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Why ‘Rogue Squadron’ Really Should Be A Disney+ Series

by Culture Slate 4 days ago in star wars

Where Would You Like To See 'Rogue Squadron' Debut?

Star Wars Rogue Squadron will potentially be the next great Star Wars film to come to theaters near us, hopefully in 2023. Directed by Patty Jenkins, very little is known about this film, only that it will have the name of the famous X-Wing Squadron that helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Evil Empire during the Galactic Civil War. First introduced in the Legends X-Wing Novel Series by Michael Stackpool,  the name is famous among the Star Wars fandom. Whether or not the movie will have anything to do with the books of Legends is yet to be known, however one thing that has come to mind with this author is the following question; Should it be a movie at all, maybe it should be a Disney+ series?

Ever since its inception, Disney+ has become one of the best places for Star Wars content, from The Mandalorian, Book of Boba Fett, and the up-and-coming Obi-Wan Kenobi series. So far they have proven to be highly successful and some would argue have had a bigger impact than the current movies themselves. A different type of format to tell different types of stories, more character-based and slower in terms of its speed. With this in mind, is a story like Rogue Squadron really suited for a film where we will only have one chance to get to know these characters, or is a slower burn type show, that will have multiple episodes to really get to know the leads, a better fit?

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The problem with making any sort of judgment on this is obviously we have no idea what Rogue Squadron is all about, be it the era, story, or even the characters. Some have speculated that it would take place after the events of The Rise of Skywalker, while others could see this being about the actual Rogue Squadron that existed in the time of the Rebel Alliance. Perhaps this is a story that could be made into a movie or perhaps not. However, something like Rogue Squadron in general seems like something that seems small stakes, something that should be a bit more serialized, and that’s where a series has the advantage over a film. In a series, one can tell multiple stories, and multiple adventures, all at once. A squad of X-Wings going on adventures taking on Imperial or First Order forces. Small adventures like this, where the story can really focus on the squad and them becoming more and more of a team as the series goes on. Something that has to be rushed in a movie can take its time in a series. Another thing a series can do is really develop the world, this would be a great asset should this take place after The Rise of Skywalker. Making it an open field to develop a new era as well as explore it. Sometimes having that time and pace will allow the world to really be fleshed out and explore it to its depths.

But for all of this, there are still a few advantages to a movie that a series can’t have. For one thing technology, and the advancement of movie technology. If Rogue Squadron was going to be a movie about dogfights and space combat sometimes having a budget to show the most elaborate space combat that will hopefully be a cornerstone of any story involving X-Wing pilots, if that is what Rogue Squadron is about. Perhaps if Rogue Squadron is going to push the boundaries of space technology and unique camera angles then a movie might be more appropriate.

Series or movie, at the end of the day we don’t really have a proper answer yet, however it will be important to hopefully make the story fit the series. If a story could have been told in a series chances are it should have been a series. If a story requires the budget and processes of a movie then it should be a movie. Time will tell what the proper media for this story was, and, hopefully, Star Wars will figure that out as it expands its universe moving forward in that galaxy far, far away.

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Written by Joel Davis

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