We Don't Get Aliens in Sheffield

by Chloe Gilholy 12 months ago in tv review

13th Doctor's debut was awesome.

Jodie Whittaker impressed everyone on Saturday Night. When it was first announced that Dr. Who would be getting a female doctor for the first time, people were split which is understandable. People don't like change very much and find it hard to adapt to, especially a big one such as gender. I think the BBC did incredibly well with the transition of Capaldi to Whittaker. I think many viewers have had their doubts put to rest.

Whittaker captures the Doctor's wonderful characteristics, humour and quick talking and thinking which made us fall in love with Tennant's rendition. And that's not the only change from the previous Doctor Who seasons. It's all refreshing and delightful. I like how it's set in Sheffield instead of London. I have some pleasant memories of Sheffield when I saw Placebo in concert there. Great times! It was nice being able to recognise some of the streets.

The cinematography throughout the episode is amazing. I'm not a film expert, but I thought the camera angles and special effects are fantastic. I really love the new cast and like the diverse range of characters. The atmosphere is incredible and everything gave me goosebumps... something I haven't felt in a long time watching TV shows.

Without giving much away, I thought the characters really did a good job driving the story further, especially the minor characters adding that sense of realism and belief. The acting from everyone is great and it was delightful to see Bradley Walsh in this as well. Even the characters with little screen time we get to learn a lot about them.

The villain here is also great. Intimidating and terrifying with that really deep gravelly tone. He's sadistic, fearless and I think there's a lot more to this character's origins then there meets the eye. The villain feels unique once you see what's under his mask.

One character that really impressed me the most was Ryan Sinclair. I loved the youtube scenes with him in it. I like how they show his flaws dead on with his frustration for not being able to ride his bike and how he wants to give up but his nan and her husband keep cheering her on.

I haven't quite warmed up to Yasmin yet as I felt that the other characters shined more but I think she will play a real big role later on in the series. I've heard that secrets are already being 'leaked' already which will stimulate some fan theories. I do like her though, she seems cool and determined and it will be interesting to have a police officer as one of the doctor's companion.

The episode was intense, unpredictable and heartwrenching. The underlining darkness made The Doctor's words more empowering and uplifting. I can see why it's trending on social media.

I wouldn't say I'm a super fan of Doctor Who, but it's impossible to miss this show being in the UK as I think it's one of the most popular shows from the UK at the moment. And I think Doctor Who does an amazing job with embracing change. We've had twelve amazing actors play the mysterious, funny and lovable doctor and now we have our first actress playing her. This will open up a wide range of opportunities for Doctor Who to expand and give something for all generations to enjoy.

So was the episode worth the wait?

Oh yes! I gave me the excitement of watching the first Doctor Who episode when it rebooted. It has changed but has changed for the better. It's adapted to modern times whilst keeping the beautiful essence of why Doctor Who is beloved by many people.

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