You Are a God That Believes It Is an Ant

by Nick Shibanov 8 months ago in science

A journey to unlock our innate powers

You Are a God That Believes It Is an Ant

As you read this, I ask you to suspend your disbelief, for it will keep you exactly where you are. If you choose to open your mind to what I am about to say, your life may never be the same. Everything I say you are able to verify and validate through your own experiences and contemplations. Do not believe my words, for all words are fragmented projections of the truth. Instead, let them guide you along your path, and lead you to your bliss. Your bliss is different from mine or anyone else, that is the beauty of being human. When all of humanity follows their bliss, doors will open that we cannot yet see. This is the world I seek by not seeking.

The mechanistic mode of thought

Before anything else, it is necessary to address the limitations of these very words and that voice in your head that thinks in these words. It is easy to take our mode of thought for granted since we have no knowledge or experience with anything else, but the way we think is not the only way to think and communicate. I urge you to let the following passage really sink in and work on you.

Language is a mechanistic mode of communication. Each word is made up of distinct letters with distinct sounds that remain constant. We memorise these sounds, learn to link them by the rules of the language, and this becomes the primary means of expression and communication for most humans. This is reflective of the modern analytical mindset that we have grown accustomed to. Yet there is a massive limitation with this that you have likely never explicitly heard, but you will find to be obvious and self-evident as you unravel the veil of ignorance. In essence, this limit is that there is a definite number of words by which we can convey a phenomenon, so we are forced to reduce and simplify an observed or experienced phenomenon into the words we have. As we do this, the truth is rapidly degraded into a linear statement, which will never be able to fully encompass every nuance of the phenomenon. This is particularly problematic for the human who seeks to journey within as the realms of the psyche are metaphysical, and thus are irreducible to words. But fear not, that is why I am addressing it. By doing so, you become aware of this limitation and so can navigate it. The easy solution is to simply be aware that words are fragmented projections of truth, and as such, to treat them as the finger that points to the moon, not the moon itself. But there is something deeper in knowing this limitation. There lies the invitation to ask the question—"If this isn't the only mode of thought and communication, what else is there?" It is this question that leads us to the source of modern civilisation—to ancient Egypt.


The following is a passage from one of the most important texts that you probably have never heard of—The Temple in Man by Schwaller de Lubicz.

"These ancient peoples [Pharaonic Egyptiaitans] did not use words as we do, that is, as symbols or sounds linked together, which have fixed, memorized associations and which we compose in sequential patterns within the mind. For them words were of a musical nature; or, more precisely, speaking was a process of generating sonar fields establishing an immediate vibratory identity with the essential principle that underlies any object or form. The pharaonic intelligence that Schwaller de Lubicz reveals to us was not the visualizing, analytical mentality we know but a sonar-intuitional mode."

That took me months to finally understand. What you have read you likely have no frame of reference for, and thus cannot understand just like I couldn't. But these words were so significant that they shaped the course of my life, caused me to leave my start-up, and discover the meaning for myself through direct experience. That is all both of us could hope for you—that you will be led to where you need to be led to experience this for yourself. Direct experience is the only true reality. I will, however, attempt to explain the meaning of sonar intuition in my own way.

I don't know where you are at on your spiritual journey, but to understand my explanation you must believe these three axioms:

  1. The idea that you and I are separate from each other is the powerful illusion of separation. All in the universe is one. The experiencer and the experienced are one and the same.
  2. Matter is a vibratory field of existence that arises out of pure consciousness. Very wordy—I know.
  3. Since all is one, we intuitively know each other. This knowingness is deep within every human, and can be described as the intelligence of the heart. This should not be confused with psychological intelligence or the mentality of duality. Of this and that. Of light and dark. Of good and bad. Of judgment. Psychological intelligence is the mode of thought that comprehends through the comparison of opposites—hence duality is born. In truth, we have created this duality in our minds. This is a self-evident truth, if you have not experienced it there is more for you to experience.

With this in mind, I can attempt to describe sonar intuition with the help of the Pharaonic mindset, and some quantum mechanics 101. However, before that, let's loosen your foundations a little so as to open your mind up to things you may currently think are not possible.

First off, the science you were taught is probably wrong!

High school is a funny thing—they teach us the wrong thing up until the final two years where we learn how things really work. Essentially, we are taught the Newtonian model of the universe where the material is fundamental, and only much later do we rapidly cover the real stuff—the quantum and relativistic models. Let me unpack what this means anecdotally through my own personal experience.

