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What IS The Law Of Attraction

by Prakuzo 3 months ago in psychology
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What IS The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Works

What IS The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Works

The law of attraction is without a doubt the most well-known of the 12 universal principles. Simply expressed, this spiritual principle states that like attracts like, and that positive thinking can bring about a more positive reality.

12 Universal Laws

01. Law of Divine Oneness

02. Law of Vibration

03. Law of Correspondence

04. Law of Attraction

05. Law of Inspired Action

06. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

07. Law of Cause and Effect

08. Law of Compensation

09. Law of Relativity

10. Law of Polarity

11. Law of Rhythm

12. Law of Gender

Here are the fundamentals of what the law of attraction is, what it isn't, and how to apply it to attain your objectives.

What The Law Of Attraction Is

"Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your deeds; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they create your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny," stated Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher.

The concept of attracting what we put out has definitely existed since ancient times, and many people credit Buddha with being the first to introduce it to the world.

The three principles that govern the law of attraction are as follows:

Attract What You Like:

Working with the law of attraction to create your dreams may appear simple, but it requires serious thought, action, and a certain amount of surrender.

Even if we aren't aware of it, like attracts like. Based on the energy we emit, we are always "attracting" good or negativity.

"We are all like magnets, reflecting and attracting what we hold in our minds," says Shannon Kaiser, a spiritual author.

Or, as Tanya Carroll Richardson, a professional psychic, puts it, the law of attraction is like "putting in a request to Spirit Spirit will next search the universe for the finest match for your manifestation request."

A vacuum is something that nature despises:

According to this theory, empty space cannot actually exist and must always be filled with something. As a result, it's critical to clean out negativity to make room for positive transformation in your life.

Your mind, like your workstation or bedroom, has to be de-cluttered so that you may attract new things that will better serve you.

Taking steps to improve any unpleasant situations while letting the rest go.

The current moment is always ideal:

The law of attraction's third and final part is perfecting the present moment.

It informs us that if you hunt for things to be unhappy about, you'll find them, but rather than obsessing on what's wrong, finding ways to improve things is crucial to altering your reality into one that attracts what you want.

That isn't to imply you can't recognize negativity or experience negative feelings as a result of it. (This enters the realm of spiritual bypassing or toxic optimism.) It's more about doing what you can right now to remedy any unpleasant situation and then letting the rest go.

The law of attraction isn't what it appears to be.

Of course, positive thinking and belief will not bring your ideas to fruition on their own. You, too, must put in the effort!

This entails living in accordance with your objectives and taking the required efforts to achieve them.

If your objective is to run a marathon in under four hours, for example, you must prepare and treat your body properly in the months leading up to the race. Adding some positive mantras and visualizations on top of that can help you achieve your objective with the universe even more.

Anyone who is prone to anxiety should be aware that the law of attraction is not a form of punishment. "When individuals initially discover and begin to apply this law, they sometimes worry that if they have terrible thoughts or low vibrations, they will somehow mess up their lives," Kaiser says. Nobody is perfect, and when we're going through a difficult time, we can utilize the law as a "reflection of our own thinking and self-worth."

And, as Richardson points out, "it's vital to submit and allow the Universe to take the wheel at some point in the manifestation process." "Opportunities, people, and resources can appear out of nowhere, so keep your eyes peeled." It's fine if things don't turn out the way you planned.

How to use the law of attraction right now.

Here are a few ways to start using the power of positive in your life right now:

  • Visualization is a powerful tool for bringing an idea or desire to life: You can either visualize the future you want or physically manifest it by drawing it out (artistic skill not required). You may also keep yourself inspired and motivated by creating a vision board for your goals.
  • Keeping a thankfulness notebook is a good idea: Given the law of attraction, concentrating on the things you're grateful for can help you attract greater abundance into your life.
  • Speak it into existence: Speaking your desires out loud is another technique to bring them out of your thoughts and into actual reality. "Wake up and say to the cosmos, 'I would want X,'" Kaiser says. This is especially important if you're just starting off.
  • Keep an eye out for synchronicities: Synchronicities are meaningful "coincidences" that appear to be supernatural in nature. If you keep seeing synchronicities linked to your objective (for example, in the marathon, your bib number may appear on signs or billboards), it's generally a sign that you're on the right route.
  • E frame a scarcity mindset: It's easy to be caught up in a loop of scarcity and lack when we're looking for something we don't yet have. However, dwelling on your lack of love, money, happiness, and so on just serves to strengthen that absence. Keep in mind that you should feel as though you are already where you want to be. "Let go of how you think things should' proceed, and trust the cosmos to do its magic, being open to whatever the universe thinks is best," Kaiser advises.

How to apply the law of attraction to achieve certain objectives:

Love and relationships

The first step in using the law of attraction to attract more love into your life is to become aware of any subconscious resistance you may be experiencing.

"If the universe keeps delivering you unavailable people," Kaiser adds, "this could signal something within you is still inaccessible."

Once you've identified this stumbling block, you may focus on removing these internal barriers and developing a more open attitude to relationships. Trust the universe to bring you the relationship you need, not necessarily the one you think you want, by tuning in to who you truly are and what you want.

Objectives for your career

It's critical to be explicit about what you want while using the law of attraction in your professional life.

Make concrete statements about your job ambitions, such as "I want to work with like-minded people who support my views" or "I earn X amount of money in X city." And, of course, acting is critical. If you want that promotion, think about what the 'promoted-me' would do.


Financial anxieties are real and understandable, and it takes a lot of unlearning to have a healthy relationship with money.

It's especially easy to get into a scarcity mindset when it comes to money. Rather than focusing on what you don't have, try to concentrate on what you do have. "Abundance pours through me so I may cheerfully share," Kaiser says in one of his mantras.

It's best to start small in all of these areas and focus on making tiny adjustments first. The more you practice, the more effective you'll become at manifesting, until you're ready to handle greater, more life-altering changes.

The bottom line is that

While it may appear too wonderful to be true—and it can take some practice to master—the law of attraction is essentially about changing your perspective to one of abundance, calling in what you want, and aligning your actions with your aspirations. You can become the author of your life and attract a plethora of opportunities if you can achieve those things.



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