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By Futurism StaffPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

OMNI has now joined the Vocal platform, letting fans from all over the world contribute to the iconic brand. A staple in the science fiction, fantasy, and hard science community for the past 40 years, OMNI enables dreamers of today to become thought leaders of tomorrow.

Contribute your fiction, short films, personal UFO encounters, advances in science and technology, conspiracy theories, artificial intelligence fears, all things DUNE, and anything else you think people in the OMNI community would be interested in.

How do I write for OMNI?

Simply create an account at https://vocal.media. After creating and assembling your post, submit it to OMNI. Write as often as you like!

How do I get paid?

Through Vocal, posts are rewarded based on performance metrics that correlate into financial compensation. With a digital dashboard, you can monitor your post’s (and your wallet’s) success. The more reads your content receives, the more money you make. All transactions are done through the ultra secure Stripe; we never have access to any of your financial information.

Why publish my work on OMNI?

OMNI helps your content be shared with people who are interested in reading it. The community serves to share and amplify everyone’s content – key for being rewarded for your work. Instead of publishing on a blog, where you have to create your own audience, or a huge general interest site – where your work can get lost – OMNI comes with a built-in audience. Everyone here is already interested in what you have to say.

Read and share the community’s work while they read and share yours.

We look forward to reading your first submission. Welcome to the OMNI team.

Join the community today!

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