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To The Moon and Back

by Rick Kirby 5 months ago in science

Get ready to see the moon

To The Moon and Back
Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

As far as vacations go I have had a few and have seen many different things in the United States. I have seen road trolleys up Mountains and I have seen River Walks, the one in San Antonio Texas is the best. I myself have often had wondered what it would be like to travel to Paris France or some exotic place just to get away for a while. I have always wondered about how beautiful the beaches of Costa Rica would be ,and how awesome a trip to Italy for about a week or so .

But I just wonder how many of you guys have actually consider traveling all the way to the moon. How freaking awesome would that be. I mean think it over. What kind of cool exciting things would we be able to experience if we actually could go all the way to the moon for vacation. Honestly it would be worth it just to be able to be that close to the stars for and actually see outer space. It would be beautiful to be able to see other planets up close as we travel to the moon . I wonder how different the atmosphere would be up there. I honestly do feel this would be the ultimate get away vacation that one would ever forget about.

If you have just $ 150 million there is a company that hopes to soon start such expeditions and actually take people to the moon. Of course the cost would have to come down a whole lot for me. Although to persons who can afford that price for a trip you got have to imagine it is well worth it. Just to have that experience and travel through space and land on the moon. Only a hand full of people will ever be able to enjoy it on our lifetimes, and if I was one it would be of course fantastic. You would launch of in Russia and there you off for your trip around the moon. That many only dream of making imagine seeing what the real outer space looks like. It would be so freaking cool. The company is call Space Adventures, and while there has to be a lot of testing before bringing anyone up there. I think it would be wonderful if something like this was made possible in our lifetime. There certainly would not be a more wonderful vacation than that. In my best imagination I could hardly grasp what it would really be like to vacation on the moon.

Rick Kirby
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