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A Sociolinguistics Analysis of Jargon in Javanese Slogan Found in Brilio Blog

Sociolinguistics Analysis of Jargon

By Maulik BorsaniyaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Sociolinguistics Analysis

In communication, people might use different language varieties depending on their purpose and the community. One of the language varieties that people used to communicate with other people is Jargon. Jargon is the language variety used by a particular group, and the other group is hard to understand (Seli, 2019). Using Jargon is fun and gives a sense of belonging to a specific group. Language variation itself can differentiate one person from another. We can see that variation from the minor things. For example, the language we write is different from what we speak. We can distinguish the language we use in different situations, such as formal and informal situations. We can classify this variation as Jargon. People who speak Javanese may also perform Jargon. We can find one of them in the community called the Brilio blog. Brilio blog is an online web portal targeting millennial generation readers. Most of their content is viral with readers up to hundreds of thousands. One of the Brilio content discusses forty Jargon used by Javanese people who are very closely related to Javanese values. The Jargon used in the Brilio blog is mainly in the form of a slogan. A slogan is a word or phrase used to express a characteristic position or stand or a goal to achieve. The use of slogans is as motivation and encouragement for someone. Slogans can also influence someone to do or not to do something. This influence also made me interested in doing this research, where we can control someone with just a slogan.

Apart from being closely related to culture, Javanese is a unique language. Slogans that use Javanese have excellence over Indonesian. Due to the Javanese language's uniqueness, if Indonesian sounds ordinary, it is more exciting in Javanese and makes the listener pay more attention. People tend to follow what the slogan said when someone becomes more attentive and curious about their unique sentences and language. In this study, the authors will analyze ten of the forty slogans spoken by ancestors, which have positive meanings and are spoken mainly by Javanese, summarized in one blog.

Based on the description above, the writer is interested in analyzing the meaning and function of Jargon in Javanese slogans, especially in Brilio Blog. In this blog, the writer finds a Javanese slogan that upholds cultural values. The public must understand the artistic value, especially the young generation. When readers understand the meaning, function, and cultural significance of the Jargon in this slogan, they will be more familiar with the Javanese slogan to be preserved. Also, the Javanese slogans' Jargon provides the benefit of increasing the researchers' vocabulary and even readers.

There has been a previous study discussing Jargon. First is conducted by (Syafitri 2019) in the title "An analysis of Jargon used in political website," which analyzes the forms, meanings, and functions of political Jargon found in a political website. They also noted that there were two meanings in political websites, denotative and connotative meanings. In this research, Jargon in the political website had three functions: Jargon can give a person a sense of belonging to a specific group. Jargon can also make it easier for a person to communicate with their group. Jargon, as effective identification signals.

The second previous study is conducted by (Seli 2019) in the title "Word formations of Jargon used in the US military in the expendables 3 movie," who also analyze the forms, meanings, and functions from the US military through the movie.

Those two previous studies talk about the use of Jargon and analyze the forms, meanings, and function. The present researcher would like to discuss Jargon's purpose and role in society with upheld Javanese values about morals and manners in the Javanese slogan.


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