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Transformers - Unstoppable Autobot Warriors

Just as a fan .. i wrote extended version of bay movie Transformers 4.. the story starts will the ending scene of age of extinction where optimus prime go in search of creator..

By Vinod Kumar.CPublished 4 months ago 8 min read

Firstly, thanks for the creator of the movie. Transformers.

This is the inspired story of movie transformers. I have continued the transformers movie series.
Sequel continues from last movie serie of transformers 4 age of extiniction. Where Optimus prime goes in search of their creators.
After 4 yrs, Optimus prime voice narrates his absence. What was happened on earth.
the last survivor of decepticon king poseidon gets trapped near North Atlantic ocean. Satellite autobot shooting star spots him.

Here comes the autobots- sea minicons to distroy King Poseidon. King Poseidon was unstoppable alien who was not able to target.
He was having a bubble type of shield called bubble wave to protect him from foreign weapon attacks and also capable of fly and missile attack from any direction.
Sea minicon ocean glide near to the place of the spot of king posidon, spotted by satellite shooting star.
There he find posidon missing, while another place water log spots king posidon. And he sees, flying posidon lands towards him with shocking bubble wave.
Than comes another minicon storm cloud with a missile strike to the bubble wave shield of posidon.
During the operation, a naval destroyer comes in center. And ocean glide warns storm cloud to speed up the operation.
Ocean glide hangs bottom of posidon with his anchor holding posidons head and storm cloud lands on the upper layer of posidon.
Posidon sink underneath the sea and then he transformers into a fire ball. Optimus prime tells us about this move of called hot ball transform to strike its opponent.
Burning hot metal posidon flies to the sky with ocean glide trap in him and storm cloud hanging out wandering to kill him by shooting his missiles.
Finally he was stopped by ocean glide sticking him a device for deactivating his moments (this part of device called freeze transform jammer was discovered by using destroyed transformers powers by humans).
The naval ship was not operational, while posidon was heading him. Finaly freezed deactivated transformer posidon lands on sea bed.
This was not the one contribution to help mankind by autobots, there were militant operation in which transformer such as breacher was also part of. Narrates optimus prime.

Autobots were given a living place on earth called transformo.
And after narrating this, his voice takes us to the 4 years memory of his search of his creators.
In the search, He finds the creators 5 headed quintessons.

Who made refugee in a planet quintessa with their soilders sharticon and was re-creating autobots into a strong warriors to serve his regime.
Quintesson was digging the planet quintessa using new form of autobots and converting them as their powers.

But whole plan of conversion fails and re-created autobots joins together for a plan of escaping.
Optimus prime who was watching the activity by hiding beneath his Quintesson back, gets found and he was made to be used as extra power.

Sharkticon chases optimus prime, but then Re-created autobots destroy the planet Quintessa using a laser light web type blast. Which used to dig the planet surface like ant nest.
Quintessa gets destroyed, and here on earth Autobot shooting star satellite gets jammed and starts malfunctioning.
A huge storm of asteroids falling on earth, Autobots goes for investigating. What happened to their fellow robot shooting star autobot satellite.
There found a frozen ice stone, which cracks nearing it. There was optimus prime, coming out of broken ice stone. He tells their fellow autobots to fly back to earth, there is something wrong down there. We need to stop it.
On earth the fallen asteroids were found as the kind of transforming alien, shia labeof researches on these alien objects and warns people to not near them. He finds them part of autobots ancestors, who may be part of battle between autobots and decepticon.
Optimus prime and fellow autobots visit one of the sites of the landing asteroids, there they find a newly under construction building.
They enter inside the building and try to check the ideal alien object, while doing so. The object responds. Optimus prime and other autobots jump by the windows of the building to come out. Behind them, each part of the building gets transformed into the clone of exiting autobots.
Optimus prime and other autobot look at their mirror cloned aliens. Then fight starts. Here they notice, the cloned aliens assemble into one robot each and every second when one goes down.
Also the alien’s parts were getting rebuilt from broken dust, like a mixed concrete.
Finally the fight got losen for autobots, these alleins assembled in a cell of ball to attack optimus prime. Then prime, who compressed inside the ball, shoots his gun and breaks the ball. The broken peace of alien transforms into classic form of vehicles (like optimus prime truck and old camero of bumblebee) and escapes from the site.
shia labeof asks optimus prime regarding the aliens. Government on the other side needed a confirmation that it’s not same as threat by decepticons invasion.
Optimus prime explains. They are warriors, who were unstoppable. They were part of the war. They were destroyed and they were made slaves under quintesson. They were rebuilt as a war machines. A servants of quintessons, to destroy planet quintessa and build their powers. Really I dint thought they are still alive, when planet quintessa was destroyed.
shia labeof tells, we need to intograte with them. Government will really help for them to refuges on earth. If their intention is good, If not we need to think about it.
Optimus prime thinks, if they were one of the autobots. Why they were ideal on the sites they fallen. They transformed into a train, a under construction building, a bridge and a crane near the harbor. What was the intention?
Optimus prime sends few autobots with transformers deactivating device freeze transform jammer to the other sites. And he and rest goes behind the fight and escape clone autobots.
The escaped autobots were in part of india, where one of there were transformed into a logistic building. When optimus prime and other arrive the spot, all of them tried to escape.
They transformed into trucks stoped near them. One of them was transformed to tata tempo, who just travels inside city road and transforms clubbing tata sumo coming from other direction road and flies away Transforming to rocket.

