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The Year of the Dragon

The Chinese New Year was Almost Two Weeks Old, when the Discovery of a Fossilized Skeleton of a Dragon had been Announced.

By Pamella RichardsPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
The Year of the Dragon
Photo by R M on Unsplash

Well, you couldn’t make it up, could you? It is ironic and just a bit spooky.

Revealed in a study in the journal Earth and Environmental Science: Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, published on 23 February 2024, researchers revealed the new findings.

The sceptic in me suspects that the news was delayed until the ‘Year of the Dragon’ to make the discovery even more exciting, it was originally discovered in 2003, that’s 20 years ago. That aside, however, it is a fascinating find and one that increases our knowledge of the world and how it was shaped.

According to the Chinese Astrology 2024 is the year of the Green Wood Dragon beginning on February 10, 2024, and finishing January 28, 2025.

For those born under the sign of the Dragon, those with strong personalities with really shine this year and may find themselves in a leading position.

The sign in Western Astrology most aligned to the sign of the Dragon is Aries. Both are strong minded and make excellent leaders.

For children born this year, and others who are born under the sign of the Dragon, their most endearing traits are their luck and many will be blessed with power and success.

People born in the dragon years (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 and 2024) usually exhibit these qualities and will benefit this year from the Wood Dragon’s energy.

In addition, everyone can enjoy the positive effects of this year, depending on their sign and how well they align with the Wood Dragon’s traits.

The Wood Dragon year of 2024 is especially fortunate for some animal signs, while others may need to be more cautious.

The Rat, Ox, Rooster, and Pig can expect a lucky year with many opportunities, may find good fortune.

For those people born under the signs of the Tiger, Snakes, Goats and Monkeys can also enjoy a fairly prosperous year, but it may not be as easy as in previous years and they may face some challenges or obstacles with their plans.

The Dog is the animal sign that has the most conflict with the Dragon, so they should be careful not to act rashly or impulsively this year. However, this does not mean that they cannot achieve their goals or dreams. The Dog can still be successful and productive in their chosen field, as long as they work hard and stay focused. The Wood Dragon year rewards diligence and perseverance.

By Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

If you were born in one of the Years of the Dragon, 2024 is your year, also known as Ben Ming Nian 本 命年. However, according to Chinese astrology, this also means that you are in disharmony with the deity who governs the annual cycle of the Chinese zodiac - Tai Sui.

It’s a warning not to be too confident or over-extend yourself in regard to your resources, be they money, property or health.

Besides the Dragon, the other four other zodiac signs that need to show some caution because they are also in conflict with Tai Sui in 2024 are:

Ox people born in 1949, 1973 or 2009.

Dog people born in 1958, 1982 or 2018.

Goat people born in 1991.

In Chinese Astrology there are 12 signs, similar to Western Astrology, except that each sign represents a single year, rather than a month. This ties into the orbit of Jupiter, the planet takes approximately 12 years to orbit the sun and return to the same place in the sky it occupied on the day you were born.

Is This The Year That Cryptocurrencies Will Flourish?

It has been predicted that Bitcoin, and other Cryptocurrencies will flourish this year. Along with fintech, AI, cybersecurity, blockchain (Cryptocurrency) together with solar energy, so the earth can steadily move away from oil and gas.

These innovative industries require cutting-edge solutions. Businesses need to embrace new technologies and clearly communicate their values effectively to be successful in these very competitive markets.

This bizarre, mythical dragon-like fossil of the creature who lived during the Triassic period and scientists believed it used its remarkably long neck to hunt unsuspecting prey in shallow water.

Fossilised dragon skeleton

Known as the “Chinese dragon” this 240-million-year-old animal — belongs to the species Dinocephalosaurus orientalis, a reptile that used its remarkably long neck to ambush unsuspecting prey in shallow waters during the Triassic period (252 million to 201 million years ago).

The species was first found in 2003 in limestone deposits in southern China. It is only now, some 20 years later that scientists have now been able to piece together the remains to reconstruct the spectacular, almost mythical creature for the first time. The ancient carnivore fossil spans a measurement of 16.8-foot (5 meters).

There have been ‘fairy stories’ about Dragons for hundreds of years, and instead of being fables, many are now becoming true.

It Doesn’t Look Like We’re Going to Have a Quiet Year

With all the talk of World War III, humanity has to hope that the Leaders of our Nations show great wisdom and foresight. The world may see some visionary leaders and amazing problem solvers, we have to hope for the best outcome.

After writing this article, I remembered that Vladimir Putin was born in the year of the Water Dragon — NATO may have a monumental task in brokering peace between Russia and Ukraine.

By Jordy Meow on Unsplash


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  • Cam Thomas 29 days ago

    Hi Pam, Wow what a write up that was. Seems like there is so much on the cards this year I can barely make sense of it all or deal with the astrological movements through an emotional sense right now. Syncronicities speak louder then words for sure, You can probably agree with this. I found this website by chance its 1:30am in the morning here and I was searching sacred geometry well before I found this post, here I am that's how life has onfolds right? Next card is drawn and is playing out since start of the year, not really holding back on 2024 but also treading lightly as is always the safest bet. I sure hope there is some opportunities for you and others and myslef out here at this strange point of time given the stage of our evolution and the divine unfoldment, I have had no income this last couple of years and left my love behind in the world as things were not working out energetically. Seems like life has hit a great reset at this point once again. I am a dragon from the 88 era and arrived on the 13th maybe something significant is going to happen with my presence here on earth, will have to wait see what direction the universe takes me next. I pray that the world finds the peace that it so desperately deserves in this mess. Sending my best regards, wishes and luck for you and the future Namaste 🙏🏻

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