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Why Flat Earth Theory Matters

by Gideon Antonio 4 years ago in humanity

Spoiler alert: It isn't true.

By now most people have heard of the flat Earth theory and rightfully so, many have disregarded this idea as a ridiculously absurd, one not based on any empirical evidence. But despite not being backed by any hard science this idea is still gaining momentum as more and more are starting to question whether our planet really is a sphere. Furthermore, I don't intend this to be hyperbolic when I say that this theory and other similar ideas that challenge the literal and figurative foundation of our reality could very well be the downfall of Western civilization.

To be clear, the last thing I feel like writing about is an essay refuting the notion that the Earth is shaped like a fluffy buttermilk pancake. But when you have people that range from NBA players such as Kyrie Irving to Christian theologians purporting the idea to be true, it starts to have an increasingly profound effect on the worldview of so many people in our current day, and thus the theory becomes well worth refuting. The real detrimental side effects goes much further than the thought there might be a dark side of the planet that remains hidden from discovery near the flat edges of the world near the poles or whatever great feats of imagination believers implement to explain away this absolute madness.

Before expounding upon why this theory is so problematic though, I must stop and say if anyone is convinced of this theory's validity or even entertaining its possible plausibility, a thorough perusing of tomes of physics, astronomy, and Earth Science texts along with the vast amount of satellite images and testimonials from those who have visited space might still have hope of changing their minds. Sadly though, many Flat-Earthers will dismiss all such data as part of the Round Earth conspiracy. This dismissal is tied into the larger conspiracy that involves the world's powerful elite keeping us peasants in the dark from all true knowledge, which brings me to my main concern with the Flat Earth theory.

What troubles me the most about those believing in flat Earth is their rejection of objective truth that distracts them from building upon foundational scientific facts to then grow into higher levels of consciousness. After all, how can someone fathom the idea of space travel or any other new pioneering endeavor if you still aren't settled on the shape of the planet? What's worse are the other implications that are often part of the Flat Earth theory that includes a disbelief in gravity or that the sky overhead is some kind of giant bio-dome contraption.

What this ludicrous conspiracy theory signals are the tendencies of younger generations to be highly skeptical while also extremely lazy. I'll be the first to admit that skepticism in and of itself can be quite beneficial in many cases but when it's coupled together with laziness it can be an insidious way to look at the world. That's not to say many flat Earth apologists haven't done any research as there are videos that litter Youtube filled with all kinds of info to affirm their belief, e.g. the moon landing was a hoax or that we live in an Earth-centered solar system. If you really are obsessed with the idea that the Earth is flat wouldn't you want to read as many science books you can get your hands on? I'm sure Flat-Earthers would argue that academia is also in on the conspiracy to keep people from the truth. Moreover, what's stopping them from traveling to the farthest edges of our planet to see what's really there?

In conclusion, I'd like to reiterate that the real danger of flat Earth is not the fact that it's as real as the belief that our world is controlled by a secret council of beings from the Pleiadian star system. It's how it represents a diminishing of truths in our post-modern world, whether it be in regards to the terra firma below our feet to objective beauty in art, or the blurring lines between what is moral and immoral, or even the biological basis of gender. Truth is important. And we must not let moral and cultural relativism spread like a cancer and metastasize into a new trend of scientific relativism. For thousands of years, truth has shone like a lamp in the darkness guiding us toward survival and prosperity and away from death, sickness, and moral corruption. Without truth, we are nothing but misguided wanderers sailing rudderless ships on a sea of ambiguity.


Gideon Antonio

Publisher and editor for Freespeechdefined.com

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