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We Might Know A Key Feature From Ubisoft's Open World ‘Star Wars’ Game

by Culture Slate 3 months ago in star wars

What Will This Game Be Like?

Fans have been waiting with bated breath for any new information on Ubisoft’s Star Wars game. With the exception of Respawn’s fantastic Jedi: Fallen Order, most of the Star Wars games under Electronic Arts were either first-person shooters or mobile games. While those games certainly have their fans, a lot of people have been looking for a new flavor of Star Wars games to choose from. Ubisoft’s new Star Wars title might just be the game to scratch that itch. All that is known at the moment is that it will be an open-world Star Wars adventure, but there are not many more details apart from that. However, new information about another Ubisoft game may have revealed a feature in their Star Wars title, and it does not involve Ubisoft’s infamous towers!

It was revealed at E3 this year that Ubisoft Massive (a studio under Ubisoft) will be developing a game set on Pandora in the Avatar universe called Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. That game will be running on Massive’s Snowdrop engine. This engine is said to allow developers to create worlds that are “better, not bigger,” which is supposed to let players interact with the world in ways that have not been possible on other engines. For example, in the Avatar game, creatures could become scared and cause a stampede that tramples over forests. NPCs will also be able to interact with small creatures that wander nearby. They can also remember and comment on player decisions that the NPCs may or may not agree with. Ubisoft’s new Star Wars game is also said to run on the same Snowdrop engine. This means that similar features could pop up in their open-world Star Wars game. Star Wars is a property that is rich with worlds filled with interesting and unique creatures and environments. It would be incredible to see how the Snowdrop engine allows players to interact with the different planets, creatures, cities, and enemies that would no doubt appear in the game. This level of interactivity would also be an amazing playground for the different Force powers that Star Wars is known for. Do not get too excited yet, as it has yet to be revealed if players will take the role of a Jedi, Sith, or Force-user in general. The engine is also supposed to have a lighting and destruction system inspired by film and television, putting it right at home in Star Wars.

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There are already several games running on the Snowdrop engine including Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and its sequel Sparks of Hope, The Division 1 and 2, and Starlink. We can see that the Snowdrop engine already has a proven track record. Also, the game is being helmed by Julien Gerighty who has worked on the Prince of Persia and Far Cry franchises. Both of these series have elements that would lend themselves extremely well to the Star Wars universe. Far Cry would work especially well since it has interactive elements with its world, creatures, and enemies that have not been seen in a ton of games outside of the series. It has also been said that Ubisoft’s work with the Avatar game is what gave Disney faith in handing Ubisoft a Star Wars title. With the pedigree backing it up, this looks like it will be a truly spectacular game.

However, this is all speculation, of course. While everything sounds good on paper, there are an infinite number of changes that the game could undertake. It is also unclear if any of these features will make it into the Star Wars game. Utilizing the same engine hardly means that the gameplay will be similar. There is so little information revolving around this title at the moment that any prediction is a little more than a guess. Fans are clamoring for any information they can get, and they have a good reason. A new Star Wars game is a big deal for any developer or gamer. With all the amazing Star Wars titles that have been released in the past, a new one on the horizon is cause for excitement. New information will surely be on the horizon, so maybe fans will not have to wait much longer.

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Written By Alex Lenzini

Source: Game Rant

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