The World as We Know It

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My Views on Logic and Religion

The World as We Know It

The world is a place that you may never understand in some capacity.

Everything you have ever done has been done for a reason.

Not because of fate, I'll get there in a minute, but because of cause and effect.

Remember learning about that in school? In second and third grade.

Why is it that we still worship a higher being, god, polytheism, etc. when we debunked causes in third grade? Problem-solving should never leave the question, nor should it ever be asked, why did this happen?

We know the answer. We did something to cause it, therefore this is the effect of something.

We have to ask what caused this, and we then backtrack from there.

We learned at a very early age that every action has a reaction; positive or negative, it exists in one way or another.

I am not an atheist.

Yet, I am not a religious person.

And any person who ever goes to you, "oh, shut up…. no, no, no, nah, NAHHHH, shut up," or my personal favorite, I used it a lot as a kid, "Yeah alright"?

They are defending what they know/believe.

A person is 10000 times more interested in themselves than they are you or what you have to say, therefore they think they are right.

Baseball is my favorite sport.

Wanna know why?

The religion.

Someone hits a home run, they point up after coming home.

Steal a base, point to the sky.

A milestone? Point to the sky.

For this very reason, it makes it America's past time.

For this very reason, it defines freedom.

The very freedom to do such things and believe such things is what prevents a world of inequality, from being the only world we know.

Today we only know a world of hate.




Unfortunately, we use god as an excuse sometimes.

Just think though. Just for a moment.

Isn't it a great feeling? Knowing that there is a protectorate, someone looking down on you making sure you are OK?

That is legitimately known as the big brother complex, for obvious reasons.

Those who don't believe, or try to explain why he doesn't exist, sometimes, have decent points.

How is there a god if we don't get everything right?

Remember that guy killed in Brockton last week? Why was he killed if god exists? Congenital birth defects, disease, death, tragedy, illness, pesticides and so on. Why do they exist in the presence of God?

There are two answers here, in my opinion. Please take them as you wish, whichever one you want to take.

  1. Because we are all children of God. interfering with one life alters another. He cannot intervene with ours, or take sides because he is going against his own children.
  2. Because there is no god.

But with there "not being a god", I have distinguished that god, if real, is one of two things:

Either God is either not all good, or God is not all-powerful.

I read a Youtube comment the other day. It was as follows:

God lived on a mountain… until we climbed that mountain.God lived among the clouds…. until we fled above the clouds.God then lived in the empty space (that really isn't so empty) above and around the exterior of the Earth…until we sent men and women to space and looked far beyond our physical limits using technology and computers.

Now, god "exists" outside of the universe, outside of space and time.

Do you know what lives out that far? Nothing, hence being known as nothing.

How can any being, real or not, live in nothing?

These past few paragraphs describe why religions are known as faith. Faith is, typically, defined as a belief without evidence, collectively. That is WHY it is 'faith'. If there was evidence, the religions would be evidence.

When talking, we ask, "What is your faith?" That question would now become, "What is your evidence?"

Two remotely different questions.

Think of this.

Millions of people, across the globe, claim to have said they have seen "UFOs."

Remember that U in UFO. It stands for "unidentified." How can we associate something if it is "unidentified"?

It is the most used oxymoron of all time.

My sister is a physiologist, and we soften talk of free mentality like this.

She once told me that people do not have an excuse, a reason, for what they see, so they have to fill their mental void.

We all have an inner desire to always be right, and know everything. It is not possible. Ever. So by saying, I saw a UFO, you are actually saying, "I don't know what I saw, but it had to be extraterrestrial because I HAVE never seen it before!" And when, sorry for the profanity, shit hits the fan, we follow. Of course, why wouldn't we? We, ourselves, have no appropriate or justified answers.

Here's another tidbit of info of for you. If aliens are real, why on Earth do we want to meet them? Hell, if every time they land they crash, then that is one bit of evidence showing we are smarter than them. We figured out how to consistently land safely spacecraft, and they haven't.

Just saying, if I ever meet an alien, then I have two questions:

  1. Why do you only land in the farmer's backyard and not Times Square?
  2. Why can't you land a spaceship?

Who knows? Maybe that's why they're here.

Relating to the evidence I mentioned, then why is everything we use as "evidence" mouth to mouth? In terms of evidential proof, "eyewitness accounts" are the lowest form of evidence, which is rather embarrassing, because of it being the highest form of evidence in a court of law.

Remember the game we use to play in a class where you think of a secret then you whisper it into your neighbor's ear, and then they whisper into their neighbor's ear? Telephone, right? Someone tell me what happens by the end.


If you wanna come to me and prove that aliens are real and you've been abducted, then here is a plan for you.

You are on the table, because for whatever reason aliens always are doing weird sexual experiments, just point and say to the alien leaning over you, "Hey! Look over there."

At that exact moment, lean over and grab something, slip it into your pocket or jacket, and come home with it.

Until you come to my home with an alien's ashtray, I will not believe that aliens exist because there is no non-eyewitness proof.

People want that feeling of protection for literally almost every reason imaginable. We strive to feel big and important. But why do need another person to make us feel big? Doesn't independence define our sense of dominance and importance?

Just listen to this for a moment though.

If everyone is so concerned about feeling so small, then why do we as a species find a way to be eternally optimistic?

Why is it that with all the hate and violence in the world today, there is still love, and laughter, and fun?

There will always be hardships, whether it be here, or in a classroom, or at home, or in your personal life, up to significantly larger scales such as politics.

You are what the world needs.

If every single person in world miraculously decided overnight to use their talents, the world would instantaneously become an immeasurably better place.

That is why I never said God is not real, or vice versa.

Everyone is born with a talent.

Where said talent comes from... besides genetics... no one knows.

Dave Wallace
Dave Wallace
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