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Weird Al Reveals He Made Music For 'Star Wars'

'Soon I'm Gonna Be A Jedi'

By Culture SlatePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Weird Al and Star Wars are an odd pairing, but one that honestly makes sense. Obviously Weird Al had done Star Wars parodies before such as “The Saga Begins” and “Yoda.” They are such musical classics that any Star Wars fan would find amusing. So it is not a surprise when we learn that he has been involved in composing music for Star Wars Detours, the comedic animated parody show of the galaxy far, far away.

Weird Al was recently on The George Lucas Talk Show where he said that he was making music for Detours. However, he was not allowed to talk about it at the moment. It is both a surprise and not a surprise to hear this. Seth Green’s Detours was going to be a parody of Star Wars after all, and who better to make parody music than the king himself, Weird Al Yankovic. It would have been quite the partnership had we fans been able to see it.

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Star Wars and parody have come a long way, from Spaceballs, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy’s parodies to Weird Al songs. They are both funny and clever, allowing you to sometimes get to the heart of what Star Wars is through farce and laughs. That is hopefully what Star Wars Detours would have been like.

Detours is one of the more mysterious Star Wars projects, even if everyone had known about it. The parody show was being made at a time when Star Wars was very much on the way out in terms of how the franchise was starting to slow down. This parody show was going to be essentially The Robot Chicken Star Wars Show, making fun of Star Wars in a playful manner. Weird Al himself is no stranger to this with his Star Wars parody songs, which are always fun to listen to. 

To this day, it is still odd that Star Wars Detours has not been released on Disney+ considering how complete it is. According to rumors, it has at least over seventy episodes. That is almost a complete series that has yet to see the light of day.

Then of course the idea of hearing original Weird Al music that he made for Star Wars is hilarious as it is fascinating. The idea of experiencing original Star War music by Weird Al is certainly an idea that is tantalizing to many Star Wars fans. Who knows what kind of songs he has written at the time. One can assume that many of them are funny and hilarious but also with the spirit of Star Wars. Sometimes, in parody do we truly find the heart of something and what makes it pure.

Star Wars Detours continues to be one of the great mysteries of Star Wars production along with the Underworld series. It is a show that in all aspects is already made. It has almost seventy episodes and is ready to be released. It could easily be on Disney+ if they choose to. Yet still, it has not made it on screen. It is one of the bigger mysteries of the current Lucas era. Hopefully, one day, all Star Wars fans will be able to see Detours in some fashion. After all, the popularity of Disney+ means that people will be able to watch it in some capacity or another.

Always in motion, the future is, especially in the galaxy far, far away.

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Written By Joel Davis

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