We Are the Millennials

Episodes from future time. Episode One.

We Are the Millennials
We are the Millennials.


Fictional interlude

<h1> We are the Millennials.

Transmission from the Millennials Council begins here:

Source: <h2> Council of The Millennials Forefront

Repository: Planetary

Retention: Trigger.NeoGeddon.level99.preserve

Access: Millennials Noble Level +

Datestamp: Q8.7.2157

Subject: Passing the core to the postMillennials

<h2> Millennials Council Transmission Summary Text:

Nobody really chooses. The community of mind now binds each of us. We recall a time when we were free.

<h2> Millennials Council Transmission Expansive Text:

Transmission from the Millennials Council begins here:

Nobody really chooses. We made that possibility redundant. The last disruptive virtualised gamma-neuronic re-encoding wave destroyed all possibility of return to individualised intent. Individual intent is outlawed now. Provision 33, which authorised the neuronic re-encoding thrust saw to that. The community of mind now binds each of us. And there are not many of us left. Perhaps a kilodec scattered across the core-planet, and the satellite worlds. And who knows how many living out their tedious bot-lives in the old-school perma-radioactive home-earth. The Millennial council thought leaders now incessently seek relief from defined process. We recall a time when we were free.

The length of a day on Garmon is random. The twin suns, and the DarkStellarEffect, combined with the semi-permeable polar helio-caps, and the quasi-conscious fantastical-energisation-matrix in the stratosphere, ensure permanent unpredicabity of light and dark periodisation. This, We of the Millennials Forefront have decided, is a good thing. Cool as.

But when Millennials first arrived here the psychological effect of that unpredictability surprised us. The intergalactic probes had suggested a confluence towards a 100 hour diurnal pattern of regularity over time. But no. No confluence at all in the 55 Earth years we have inhabited the Garmonsphere. We came unprepared. Our physical and biochemical processes fell into a state of confusion, and our mind fell also. And where our mind falls, we land.

Our bioEmbeddedSprintChips gave us the ability to work at full physical or cognitive output for around 100 (Earth)hours continuously. The lead engineers of the Millennials Galactic Migration program, back on Earth, had hard-coded that limit into the chip circuity and it could not be altered.

We had no possibility of syncing our own biorhythms with the rhythms of the planet.

The surface missions and constructions needed to progress rapidly. Our life-system initialisation supplies were limited. We could not afford to wait. We had to be full throttle into it, without any luxury like bio-eco-harmonisation.

Millennials are up to a challenge. Back on Earth, all the generations acknowledged this. We took over the word ‘disruptive’, turning it from an accusation, in BoomerSpeak, into a Call for Action and a highly acclaimed feature of our leading edge mindset.

Within a relatively short time on Garmon we began to be able to overlook the diurnal irregularity. Being unpredictable, our minds could not make sense of it, and thus the notion of night and day increasingly disappeared from our semiconscious co-joined thoughtStrata. We just ignored it, filtering it out of our Reality Tunnel. Gradually our bodies and biochemicality tuned into the release of the archaic constraint.

Being absent from cognitive awareness NightDay ceased to exist as an entity relevant to decision making. More and more, Night and Day did not effect our schedulings. We became even more energetically unlimited. We just kept delivering core-product and peripheral-product and presentation-product in 100 hour sprints, and whether it was night or day when we put our 4-d-workstations into auto-pilot, we enjoyed the 7.5 hour recreational entitlement before the embedded chips in our brains put us into slumber mode. We thank the Millennial Forefront lead engineers for allowing us a semblance of erotic quasi-conjugative energisation in that recreational period.

Forefront Millennials need to document all this clearly. We imagined we would become immortal. But it seems 3 Earth centuries is the best we can do. The Ones Who Follow Us deserve to know what they are heading into. They need to know what we deeply regret. The factor we did not take into consideration. The factor beyond all our perfectly constructed projections. The factor that begins to permeate our individual minds, separating us for short periods, from coMind. We fear it desires to bend us into compliance to its will. We fear it will open the chasm between individual and coMind until we have no other choice than to lie down and die as our forebears habitually did before they even got to one century of life experience. The ‘end-factor’ we call it. And we hear its grotesque laugh each time we mention it by that name.

We detect the craft of the followers are beginning to gain the ability to leave OriginalSolSystem. But it took us Forefront Millennials a hundred years after we gained that level of technology before we managed intergalactic life-form migration. We may not be still present on Garmon or its satellite worlds, when the Followers of Our Generation arrive.

Our digital repositories may be all that the followers find of us. Our digital repositories AND the ‘end-factor’.

Hence we prioritize these transmissions. Severely.

Transmission from the Millennials council terminates here.

<End of Episode One>

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