao)

Hercules had to put on the bow and arrow and put on the olive stick once again to go on the road. This time he took his nephew Iolaos with him.

The uncles and nephews were lucky, and they found Hydra in a cave near Lena.

Hercules dropped a number of rockets into the cave (too many associations, only arrows with fire), and Hydra was finally forced out of the cave.

(Partial details of "Hercules vs. Hydra")

Hydra walked out of the cave and saw two foreigners standing in front of him, with big sticks in their hands and bows and arrows on their shoulders, and they seemed to be coming towards him. It looked at the two of them up and down, and thought: "This is a professional killer? Huh! Who cares about him, I have nine skills, who am I afraid of? Who will come and die." Thinking of this, it coughed twice and refreshed, and then began to get lucky. After a while, its nine heads stood upright as if they were gasping.

After that, Hydra swooped at the two uncles and nephews.

("Iolaos Burns Hydra on Fire", painted by Tao)

Hercules greeted him without fear. He squeezed the snake's body, then hit the snake's head with a big stick. However, no matter how many heads Hercules knocked out, two identical heads would regenerate immediately on the knocked-out head and neck, endless.

Seeing more and more snake heads, Hercules hurriedly ordered his nephew Iolaus to ignite the nearby woods and scorch the snake demon's neck with burning branches to prevent the new head from regenerating. This trick really worked.

Afterwards, Hercules interrupted Hydra's undead head and buried it by the side of the road, then moved a boulder and pressed it on it (the name of Hercules is not covered). Then, he split the body of the snake in half, and then soaked his arrowhead in the blood of the snake. This snake blood is extremely poisonous, and anyone who is hit by Hercules' arrow will definitely die.

Hercules escaped again and successfully completed the task.

Finally, I said : The poisonous arrow made by Hercules in the second mission paved the way for his later encounter...If you want to know the funeral, let's listen to the next time.


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