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Top UFO Hotspots

You’re most likely to have an extraterrestrial sighting at the top UFO hotspots.

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"Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control. It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come from and what their purpose is." —Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, CIA Director 1947-1950

While there are surely doubts regarding the existence of unidentified flying objects, commonly known as UFOs, it seems almost ignorant to deny the hundreds of reported UFO sightings over the years. In fact, the UFO phenomena began in 214 B.C. when Titus Livius, a Roman historian, claimed that “an appearance of ships had shone forth in the sky.”

Since then, there have been hundreds of reported sightings, some reaching as high as five on the Hynek Scale, a “Close Encounter” classification system for UFO sightings introduced by American astronomer and UFologist Dr. Josef Allen Hynek. Hynek is known as the father of the concept of scientific analysis of trace evidence purportedly left by UFOs.

If the hundreds of reported sightings aren’t enough to prove the existence of UFOs, a former United States President would never lie to us... right? President Jimmy Carter, on his presidential campaign trail, once said, “If I become President, I’ll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists. I am convinced that UFOs exist because I have seen one.”

Carter never followed through on his promise, but there is hope for UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists in the future. Hillary Clinton has made the same promise to reveal the US government's X-files regarding extraterrestrial life, including information about Area 51, a secret remote Air Force base in Nevada believed to be where the government stores classified information about aliens and UFOs.

Whatever evidence has been or will be presented, it is up to you to decide whether UFOs and aliens do actually exist. You can’t just go outside your house and expect to see one, however, the aliens are much much smarter than that. Whether you think that the thousands of people who have reported sightings aren’t crazy after all, or you want to debunk their sightings by witnessing the same phenomena, here are the top UFO hotspots across the world.

Photo via Huffington Post

Sochi, Russia

To be honest, nobody can be sure that the reported UFOs here weren't actually spy-crafts designed by the Kremlin to spy on the Russian people, but based on the hundreds of reported sightings each year, let’s say they’re UFOs. Sochi has become a UFO hotspot over the years, where locals continuously claim to spot luminous, flying saucers in the sky, especially off the Black Sea coast. The Bythka Mountain in Sochi has been referred to as a “gateway between worlds,” and for those willing to take the risk, it is likely that you will spot a UFO here if you can end up in the right place at the right time.

Broad Haven, Wales

Nicknamed after the Bermuda Triangle, the Broad Haven Triangle has developed as a popular destination for UFO trackers. In February 1977, there were two instances where groups of people supposedly saw a silver spacecraft land on a field next to the Broad Haven Primary School. The first was seen by a group of 14 children, whose headmaster quickly questioned the legitimacy of the sighting. However, after separating the students and asking them to each draw their own image of the saucer, he was amazed at the similarity amongst the drawings. Who knows? Maybe these schoolchildren truly did see a UFO... or maybe it was a joke to skip class. Regardless, getting to Broad Haven is a must for those attempting to witness such a phenomena.

Wycliffe Well, Australia

The self-proclaimed UFO capital of Australia, Wycliffe Well is one of the most popular UFO destinations in the world. Offering tons of UFO paraphernalia, alien statues, and souvenirs, any non-believer would get excited about extraterrestrial life after visiting this site. It all started during World War II, when servicemen stationed here began a journal of nightly-seen unidentified saucers. The sightings have continued in modern times as well, and the brochure claims that “UFO sightings are so common, that if you stayed up all night looking, you would be considered unlucky not to see anything, rather than lucky to see something.”

Photo via Tech Insider

Mexico City, Mexico

UFO sightings in Mexico City date back to 1883, when astronomer Jose Bonilla reported seeing more than “300 dark, unidentified objects floating in the sky.” In 2004, the Mexican Defense Department released a video showing bright lights moving at 11,500 feet, and UFologist Jaime Maussan claimed the video showed “proof of an alien visitation.” The most famous UFO sighting in Mexico City occurred in 1991, when hundreds of residents went outside expecting to see a lunar eclipse. In addition to seeing the lunar eclipse, many claim to have seen a floating object with an odd, wave-like disturbance behind the pulsating disc, possibly an energy trail. The 1991 Mexico UFO sighting remains one of the most intriguing mysteries of the UFO phenomena.

San Clemente, Chile

One of the most beautiful UFO sighting destinations resides in the town of San Clemente, Chile, where the constant observations of UFOs led to the opening of a “UFO trail” in 2008. The 19-mile trail weaves through the beautiful Andes Mountains, making it a popular tourist spot for those interested in UFOs or alluring scenery. For those capable of the hike, an alien airport exists at the top of El Enladrillado, an elevation of 2,286 meters. I wouldn’t get too close though, as few have made the trip and come back well enough to tell the tales of what they observed.

Route 375, Nevada

Nevada State Route 375, named the Extraterrestrial Highway in 1996 after the reporting of many UFO sightings, remains one of the most intriguing UFO destinations. Extremely close to Area 51, the super-secret Air Force base that is potentially housing UFOs, Extraterrestrial Highway is believed to be the home of abandoned space ships after they crash on our planet. If you are looking for a little more meaning in life than gambling in Vegas, a trip to the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada is sure to make you rethink the extraterrestrial boundaries of our world.

Photo via Atmospheric Phenomena

Bonnybridge, Scotland

Known to locals as the UFO capital of the world, the town of Bonnybridge, not far from Edinburgh, reports around 300 UFO sightings each year. Those sound like some pretty good chances of catching a glimpse of a UFO. Not only have there been UFO sightings in the area, but there have also been some famously reported alien abductions. If you ever find yourself in Scotland, pay the town a visit and watch the night sky as you might get lucky enough to spot a UFO.

Nazca City, Peru

While Machu Picchu is definitely the most popular tourist attraction in Peru, UFO trackers have found some clues as to whether extraterrestrial life exists in the Nazca Desert. Known as the Nazca Lines, they are a series of ancient geoglyphs, unable to be seen from the ground. From the air however, the designs collude to create geometric shapes, depictions of animals and plants, as well as images of humans. Enthusiasts have said that because it is obvious they were drawn to be observed from the sky, there must be observers in the sky to enjoy them. One of the figures even looks like a man waving goodbye. Could it be the aliens telling us to say goodbye to humanity?

Warminster, England

An area haunted by UFOs, eerie noises, and mysterious lights, the small town of Warminster remains one of the strangest cases of mass paranormal sightings in history. Fifty years later, the residents of Warminster still want answers as to what they witnessed in 1961. The phenomenon became known as the “Warminster Thing,” as residents claimed seeing an array of inexplicable lights, accompanied by weird noises and odd occurrences. Since the 1980s, there have been countless conferences and sky-watches on the nearby Cradle Hill, as watchers hope to relive the phenomena that took place years ago.

Pacific Cosat Highway, California

The beautiful state of California. Sightings began in 1947 in Los Angeles, and alien movies such as Independence Day and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, both filmed in California, have driven UFO enthusiasts to believe there is some truth to the films. California has more UFO sightings than anywhere else in the country, and UFOs are most commonly spotted along the Pacific Coast Highway, ranging from San Diego to San Francisco. Don’t believe me though, believe the witnesses.


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