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The Year 2026

by Kyle Smith 10 months ago in future · updated 9 months ago
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A glimpse into the future

The Year 2026
Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash

What The hell happened?

The year is 2026. If you’re reading this article right now in 2021, just so you know, the world since that time has drastically changed. The New World order of things technocratically has changed as new industries has replaced traditional manual labor. The way humans use money has changed as a new safer encrypted bartering system has been introduced globally.

The way we communicate with each other digitally, has also taken a big shift. Climate change and cyber security are the new threat emerging in an ever so uncertain world. Domestic terrorism is at its peak, constantly disrupting our democracy. New innovations arises as wearable and implanted tech becomes the more dominant form of texting and social media is more immersive thanks to Augmented reality and web 3.0. A robust 5G network connects all electronics and motor vehicles together to form a smart grid.

The Internet will be more immersive thanks to The new metaverse.

By Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

New smart glass technology is widely available. From smart watches and smart glasses, everything on your face, wrist and pocket is connected to the 5G smart grid.

Smart glasses are the norm by 2026 and has gradually been for the last four years since that year. Most smart glasses manufactured by Apple, Amazon and big tech companies feature AR capabilities which beams transparent images into real world spaces using advanced LiDAR sensors.Augmented reality and the metaverse makes web 3.0 more immersive and brings social media into a world of surround visual Augmentation. Instead of seeing live feed on Facebook, you begin to see Augmented images in real time pop up and appear in front of you of place your friends been, items they bought and live hubs where you’ll hear recordings or read the thoughts of things your friends said linger at a “hub” throughout your city or town.

Whenever you enter this hub In the Augmented sphere, you can just speak or think what’s on your mind and it’ll automatically appear within the immersing feed of the hub within town.As you walk around, you also virtually see Augmented AirBnb image listings,and Wikipedia spots within town as part of the new surround spatial Web 3.0 , intergrating real time listings in the most immersive way you’d ever experienced. Web 3.0 is also super fast Thanks to the interconnectivity of 5G ultrawide band latency.If all roads lead to Rome, then all smart home devices, smart vehicles, and augmented reality wearable technology lead to an interconnected 5G ultrawide band Network of things.

Did I mention, with new emerging technologies such as Nuro chip, it is now possible to send text or font base messages by just using your thoughts and telepathy? Thank you Elon Musk.

Blockchain encryption is everywhere

By Pierre Borthiry on Unsplash

From voting machines to payment processors at your favorite convenient stores and retailers, Block chain is king.Thanks to block chain, the inter-web of things and processing payments digitally has been even more convenient and safer than ever before.Gone are the days of manually counting votes during election season or cyber attacks disrupting major retailers. Almost every company and the top five big tech conglomerates use some form of Blockchain to protect digital assets from being disrupted by cyber attacks. There’s new technology is powered by a crypto ledger of sorts that secures anyone’s digital foot print from being hacked or stolen. Since major cyber security attacks cause disruption to the $2 trillion big tech sector years before 2025, new laws from legislators, Congress and the EU have been enacted to fully hack proof web 3.0 with A global registry of a digital ID for every individual who wishes uses the new web. No one is able to access Internet of all things or partake in the new augmented reality immersive web without a block chain encryption ID.

Some people are able to identify themselves using biometric authentication or a small implantable rice grain size chip that’s implanted in their bodies. Blockchain combine with using digital assets like cryptocurrency, has made it easier for the developing world to trade and barter open up businesses without necessarily applying for loans. It has made the first world even more convenient by ubiquitously being interconnected to retail, convenience stores and shopping malls nationwide. Gone are the days of using paper money or Fiat for barter and trade. Those who invested in crypto in his earlier inception are now billionaires and finally have an easy leg up on life.

Trillionaires are the new billionaires

By Brian Lundquist on Unsplash

In 2026, Jeff Bezos, Elon musk, and other major players and big tech are finally projected to be trillionaire‘s the following year. Major news stories are announced on TV and throughout the new immersive Augmented social media platforms. Due to the great replacement where millions of jobs become automated by A.I automous equipment,major tech and retailers were able to compound labor, reducing the cost of production and salaries being paid by human manual labor. This new method saved companies money to gain mor for their bottom line, generating larger revenue as a result.

The great replacement may affect Ordinary people who Worked in retail. With millions of people out of work, a new income system and safety net is introduce to the world. Universal basic income becomes normal where every citizen permanently receives a fixed income each and every month to live off of. This will alleviate a lot of scarcity an income inequality throughout the United States for those who are implanted into the new 5G web based matrix.The system will most likely be introduced through a new digital USD currency and Blockchain.