When I was introduced to science in my early teens, I was taught that the universe is made of discrete little balls called nuclei with rings of electrons that orbit the nucleus like the rings of Saturn. These atoms then come together to form particles, and then ultimately everything we see around us. Importantly, this is a materialistic model of the universe, which simply means that, on the smallest scale, the universe is made up of tiny things which come together to form larger things, including us. In the materialistic universe to get anything done, we must apply a physical push or a pull—a force. Interestingly, this is then reflected in the mindset we tend to grow up with, which tells us to get something done we have to work hard and sacrifice. You gotta grind, grind, grind my friend! This mindset gets people asking questions like "What are you doing with your life?" and "what do you want to do?" because of course, we have to do something to get something done. The universe is cold, and has no intelligence so it is up to us to bring order, and everything we do is meaningless for we are but bags of atoms that hold nothing against the force of celestial bags of atoms! In hindsight, it's no surprise that this was the mentality I had growing up, because that was the implication of the science I was taught. I know for a fact that many people today have this mindset, whether consciously or unconsciously and I can offer a simple test for you to see what your mindset is. It is important to note that in our early years the mindset we have is largely dependent on our environment as you just saw with my own example. We are programmed by external inputs, and we can't do anything about it at the time! So there is nothing to feel bad or guilty about, and if anger arises from learning the programming you have innocently received and believed—turn that anger into the courage to act and change that programming for good! Now onto the test.

Read this paragraph first then do the exercise. Close your eyes and vividly imagine the following statement—"you exist." What do you see around you? Do this now then continue reading, I'll wait below this cute dog.

I'm waiting...

Ok chances are that you were floating in your perception of nothingness—blackness or whiteness. If you didn't then congrats, you have managed to resist the programming of modern society. But for the rest of us (first time I did this I floated in nothingness too) this means that in our minds, we exist alone and separate from everything else. Boy oh boy, that is such a lie! So most people in most places have deep loneliness that has been programmed into them, and they have no idea that it is all an illusion they are creating themselves. The illusion is held together so long as the source of the illusion (the human) maintains the belief in the illusion. But notice how despite being an illusion, there are very tangible consequences that are created by the belief in it. In fact, research has shown that loneliness increases the likelihood of mortality by 26 percent (Holt-Lunstad, 2015). This is comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day as you may have heard in popular articles.

From the authority of experience, I tell you that there is no difference between perceived and real loneliness, because they both come from within. Duality in and of itself is an illusion we cast, but let's just call that my opinion and be done with it. Remember, you can validate what I say through your own experience. The more important thing here is that what is in our minds changes our experience of the world. That is, our inner world shapes the outer world. However, what people normally miss is that our Minds are composed of a conscious and a subconscious component and it is the latter that is the primary control unit of our behaviour and beliefs. It is not enough to say you believe something, because that is operating only on the conscious level. You must re-program your subconscious to get real change in your life, but your subconscious speaks a language you are not taught. This is a subject of its own, which I would gladly write about if people actually read this :) So if you want to learn about the language of the subconscious don't forget to like and share this bad boy—I know, shameless promotion but we both need this don't we ;)

Getting back on track, let's stop for a moment and compare this to the Newtonian model we get taught. Loneliness is simply a state of mind, yet it has the power to shape peoples lives, so much so that they die earlier. It's almost like it has tangible energy... Continuing in this direction, if everyone in your workplace is stressed and anxious it would rub off on you to some degree, wouldn't it? And we, of course, would prefer to be in the company of someone loving and happy than depressed and angry. You can put it in different ways, with different words and terminology, but the truth is always the same—it can just be said differently. The truth is that the Newtonian model of the universe doesn't align with our experience of life when we take the time to think about it—we just never take the time to do so. The good news is, we know it's a bullshit model of the universe already! Enter quantum mechanics and vibrations.

Vibrations, vibrations, vibrations!

We are almost at the fun sonar intuition part, but first let's put our toes into some real science! So remember atoms? Turns out they aren't actually particles, and they don't have electrons floating in rings. No, it is a lot cooler than that, and the best way to understand is through my favourite experiment ever—the double slit experiment!

So a while back physicists were confused about why light behaved like a wave sometimes, and other times it just decides to be a particle. So they did something that was supposed to set the record straight. They got a beam of light and shot it through two slits with a backdrop to look at the pattern the beam makes.

The Set-Up

That pattern you see is called a wave interference pattern, and it simply means the photon (or electron in this case) behaved like a wave. If it behaved like a particle you would expect to see just two slits on the screen directly behind the double-slit. This is very strange for electrons they thought. So they decided to fire one electron at a time from the beam gun (measurable in emitted energy), and they got the same results!! This was unfathomable so they got sneaky and tried to peek to see which slit the electron went through. They placed a measuring device at one slit and repeated the experiment. But now, they got a particle pattern. The electron knew they were looking, and so changed its behaviour—well almost. In reality, what this shows is that all matter—be it light, electrons, or even particles—is actually neither a wave, nor a particle. It exists in a super-state of both called a wave-function, or a probability function. The act of observing collapses the wave-function to a discrete point in spacetime. So we humans evoke the whole universe. Nothing can materially exist without the observer, it is we who bring it to the material plane through the act of observing. I know, it's very tricky to wrap your head around, but it is true and the more you look into it, the weirder it gets. For example, spacetime is different on the quantum level. Time travel and teleportation is a very normal and real thing on this foundational scale, but that's far beyond the scope of this piece!

