What Happens When You Die

by Karen Grattan 9 months ago in humanity

Death after life

What Happens When You Die

Everyone, at some point wonders what happens when we die. The answer is nobody really knows. Maybe it is like sleeping; you're in an unconscious state, only you can't awake. When you're dead, you are in an everlasting darkness unable to feel, see or hear. You basically do not exist. I personally do not like this concept because thinking about this when your alive is awful.

Heaven is another concept. Some believe when you die you reunite with family, friends and even your pets. That almost sounds like Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Sandman stories.

God plays a role in death in those who believe. In the bible it states when you die you go back to dust in the ground. God will come for you in a minute, days, weeks or years, but when you are called it will only seem like you were in that state for seconds.

This is something I ponder quite often since I am older now. One year ago, my father passed away. Before he did I sat with him on the bed and ask him if he could do me a favor. He responded, "Anything."

I asked him when he leaves this earth, "Can you please find a way to get to me and tell me what it's all about?"

My father's eyes started to water and he replied, "Ok."

So with that said and my father now has moved on, I was sitting in a parking lot inside my car with it running. It was very quiet, suddenly, what sounded like a small rock hitting my windshield I heard a faint voice from the humming engine. It was my dad and he said, "Hi, it's me and there is no heaven; it's all energy." So, now I try to make sense out of that concept. I researched information. It is presumed that when a person dies, that it is the physical condition that is in control but actually, it is reversed. The Life Force Energy leaves the body first and then the body, which can not go on without it, will expire. Now, that made sense to me, but who knows how it might sound to other people. Dying is also like birth; some are easy and some are hard, whatever you wish to call it, it proceeds on. Another thing to think about is everything is all energy, which cannot be destroyed. Simply, energy cannot vanish, so there is your travel permit to the afterlife.

I spoke with a psychic who has encountered spirits from the other side. Here is what I learned about death. She said death is a transformation. When you die, you do not leave or cease to exist, you simply go from one realm into another. She told me that we all return to the original form we came from, which is a spirit. She also spoke of how many spirits communicated to her, that they stayed around in their loved ones lives. They wanted to make sure they were part of the happiness and rewards of the people they left. Ms. Psychic also spoke of how death is not painful, but more euphoric. Here are the steps to what happens after you die.

STEP 1) After death the soul crosses over to another dimension, which was suggested it might be similar to heaven.

STEP 2) You will be reunited with family and friends. She spoke about spirit guides helping the spirits of newly dead to understanding the whole mind blowing experience. There is no limbo state, everything moves and souls will get stuck if they are afraid to cross over.

I would like to hear other points of view or experiences to compare. In conclusion, it will always be a mystery until the day we die. Maybe it's better that we don't know because if we did it could be frightening. On the other hand, it could be wonderful.

Karen Grattan
Karen Grattan
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