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You Need A Virgo In Your Life

by teisha leshea about a month ago in astronomy

Virgos Can Show You Better Than They Can Tell You

Virgo on Storenvy.com

"Just like a Virgo" when I hear people say that I don't know if I should cringe with disgust or smile with pride. I guess it depends on who the messenger. I call being born in September the "sweet spot" where Summer is coming to an end and where fall begins. It has a feeling of warmth, leaves, and hot chocolate. If I told you that being a Virgo is the best sign on the astrological chart, would you believe me? Without the Virgo, you wouldn't have amazing people like Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Idris Elba, Nick Jonas, Keke Palmer, Zendaya Keanu Reeves, to name a few. These eclectic human beings have made a significant impact in the world of entertainment. I am lucky to be in a class full of hard-working people. So, it saddens me when I see threads on Twitter listing Virgo as the worst sign to date. I'm not here to highlight the negatives like people-pleasing and perfectionism. I'm here to tell you why you need one in your life.

We Love Nature

Te Fiti From Disney's Moana. Photo Posted On Fandom

If I can pull an image of what it means to be a Virgo, I would have to reach in my Disney bag and pull out the movie Moana. I have a special love for this movie, and it didn't dawn on me until this challenge to know why. Moana is on a quest to find Te Fiti to bring life to her island. According to Fandom.com, Te Fiti (goddess of life) is peaceful, loving, are the mother island who generously gives life to the sea and the other islands. She is a part island and part spirit of life. Virgo's are Earth signs which means we have a love and infatuation with the beauty of nature. Virgo's are considered one of the most feminine characters; they hold power in nurturing and, in my case, "giving birth" (life). Being an Earth sign also represents how down-to-earth and grounded we are. If you are a person who seeks to be humble, a Virgo will indeed remind you to show gratitude and count your blessings.

Sizing You Up

Having the ability to read energy is something that I take pride in doing. Being intuitive on someone's vibe rather than someone's words has protected me from harm's way. I can embrace those who are genuine and cut off those who don't. I've relied on my intuition my whole life. Virgo's have a heightened sense which makes most of us born with the superpower of being an empath which is indeed a challenging task to endure. We can protect you from having bad lovers and malicious friends.

Memory Like an Elephant

One of the best attributes of being a Virgo is that you can't lie to us you can try but guess what? You'll wake up to a rude awakening. We can remember the tone, what you said, how you said it, and the environment in which you said it, so it would be in your best interest to maybe start telling the truth. We also can remember the things that most people look over. How someone smiled, how they smelled, and most importantly, how you made us feel. You will never have to worry about us forgetting your birthdays or anniversaries. We got you covered.

Go Above and Beyond

Virgo's can be your superhero when you need us, and we will drop everything to tend to your every need. We are known to put our needs above our own. We're very supportive and reliable. We will never leave you hanging. The philosophy is, "If I have it, then WE have it." We'll give you our last dollar.

The Truth Will Set You Free

If you need someone in your life to tell you the truth for your best interest, then have a Virgo in your life. Once you get past the bluntness in our tones and pay attention closely to what we say, you will realize that we are only speaking the truth, and the majority of the time, we're right. Refer to the "sizing you up section. "Relationships, family, and career" Virgo is your go-to for your devil's advocate. We can help you be accountable.

Photo From Vecteezy

Before you give Virgo's a bad rep, I would advise you to think long and hard about all of the good we've done. We're just down-to-earth people who continuously breathe life into others to help them grow. We don't have a selfish bone in our bodies. So, go out there and meet you a Virgo.

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teisha leshea
teisha leshea
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