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Why Pagans Believe in Psychic Ability

by Iria Vasquez-Paez 4 years ago in religion
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As Well As Attempt to Cultivate It

The term “psychic” is usually used in the secular world to denote a mental process “of the mind.” But in the world of pagans, it means something else entirely. A psychic uses their supernormal abilities to listen to things around them, from feelings to heartbeats. To be talented means that you have to guard yourself, not to reveal too much, because these talents are seen as dangerous by some Christian groups. There is such a thing as psychic archaeology, which is something I want to contribute to later on.

While psychic studies are classified as a pseudoscience, the mainstream science industry hasn’t necessarily studied this stuff in enough detail to prove or disprove it. Yes, scientists are hostile to the entire concept of ESP, to begin with. Yet how do you explain those of us who have ESP in abundance? I was born with my talents all on. I had limited buffers since when you have it switched on from birth you perceive everything. Psychic ability is something you work at developing with practice. Anybody can learn it if they practice enough times to get away with using it more.

I’ve gone gambling in Reno before, earning actual money in the process because I’ve managed to beat roulette by figuring out what color the ball lands on. Psychic ability is real to us pagans, only because the churches we used to go to denied it to us. Every human on this planet was born with talent, but some just have it shut off since birth. Having talent shut off means you do not experience it a lot. But when it turns on, the power rush can be intense. We pagans believe in the cycles of nature, following them as best we can.

We believe that deity is male and female at the same time, so we have a gender-neutral concept of deity. Deity is what gives us our psychic ability that many of us cultivate to our advantage without taking advantage of others, however. Pagans value cultivating our ESP in various forms, from clairvoyance to clairaudience, and everything else in between. ESP is a muscle. You practice with it, and the ESP gets stronger. Sometimes psychic talent is all knowing when something will happen, whether good or bad.

Magick is linked to psychic ability, or a skill, which means you start with thought. Thoughts are things. Thoughts create reality. Not every thought creates reality though. It is not up to every thought to form the reality we share versus individual reality that is not always shared. Psychic talent plays a huge role in the practice of witchcraft or neopaganism in general. Another way to cultivate psychic talent is to meditate. Meditation causes stillness and a release from tension. Being able to hear the spirits of the dead is a witch talent for sure.

Spirits do not sleep, so they stay up the whole night, as they try to make sense of their life when they are no longer in their corporeal body. Buddhist meditation practices are something many pagans have integrated into their faith. Psychic ability means that intuition gets sharpened after practice, being able to tell what is from your conscious mind or what is from your subconscious mind. Psychic talent is real to those of us who experience it and no amount of skepticism will cure our talents. Psychic awareness offers the user insight into their mental state, condition, and desires. Insight can be painful but it is necessary, just imagine my situation with my insights into my mental health. When I was growing up, I was powerless over my symptoms since I wasn’t on any medication. These days, I still have considerable insight but I’m treated. If I could find a way to help other people have insight, then that would be awesome.

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