What's Next?

by Elric Pankston about a year ago in evolution

Some parts of humanity change drastically with the times... yet other things stay the same.-

What's Next?
From radio to TV to cellular telephones to... what's next?

In this age of unreason there is much that one must face. Being brought up with so many options has led to an uneven Huxleyan revolution. One I’m driven to think is by design, but honestly that may just be the ego in me.

One would think that all the revolutions that have happened in human history would have brought up the baseline for all aspects of humanity, but it has not.

Only in some parts of our society has there been drastic progress... that we know of. I guess one could go with the literal names of revolutions, starting with: The agricultural revolution (happened roughly 6,000 years ago and encapsulated the change from hunter/gatherers to farmers and other more stationary jobs), the industrial revolution (and the subsequent power to copy things via the assembly line and printing press, etc) and finally the informational revolution (which began with microchips, atomic power, and is honestly still happening right now).

Our conflicts over spirituality, ethnicity, and money/power have (famously) NOT changed much over the millennia.

We have built ourselves beautiful yet flimsy foundations. And some of us (being the collective humanity now) don’t even benefit from the beautiful parts.

So now that I’ve covered all that, what the flip is the deal with us, or at least those who lead us, not seeing that simple fact? Would we not need to have some sort of spiritual/ethnic/monetary revolution to make our global society stronger as a whole? Have we neglected too many aspects of society already?

In short... what do we need to do to help ourselves grow? To evolve?


Tesla’s CEO & Possible Alien, Elon Musk

Elon Musk is but one of many entrepreneurs who are changing the paradigm of what it means to simply, “live” in this day and age. Most recently he’s proposed something that I’m sure some of us have dreamt of: a neurological link to a computer or internet interface; this is what he’s proposing with his Neuralink project (The Verge).

How does this pertain to the faulty foundations of global equality? Well... inventions and movements like this are sparks, tipping points to movements unheard of in human history. We have the technology to spread WiFi, the new Library of Alexandria, to the entire world. The same can be said for technology and ingenuity in the face of global warming- we will soon have the power to terraform our very planet through desalinization, compost, and more.

One of the greatest ways this is being done is by working with the environment.

By using techniques already inherent in nature (north in flora and in fauna) we can improve our foundational knowledge & understanding. Both for ourselves (humanity and you) and for the world around us.

But there is still work to do in the here and now that begs attention. How can accountability be applied to the giant organizations and governments which show disdain and disregard to that which sustains us? How can we help ourselves evolve beyond our current capacities and shortcomings, both in love and war?

Because, as Nature knows and we often forget, everything is fair game. The revolutions we've had are our own. The battles that we've overcome and are overcoming (currently being waged in our minds with psychology and a miasma of emotion, and physically in a layered defense system of mutually assured destruction) have affected our environment in many ways.

One thing is for sure: should we become like a virus on this Earth, the Earth could quite possibly treat us like one. Not to say that the Earth is a living thing (like Pandora in Avatar) but it certainly has a huge number of living things on it besides humans.

We must live with them, and work with the environment to create sustainable futures for ourselves and our children. That is a lot to ask, I know, but give it some thought.

Elric Pankston
Elric Pankston
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