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The Vegaa Star Saga Pt. III

by LUiS Thompson about a month ago in star wars

"They were accompanied by the giant snake monster Salazar had transformed into previously."

The Vegaa Star Saga Pt. III

“The oppression of the Sith was gone for the moment, with Maul taken care of, this allowed a new era of Force-sensitive children to continue on the legacy of the Jedi for the moment. Focusing on the great wave of force around him, Obi-Wan Kenobi bent reality to his will, and transformed through time and space, thus transporting himself into what became known to the Jedi’s as the Force speed. Using this technique to arrive in the Jedi home-world of Coruscant faster, Obi-Wan had to use the ability to travel through the Force speed itself for the first time to warn the remaining Jedi Order of the Sith’s defeat. Furthering his journey into the unknown, it seemed to Obi-Wan as though he had traveled through the hyper-speed of time in the universe. Obi-Wan was startled by a rupture of thunder and lightning that began rapidly occurring all around the Force speed. While suddenly, a few grotesque octopus-like tentacles began attaching to the Jedi, and knocked Obi-Wan out of his spiritual transition home. The feeling Obi-Wan was having felt strangely familiar, perhaps a Sith ghost had followed the Jedi after the monster from the Force speed attacked him. Obi-Wan had to now understand the new spiritual place he has now been brought to, before a new war began that Obi-Wan wanted no part of.”

“Before Obi Wan could even ask the meaning, Qui-Gon Jinn handed a mystic talisman off to Obi Wan Kenobi. It had seemed at the very moment time began to slow down as the talisman began to liquefy into the Jedi Master’s hand. All around Obi Wan Kenobi, creatures began falling from the sky. Time began moving slower and slower, as everything that was around Obi Wan began to look like a white-winged beast with red eyes flying all over the island. They were accompanied by the giant snake monster Salazar had transformed into before.”

“At that moment, Salazar and Obi Wan locked eyes. As the monster that was now Salazar roared in anger and charged towards the Jedi Master, the talisman began to teleport Obi Wan Kenobi from his realm to the next, as if Obi Wan Kenobi fell into a black hole of complete black darkness. As the sensation of gravity escaping Obi Wan Kenobi’s feet gave weight, a loud cry was let out by the Jedi Master. Vengeful voices and exotic whispers were the only things Obi Wan Kenobi could hear as he began continuously being transported further into the darkness.”

Once upon a time, before the people of Earth found means to create a utopia for their children, the entire planet was at risk of annihilation. Sorcerers, monsters, robots, mutants, and mask ninjas came to Earth several times before to combat the world's deadliest fighters back in 1494, and as recent as 2009. Enter the city that never sleeps, it's like a living creature. The city is always growing, upwards, and outwards. The people who inhabit this city are survivors. Within their deep slumber, these citizens had the potential to see the pain and suffering of their forefathers that came before the city was even created. Standing on a hilltop overlooking the city, a charcoal wolf, with harsh scars covering its body began transforming into a Native American looking man. The Native American looked unto the city and spoke several monotone songs into the air with his native tongue. Lightning and rain began to stir about when all of a sudden a flashing vision of a beastly tribe that mated with the dinosaurs long ago was strangely seen in the Native American’s eyes. This vision begins giving the Native American quite an epiphany. The idea that perhaps this mating of taboo nature caused the Gods to shun man and leave them under the Earth for eternity. But one day the evil known as “Legion” would rise again and try to take back what was damned.

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