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Why You Aren't A StarTrek Fan If You Are Right Leaning

What It Means To Be A Fan, The Goal Of The Universe, And Other Hard Truths

By Jessica RifflePublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Fan Definition

A fan is not just someone who watches and slightly enjoys a work, a fan is someone who wants to see it again, who wants to enjoy it and connect with the work. Most definitions include mentions of devotion to the ideals or creation of the work itself. A fan is different from someone who enjoys or watches something, a fan is someone who defines themselves and their interactions via the work in question. Which brings us to the title; right-wing people aren't actually fans of Star Trek because they don't even pay attention to the lessons within the episodes.

The Original Vision

Under the original vision of the creator Trek was meant to be a society where everyone was free to do as they wanted, no longer tethered by the strings of commerce. Throughout the years this has led to a more and more solid backstory, but even with TOS the rejection of material wealth and the ability to provide for everyone in society was heavily emphasized. There are even episodes that mention man moving away from faith - something that the creator thought was very important for the creation of a perfect society. Not something that works well with modern conservatives and right-leaning parties.

Under the original ideals, the best crew would be a crew that wanted to explore, that wanted to do this more than anything else, and that had a hunger for exploration that had nothing to do with fame or money. These people would instead be the best crew because they would live each day on the ship to their fullest. This is also why the academy was willing to take in members from species that weren't even in the federation, a desire for the best people, even if they don't check the right boxes.

How The Right Is Opposed To Trek

There can only be so many episodes where the evils of monetary systems, human greed, and putting religion above the needs of others can be emphasized. The show even goes back in time to show individuals fighting corrupt right wing governments and helping set in place the very events that will later lead to the creation of a more idealistic world.

The very idea of conservative policies that put profits and individuality above the needs of the many is in direct opposition to everything the federation stands for. Star Trek is mostly set in a post-scarcity society, with the exception of getting flung across quadrants and lost in time, no-one wants for anything in trek. This has been explained by several characters as what happens after man stops chasing after profit and selfish ideals. How can a philosophy that focuses almost exclusively on these things be at all compatible with the show?

More than that, the Trek universe is one where casual sexual relationships, LGBT romances, and interracial couples are the norm. There is nothing conservative about the attitudes of the show towards women's rights, medical access, conflict, or any of the other major areas of political influence. In fact, the only representation that these ideals get is through individuals who are very clearly the bad guy of the week.

Putting It All Together

People are free to like whatever they want, but to be a fan of something, to truly enjoy it and to be devoted to it, you can't be the exact opposite of what it teaches it's followers. People who just watch it for the battles or occasionally as background noise aren't actually fans, and that's okay. Not everyone who watches a movie will become a fan. What's not okay is pretending to be a fan when you actively oppose everything the show stands for, you aren't clever, just tedious.

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