What Does the World Have Left In the Tank?

Mother Nature is giving all of us a gut check back.

What Does the World Have Left In the Tank?
Photo by: Dan Shouinard

Mother Nature cries every time we slap her in the face...and now she is returning the hurt.

Betting On the Future

If I was a betting man, I would really think that climate change was fake! Well, there is only one person that believes this; no names, no drills. If one really thinks about the tragedies that have happened in the last ten years as a minimum, it is a safe bet that we as humans are the root of this turmoil and will become the victims our own doings.

We can trace weather patterns back to the 1800's and if one takes the time to do a little research, it is a very scary fact that as our evolution has progressed so has the environment impact that WE have created in doing so.

Children’s Future Inheritance

I became a grandfather at the age of 42 almost 4 yrs. ago and can slowly see that as the Earth's tank is pretty much running on fumes — my grandson may be living in a bubble on the moon just to survive in 15-25 years. The more damage we continually create due to evolution, the more we are writing our own death sentences.

I'm not too sure what will happen in my time on Earth or anyone else's, but it is a scientific fact that if we don't do anything in our evolution as mankind, storms like hurricane Harvey and Irma are the prelude to what is on the horizon and at some point we may not see that for too much longer.

She (Mother Earth) is also under our feet and we are getting under her skin as a 8.1 Magnitude earth rattled Mexico last night and it is her other calling card of destruction that we all need to start paying attention to.

What do we do?

Every time we dig, drill, move the earth, dump garbage in the oceans, or run refinery’s at full tilt, we are driving ourselves to an early grave and may not have a planet to bury ourselves in in the not too distant future. We as humans have evolved to create alternate energy (solar power, wind, and water power) equipment that is a much better option, however, the governments have stuck their hands in the proverbial cookie jar and made more issues that have restricted us to take this renewable energy, house it at home and abroad all for the sake of the almighty dollar. Carbon tax is another cash grab, putting taxes on everything that has GREEN on it and now no one can afford it.

Canada and the World

Large landmass and diversified geography is the gold standard of the world and we have turned this into a global lead. Renewable energy sources provide approximately 18.9% of Canada’s primary energy supply, but we can do better. The three oceans and massive river systems that exist are great prospects for generating power for over half of the country or more, but the CDN government is more concerned with other priorities. The Ontario Provincial Government has gotten a massive black eye for the way they have handled the hydro portfolio for the past 4 years and have back tracked on a lot to make things better, however too little, too late.

Where do we go?

We have to generate a clearer picture on how we want to stop this massive evolution and steer this course in a different direction. If you have large plots of land, develop a small wind farm. If you live near a large river system, generate a small turbine system that will not harm the environment and use this to your advantage. Oh, and by the way, if you don’t have hydro connected to your home because you live off the grid, the powers above should be paying for the delivery charge. After all, our taxes pay for them to be in power and if they run our dollars amok, why should we pay for something that we are not getting to begin with?

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