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The Vision

by Naia Louise about a year ago in fantasy
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The Remembering

You Are the Dream

It came sweeping in like the soft warm spring breezes that had been scenting the wind these last few weeks. A strange and welcome sense of Lightness. The mornings seemed to stretch out like days and bring such frequent moments of joy at the sight of the light shining through the green woods. The moss seemed greener and more vibrant. One afternoon I fell into such a deep softness, I heard the hum of the ancestors singing the old song. The song we were told would only come at the end. This is when i knew. The time of Return was upon us.

It's true that I had felt it singing in my bones over the last few years, slowly, almost invisibly, so that i had hardly noticed. It was taught to us all as young ones, the knowing of the ending. The dropping of the shield. It was nothing to fear as we still knew that beyond the shield there was the Vision. The Vision of our Wholeness. This is how it was taught to us. We knew we came here for a time as a people. And it had been many seasons. Many generations.

It had started with the long discussions around the dinner table about how much faster it was to see through the veil. I'd even heard spoken on the channels that some of us were beginning to jump the timelines and wade into the plasma, seeing the Vision before being pulled back into our world. We all knew the shield wouldn't last forever but it had been up so long that we found it hard to imagine we would be the ones to actually see it come down.

Our parents and grandparents had told us the stories and we had listened. The songs that we remembered were woven with the knowing that a time would come when the shield would dissolve and when it did we would need to make a leap. A Quantum leap. It was exciting to think about, to dream about but now that it was facing us we found ourselves in the instability of its coming. We had to Remember. Now.

Our mornings began to synchronise and the sound of bells began to be heard on the wind, a sign that the veils were thinning quickly and the Great Shift was truly upon us. Once I began to actually hear the sounds, I felt a great relief and a slow unraveling of density. I had to stop frequently throughout the day to simply listen which brought so many memories to the surface of my mind. Some were joyous and personal, others felt more collective and universal. Some made me cry with joy and some with sadness. They all felt very purifying. I would return to my day with more clarity and calm. I felt as though I was being shown how to prepare, by emptying my memories into the collective field. As a gift. Unattached. Deeply Grateful.

One evening a message came through the global channel that came with great news. There had been contact and we were being asked to tune in together in the morning to receive a message of great peace and encouragement. An ambassador from beyond the shield had penetrated the veil and had made contact with one of our Elders. It was imbued with great love and we all felt relief in the knowledge that we were being guided.

The message came through our Hearts in the early light. The world was less populated than it is now where you live. We were fewer and less distant from the Mystery. We had less fear and more curiosity. We are still a dream in your heart. A distant memory of co-creative communion and integrity. As i awoke in the light of the morning rays, my partner and I turned to one another and looked deeply into each other's eyes. There was great love and great curiosity between us. There was a sudden flash of Light that burst through and flowed between us carrying the sound of bells and laughter, it was so powerful we held one another to stabilise ourselves and melted as our Hearts opened like a bursting sun.

The sense of floating was extremely welcoming. To leave the heaviness of the body and the memories that had been stored in our physical structure was pure bliss. We realised how those memories had felt heavier than a thousand planets. We let go of one another, our forms, our world and were swept back into the fathomless ecstasy of infinite space and time. It felt so natural. So true. It felt as though we had never left this place of total surrender. Connected to All and yet fully Self. Our laughter and joy became the sound of bells and the turning of the galaxy sang in unison with our return. We Remembered.

We spent time aligning with the lightness, with the Vision. As we remembered how to move and breathe with infinite space, we attuned to our Greatest Joy and found ourselves reuniting with our partners and family members to honor their part in our journey as we reoriented towards our greatest expansion. The sense of union with all life made things far more joyous, there was no separation within the limitless expression of our Hearts Vision. We were held and free, guided and guiding the Vision. We Remembered.

If you are reading these words, you are coming closer to this newness that is as old as life itself. It is the Great Ending that is the Great Beginning. It is the first and last breath and it is always there on the other side of the veil. The memories of our world are still living in yours. In the sound of the waters rushing, the birds singing and the winds blowing, you will know that we send you Light. We send you the Vision. You will Remember.

Do you hear them today?


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