Optimus and other team where able to capture only two of them from the group, of the early morning operation.
These two transformed ashoka Leyland trucks stops before optimus prime truck, and prime comes to his form and the two trailer trucks transform as optimus prime clone.
Optimus prime intogrates with them “tell me, what you want”. And they reply”powerful autobots, planet earth”. Optimus “what you trying to tell” reply “we were hidden in the space with a search of power, power for survival. we got each power by destroying planets of universe. We ate the planets for our survival. A magical pull of gravity called magnesium, which brought us to earth. With the power it pulled us to earth, we will mine to eat the power and fly back to space. I hope you will join in our plan for survival”. Optimus disagrees for the deal and this turns into war between them and rest of the autobots.

In this optimus prime and his fellow autobots kills both the warriors. On other side he finds, the sites where other autobots visits found empty and only one site was freeze transformed, that was the bridge. Optimus now understands “they have examined the planet earth, now they are to dig this planet. Autobots get ready; we need to stop our fellow warriors”
“They are powered force of imaginable number; they have a unity of power. Their power is dust of junk, liquid of gold, walking insects on rail and storm of mud (here he explains the groups the transforming warrior autobots known as the junk, apache gold fish, bettle train and smoke land). These four may be a re-birth from ash of stars. But we can’t make them to crush planet earth”

Optimus prime and other autobots forms the group to stop the warrior autobots digging the earth. In the search operation, warrior autobots gets alerted and kills the autobots, one after another. Without letting know autobots about their plan to kill them.
Optimus prime and rest of the alive autobots stops their operation after this situation. They gather together and plan to check to break the communication between the warrior autobots.
During the check, Optimus and other few other autobots were killed by warrior autobots. Optimus was killed by his cloned transformation by five warrior autobots. After killing the autobots the warriors started mining the earth, they had a high level mechanism to mine by blasting the earth layer by electric current like rays formed web which digged the layer over and over. There were bettles , catapillars, earthworm and throned fish type character into the sea known as apache gold fish for mining the earth.

They were few survived autobots like minicons, who kept wondering on a transformed carrier vessel waiting for chance to stop the warriors. They find a way were warriors mutual communication power was stored. Also shia labeof clears the theory of how warrior autobots are tracking their location. The invisible web surrounding earth and The was the hacked autobot satellite shooting star, which got jammed during the asteroid hit (the only source of operation of warrior autobots). These both were the heart of warrior autobots, this was made by quintessons, While re-creating them to be under one command. But now this paid them, The team of autobots and human jet aircrafts enter the space and resets the hacked autobot sattlete shooting star, which in turn makes warrior autobots stop functioning. The warriors were not able to move, they all got jammed without a communication flow by the invisible web and the satellite communication. They were buried under earth surface while mining.

This story not ends here, the deactived buried warriors will rise in next part.

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