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Wednesdays on The Mothership

A Run Down in Scheduling by iiiYansaje T. Muse

By iiiYansa J. MusePublished about a year ago 3 min read
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Wednesdays on The Mothership

In ancient times, the day began at sundown, as dusk and dawn are but a reflection of the other. At this moment in my life, I am enjoying the realignment with the ancient ways in all that I do. My life only sees creation and divination between visitors, the quasars and I speak much.

In the biblical creation story, Wednesday was created as day 3 of the week, the day the most high aligned the quasars in space, bringing a deeper alignment in the sky. Some patakis of ancient African spirituality speak that Wednesday is the day of confusion, Iba se Ojo Riru.

With that said, on Moonday, February 22, 2021, I launched an online radio station called 222.9 The Mothership, Your Mystic haven on the Airwaves...to combine the mystics with the practical. I alone manage all 24 hours, for the time being, and that time being is for grooming the newborn station in the way of ancient, divine timing…..

So...what are Wednesdays on the Mothership like?

Starting from the midnight hour, deep relaxation and sleep meditation plays, flows of sound with no lyrics, so give your spirit a space of restoration. The focus is the third eye chakra, and clearing your pineal gland energies so the visions can clear and in aligned focus. The 6th hour welcomes you to the dawn, and will soon deliver a mystic weather forecast.

The 7th hour brings about a 2 hour Orisa worship drum session, so that we may rise and groove in the way of the ancients. For Wednesday, the main orisa of focus is Oya! She, who tears, is the eye of every storm, she who brings intense transformation...in the form of metaphorical and literal tornadoes. She, ruler of the wind, the very essence of the empowered, renaissance woman. She who owns the marketplace and keeps the cemeteries, and so much more! Her wealth of mystery is vast, and it is on this day Her winds of the galaxy. The 7th through the 9th hours are dedicated to Her veneration.

The 9th hour invokes the spirit of an ancestor born during the present zodiac season, or inspirational music to keep your day in a positive vibe….this time in the rising of yesterday’s forward drive. Wednesday’s vibes rise to the heavens today, as Mercury is its planetary ruler(Esu). This is a major factor in manifestation, as messages spoken into the Universe make their way to the quasars to prepare to precipitate. The music sets today help yesterday’s drives in action communicate with the heaveans. Today’s music celebrates the mystical, deeper hues of the feminine essence. They jam though….

The 11th hour carves out time for my live drive, a show I brought back from my college days...where I simply host, guide, and let the Wednesday’s mysticism make use of sound healing. Tracy Chapman reminds us that Heaven is here on earth while Anita Baker separates fairy tales from reality. Sade smoothly operates in Angie Stone’s life story while Nina Simone casts her spells. Many other voices of the mothers of mystery fuse with some instrumentals to provide a save listening space to rise the drive to the planets. That is until the clock strikes 2pm.

On the 2nd hour after twelve, will be commentaries on literature of my choosing. These choosings will from a range of renowned and local authors. All good readers are well read, if you take my meaning. The 3rd hour brings a spiritual message of mystic teaching from The Malbec Planetarium, my Wednesday blog! The 4th hour brings in a mix of classic and current tunes mixed in a fusion. The 6th hour brings in a personal favorite, poetry….and not just mine. The underground gospel we call “rhyme” is shared by both local and renowned poets, and the list is still growing.

The 7th and 8th hour returns the energies of nurturing, relaxing, but classic tunes that explore and remind us of the musical genius of our people. On the 9th hour, The forecast for Thursday comes. By then it will be after sundown and technically be Thursday. The 10th hour deepens the mojo of the music, by its creation into my vision of what love looks like. Careful now...These sets have been known to induce the population increasing kind of love! 12 am again would mean its Thursday….and that is another day’s journal entry.

In the meantime, feel free to “beam up” to the 222.9 The Mothership, and step into my world of funk, groove, mystics and sound healing!

Ase in Love,

iiiYansaje T. Muse


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