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Why 'Star Wars' Should Embrace Animated Series Over Live-Action

They're Not Cartoons Anymore

By Culture SlatePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Star Wars has blessed fans with more than a few animated shows over the years, and while they were advertised more for younger audiences, adult fans found that they enjoyed the animated series just as much. For example, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which began in 2008, never shied away from adult topics through the entire 7 seasons. In fact, the last season that finally aired in 2020 seemed to be made specifically for older viewers. The Star Wars franchise is generally always met with high approval for their animated shows and movies, while the live-action films and series tend to have a rocky start.

Not that all live-action films and series have this problem with the high ratings for The Mandalorian and movies like Rogue One, but fans can usually name at least one or two live-action films or scenes that made them cringe. And with the age-old mantra that if a show or movie is animated, it must be for children finally dying out, it makes some wonder why Star Wars doesn't embrace their animated series over live-action?

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With many adult viewers nowadays growing up from kids who watched Japanese anime or just enjoyed animated media in general, the want for more adult-focused animated series is becoming more common. Before, the only adult-focused animated series on the TV were comedies such as Family Guy or The Simpsons, but anyone looking for a more serious storyline was pretty much out of luck. But finally, that time is over with shows such as Arcane that first premiered on Netflix back in 2021, proving that a show doesn't have to be live-action to be taken seriously.

This series not only captivated its adult audience but also won a whopping nine awards, including best TV/media for a general audience, direction, writing, and production design. Furthermore, unlike most adult animated series before, Arcane had fleshed out characters and an intricate storyline that faced serious topics and problems. So, with animated series capable of captivating adult audiences, why hasn't Star Wars jumped on the bandwagon?

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then it's safe to say that you've tried to use the Force at least once at someone point in your life. But the crushing reality is that the Force does not exist, and despite how far movie magic has come, they can only make scenes with the Force look so realistic. So while no one actually believes that Daisy Ridley was actually levitating in the air with rocks floating around her, they could believe that she was attached to harnesses and used a lot of CGI. Since Disney took over Star Wars and the world of Marvel, fans have complained again and again about the overuse of CGI in newer films.

Not that Star Wars is new to the overuse of CGI, with some scenes in the prequel films almost looking like the early animation of The Clone Wars TV series. CGI is constantly improving to look more and more realistic, but with it always improving, at some point, it's doomed to look cheap. But the beauty of animated shows and films is everything is on the same scale. They aren't bound by the laws of physics, and if they want a character to leap the length of a building and land a certain way, they'll have no issue doing it.

Unfortunately, when live-action actors attempt to do scenes that defy the laws of physics, it often doesn't come off as smooth as fans expect and can even be dangerous to the actors themselves. Another way Star Wars can benefit from more animated series is the portrayal of non-human characters. Fans quickly pointed out how different Cad Bane appeared in his live-action debut in The Book of Boba Fett and the Grand Inquisitor from the Kenobi Trailer. Neither character looks right compared to their animated versions and left fans a little underwhelmed.

While no one wants to see live-action go away wholly, Star Wars could benefit from variety in how its films and series are made. With a world filled with different alien species and Jedi who can move things with the Force, the animation may be one of the better ways to portray its characters. With more and more of today's adult audience embracing animated media over live-action and Star Wars already having well-known animated series, it only makes sense that they would expand. While the animation itself isn't perfect, it is a beloved way to tell a story while showcasing different art styles. And with animation no longer only for children, there's no telling what amazing content Star Wars could produce.

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Written by Victoria Prestley

Source(s): THR

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