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10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World

Popular Socialist Leaders

By MA KhalidPublished about a year ago 3 min read
10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders Around the World

There are many types of leaders but few will disagree that the most famous among them are usually the ones in the liberal democratic countries. This is why Presidents and Prime Ministers like Margaret Thatcher, Roosevelt, Ronald Regan, George Bush, Obama have been really famous all over the world. That said, there are some leaders who are considered a bit different because of their distinctive political lines. Some will call them left populist while others may even call them socialist. The following is a list world’s 10 most Popular Socialist Leaders.

10. J.V. Stalin

Perhaps the most divisive socialist leader of all time. When the Bolshevik Revolution adopted a strongly nationalist stance, Stalin was at the helm. Dialectical materialism was to be declared the state's official philosophy under him. Furthermore, all political opponents, including but not limited to Trotskyists, were ruthlessly crushed under his leadership. When one thinks of Stalin, images of the Gulag and forced labor under inhumane conditions, as well as hundreds of thousands of illegal executions of political prisoners, come to mind.

9. Vladimir Lenin

One of the leading architects of the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin is seen as one of those rare leaders who not only led from the front in the actual battles against the oppressive Tsars but also as one whose writings and theoretical works have helped shine light on complex problems of "class struggle". He correctly predicted the rise of imperialism, as well as the failure of the Russian revolution to succeed without the victory of working-class battles in Germany and the rest of Europe. History bears witness.

8. Mao Zedong

Mao's Little Red Book has been read by both the left and right wings of the political spectrum. The two main goals of his New Democratic Revolution were to fight big landlords and Japanese colonizers. His Cultural Revolution is also a well-known historical event. However, not everything associated with Mao has been well received by historians. Many excesses are said to have occurred during the Cultural Revolution.

7. Che Guevara

One of the most famous symbols of rebellion, Che has now become a household name across the world. His famous Motorcycle Diaries has been read by almost any hot blooded young rebel. His passion for bringing about positive change in the world was manifested in their Focoist movement along with Fidel and other comrades that toppled the feudal regime and carried out the most extensive land reforms in the history of the world.

6. Salvador Allende

He was one of the key people associated with the rise of the left in Chile. His administration was closely followed by that of Pinochet, which was regarded by many as one of the most autocratic of all times. The Chilean population which is now up in arms for a free and universal education system will remember the good old days under Allende. However, Allende was removed from power by means of a coup and neoliberalism was established in the country in 1973.

5. Dilma Rousseff

Under Dilma, Brazil has seen a resurgence of growth as well as some populist measures. What began under Lula was only strengthened by this leader. Investors and citizens of the country may be pleased at the same time. Many eminent scholars and political analysts have expressed strong support for Dilma's domestic and foreign policies.

4. Fidel Castro

This name has become synonymous with Cuba. Castro has been the poster boy for leftist movements all over the world, from fighting feudal lords to running a country despite US sanctions. A feature film was also made on this gritty leader. He was a comrade in arms with Che Guevara. He was also well-known for his cigar preferences.

3. Evo Morales

Bolivia has seen massive peasant movements as well as political upheavals from the indigenous populations in recent times. During Morales' reign, the spirit of Latin American equality and nationality was palpable. He is also known to live a very modest life, in keeping with the lifestyles of his countrymen.

2. Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela's current president is known for his hard-hitting tactics and staunch anti-America stance. He is a man who does not mince words. He means business, and he is determined to bring Venezuela one step closer to the socialist utopia that Chavez envisioned and that the poor Venezuelans long for.

1. Hugo Chavez

This late Venezuelan supremo, known for his rough and tough demeanor, is regarded as the founding father of the modern leftist state of Venezuela. Many thought that his death would bring an end to Latin America's "Pink Tide," but fortunately, the Venezuelan people found an able successor in Maduro.


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