Domestic terrorism and bigger divide

By Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Ever since the new inception of block chain technology and ID authentication for the new web, a rumbling of domestic terrorism has emerged.Citizens had to choose between living off the grid or embracing the new normal and integrating their lives with a new more robust web with an immersive social media presence. Domestic terrorists from rural regions of the United States tried to disrupt the livelihoods of the new order and the modern tinglings of life.These dangerous people with their cynical and outdated rhetoric, wished for things to be the way they were before the great reset and web 3.0. A life before you had do use a biometric ID or an implantable chip just to access the 5G web of things. But that won’t happen and anyone willing to stop it will be stop, prosecuted and sentenced to an re purposed ICE detention center.

Federal law enforcement from all branches however have conducted new feasible strategies to keep domestic terrorists from spreading and disrupting every day life. FEMA Re-purposed ICE immigration detention centers to hold and imprison home grown terrorist and warrants allow other agencies to search and cease any hate group or extremist to a corner where they’re prosecuted.If convicted, these deranged pchycopaths are the. sent to be held and interrogated in former ICE detention centers.

Natural disaster

By Damon Lam on Unsplash

In 2026, more natural disasters will occur. Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Americas will be flooded with severe weather, storms ranging from tropical hurricanes to category seven typhoons. Expect to see more natural disasters emerge globally.During this time period, most of the world will experience hotter summers and more frigid temperatures during the winter. During hurricane or typhoon season, worsening floods and water sea levels rising astronomically threatening habitable real estate for coastal cities.

Ionosphere will produce warmer pressure which will create stronger winds, producing a hot bubble around the West Coast of the United States.The warming of the planet will lead to A global climate crisis that you’re constantly be bombarded with by news headlines and talking points. Millions of people in coastal cities will have to evacuate more inland before rising sea levels creeps and destroys their living spaces. It will be a major nightmare for several people in a humanitarian issue during its inception.

Even though space exploration of Mar will be taking off during this time,The people earth may have to suffer immensely through I climate crisis and the crippling standard of living economically.

Easier transportation

In 2026, major green transportation projects will be finished in at their final stages. Hence it will be easier to get around in the United States in most rural and city markets. Driverless vehicles by that point would’ve made their debut on the road through an interconnected 5G Ultra Wideband Network.

Like Europe, it will be easier for the average American and Canadian citizen to travel from point A to B without necessarily owning a vehicle or driving one! You just hop in the vehicle, set up the GPS coordinates and go. No steering wheel or manually driving a car. And things to the inception of driverless vehicles, there’s virtually zero car accidents and it’s even safer to get around. Uber has sky drones For anyone who wants to Travel throughout certain city points well avoiding traffic. Well ground transportation Whiteley be available, people who can afford it will opt in for sky transportation which can take them to point a to point B in a matter of minutes.

Music and entertainment

By Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash

Music and entertainment sounds different in 2026. There’s a more of a dark Yeezus Aesthetic to most top 40 songs now. A mix of slow-punk electrical beat laced with a Spacey Tempo that sounds erie and gives off end-time vibes whenever you listen. Majority of artists today or gender neutral or identify as gay and lesbian. A lot of artists are being discovered through the leftover 20210’s tech of what remained or what our current timeline identifies as smart phone apps like TikTok.

Traditional Hollywood and their prestigious talent of actors, actresses and other entertainers is now a bygone era, and repurposed by a more robust social media presence . As new comedians, actors, influencers among others on social media viral video platforms is the primary form of entertainment among millennials and Gen Z.

A new form of talent agencies that manages them, filters these viral sensations into the media machine so they’re magazine and A-List ready for a new Hollywood.

Because of ultra Wideband 5G networks, cable television no longer exist in his replaced by streaming services they offer live TV options.

Relationships & marriage

Marriage is almost obsolete as most millennials and generation Z find it inconvenient and risky due to them witnessing their parent’s failure with marriage themselves. Domestic partnerships and domestic unions will be formed. Divorce lawyers will start disappearing gradually by this time frame as there will be a steep decline in registered marriage certificates.

By 2026, hooking up with multiple people will be a substitute to tying the knot or long term committed relationships. People who favor to hook up culture will be praised and followed while others who settle for a monogamous relationship will be considered a “Simp” and weak, sometimes bullied or teased for believing in monogamous romance.

Polygamist pursuits will be very popular in the black community as African-American men will have two or three different girlfriends at the same time. This concept well also cross over to the majority as young men will have a girlfriend and their girlfriend will also have a girlfriend as well yet share each other in harmony.

Women will have multiple sexual partners thanks to Tinder. Sex will be more accessible and available than ever before.

Sexbots will be in mass production by this time but expensive, buggy and primitive for the time of it’s inception. However, alternative choices such as Augmented Chatbots will be a available. Companies like Luca, behind the replica app will fill the void of millions who or two introverted or shy to make real friends or integrate their selves in a relationship.

What else might happen?

There’s so many other things that will happen by 2026, but the following or just a small sample of what’s to come. Even though it may seem so far off from now, in the next couple years you will see a new world harvest in front of you. You may need to prepare mentally for it but change is good, especially if that change can make your life just a tiny bit easier.

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