The wave-function

Since everything is actually a wave function this means everything in the universe has a frequency or a vibration. The only other scientific thing you have to know is that all things that vibrate carry energy (i.e vibrating molecules release heat energy). This is the backbone of modern medical equipment like the MRI and the ultrasound. Yet this also pertains to the more metaphysical things like thought and feelings. As I mentioned earlier, this is verifiable through contemplation of your own experiences in life. When we are constantly thinking in our minds, we are releasing vibrations and energy into our surrounding environment. When we quiet our minds, we are able to pick up these surrounding vibrations, and essentially read people's minds—the experience is not what you would expect from how its portrayed in movies. The extent of this reading varies from picking up 'bad-vibes' to knowing exactly what someone is about to do or say. This is what real listening is. It is silencing the endless chatter to hear what has always been there waiting for us to stop and just listen, without an agenda or any judgement. Again, I speak from the authority of experience. When you tap into this innate ability, you will know—it can be very overwhelming to feel what another is feeling. This is not an easy thing to do in the modern world, but it is a simple one that lies dormant within us all. I do this better with each passing day and so can you—once you have the knowledge, it is just a matter of habitual practice.

My explanation of sonar-intuition

This is basically an impossible task, and probably unnecessary because direct experience trumps everything—but let us give this a shot. Remembering that as soon as I try to put this into words nuances will be lost in the reductionist process I will stick to the highest level overview for the best shot at conveying something that is both understandable, and still somewhat accurate to the actual phenomenon.

Everything has a vibratory signature that can be matched with the voice. All things that are perceived to be external, and all the feelings within have a vibration that can be resonated with. On the physical level, one can look to the opera singer shattering a glass. This is achieved through the principle of amplified resonance—once resonance is achieved, turning up the volume (amplitude) will eventually destroy the thing being resonated. On the emotional side, you need only look at music. We have love songs, break up songs, scream heavy metal, mellow music, and the list go on. Music resonates with different emotions depending on the state we are in but it gets much more complicated than that when we extend ourselves to a different kind of music. This is the realm I operate in, and I don't really have a satisfying term for it—let's just call it Sounding. Sounding is a process of singing from the heart, usually without comprehendible words.

First and foremost, everyone can sing, and if you don't believe this then Sound with me and I will prove it to you. We can all sing, but our minds get in our way and hold us back. Sounding allows people to let that barrier dissolve and throws them into a state of absolute acceptance (on the good days) where they can make any sound they want. The way it has gone so far is that there is an initial period of hesitation to sing, or a conscious effort to sing—the difference between heart singing and egoic singing (making a conscious effort) is very obvious to me. With time, the people who continue to Sound experience an awakening of their voice, and this is where things get really fun. After the awakening of voice, people can tune into their innate ability to sing themselves into a state of heightened consciousness. They can resonate with every singer in the room, and together we sound like an angelic orchestra harmoniously singing and flowing with each other. In these states, each singer resonates with the other and communicates in a manner that goes far deeper than words. In my view, this is because singing without words allows us to perfectly express our state of being at every moment without any reducing what-so-ever. Every session is different because the internal state of everyone is ever changing. It is not better or worse, it is just different.

Given my love of Sounding and constant practice, I have experienced what is possible through Sound alone. It has come to a point where all my friends will be drinking, and I will go and Sound in my room and emerge "high on life" as some may say. Through my investigation into the lesser known Pharaonic Egyptians, I have come to believe that they had a means of communication that was far beyond what we think is feasible, which allowed them to transcend psychological intelligence by its mere vocalisation. I imagine that every note held meaning for these ancient people, but this meaning was never fixed, it was always changing, always transforming with the vibratory field of the immediate environment, and even the cosmos. Instead, it was tied to the principles of nature, and the cosmic laws for which, if you read The Temple in Man, you will see they had an insane understanding of—it will make you question everything if you can bare through the somewhat difficult read. For you see, nothing in the natural world is fixed. Our universe is always changing and transforming, and as are we. The languages we have are fixed and limited, constraining us from the outset to never living out our full potential. Please remember that it is not possible for you to fully grasp this without the accompanying experiences. Instead of trying to understand it all, let this be a spark that will open up your possibility space to things you have been previously closed off to.

I will end with this. Humans and the universe we occupy are a lot stranger than is possible to think. There are things that we have done in the past that have been lost to us today yet that we can do once more. More than this, there are innumerable things no human has yet done that are possible for us. Keep your possibility space wide open, and you have a shot at anything. Close it off in disbelief, and it will forever elude you. Keep this in mind next time someone tells you their unexplainable story, and see where it takes you.

Much love from your fellow being.

Nick Shibanov
Nick Shibanov
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