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When the Crystal Comet Came #KuriStory #HeyKuri

Sarah wasn't expecting THIS when she woke up that morning.

By Sam IsaacsonPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

A shiver ripples throughThe stillness of spaceInaudible creaking and stretchingAs reality warps and bendsTo allowAn exceptionIn.


Sarah awoke that morning to the strangest sensationHer standard morning routine of tiredness and excitementWas replaced with...Nothing.


Sudden shrieks of light emerging out of the voidExplode into darting trails of powerAs the crystal comet slowly emergesBrightest white against darkest blackAnd the pure, still spot hovers soundlessly.

A sudden turn, then a lurchAs if pulled along from its baseBy an invisible elastic threadBeing launched faster and fasterUntil two small black dots slowly open and blinkAnd the crystal comet shakes its headAnd its black eyes focus on one particular starAndIt feels.


Detached, Sarah acknowledges that all emotion has left herRecognising a cold expectation of lossThen a supernatural burst of curiosity drives her down the stairs.


A bolt of pure emotionDrives it towards that one starAnd the two dots widenAt the sight of a blue-green orbThat grows...The dots flatten in concentrationAnd reality warps, slowing its descentUntil it landsAnd surveys its new home.

Thousands of green strands evoke feelings of calmThree tall, flat, brown sheets evoke feelings of orderUnpredictable combinations of shapes and bright colours evoke feelings of love and inspirationOne clear rectangle evokes feelings of curiosityAnd behind that rectangleAn equally curious humanoid, staring in wonderAnd Kuri, overwhelmed with satisfactionSmiles.


Sarah opens the door and warmly hugs her new friendFilled with a sense of completion and joyWith only one unanswered question:"How will I explain this to mummy?"

science fiction

About the Creator

Sam Isaacson

If you like Sam's writing, check out his books http://amzn.to/2Efz4oR

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