The truth about overunity

The stolen concept

The truth about overunity

I am the father of over Unity, I came up with this technology in 1981 as you will see there's never been a real definition for over Unity because it was stolen from the person who actually developed Theory. Of course I coined the phrase from things I experience through life, so let me introduce you to Tri cycle physics something I realized later that I grab these phrases from my training as a Buddhist, the physics part came after trying to explain what no one could explain. in the first place i just gave you my point of my understanding on my way of life called Buddhism. The cycles of life have been well known in the Buddhist practice for hundreds of years, I'm telling you this because there are many types of definition which you can see below which tries to explain what they think over Unity is, but when you go to the source and ask him did they make this science or Theory most of them if they're honest will tell you no, the others will have no answer for you oh, but if you do meet someone that says they came up with the idea then ask them show me a working model.

 At the end of this you will understand how to build a simple overunity device, you will understand it will have nothing to do with perpetual motion, you will understand the new terminations being presented like indefinite motion,Tri-cycle physics and what they mean. And you'll definitely understand we stand against statements claiming that there is more power coming out of the device thing coming in. And as we break down the definition of over Unity you will understand over means the overpower density in a stationary battery, and the unity which refers to the alternating unit which Bridges the 3 units into one Unity. So let's get started this is not a complicated Theory, and the technology is not hard to do we're just going to Simply breakdown this groundbreaking technology for all to understand once and for all.

In my Theory I've always stated there are three components; the motor, the generator, and the alternator. As you know Nikola Tesla love doing things in threes so we try to recognize when that magic number pops up, as you will see the motor generator and alternator are basically all different types of electrical magnetic motors which happened to do different functions. But let's get into the meat of this paper, there are many different people all over YouTube building these types of motors after seeing or hearing about my technology oh, they all try to replicate it and call it a scam or even make fakes. This all help disingenuine the true definitions and theories behind overunity so I'm here to correct them again, of course many people want to believe a lie but those who have the notion to investigate will find out with household items they can produce the same thing.

So as we start to put this together I'll explain why it actually works, you have married your motor and Generator together but did you actually look at what your motor is drawing in power it's important to know this because if you have a greedy motor then you must have a alternator that can give the supplies it demands oh, so keep in mind even though I will repeat it many times the motors are coupled together but never connect the two together. When you don't have diagrams or pictures showing these things it is very hard for people to understand because they always want to connect the motor and alternator together which is correct. Then they try connecting the wires of the motor and alternating together this is [incorrect]. People will say then how do they produce perpetual motion and I will tell them over and over again this is not perpetual motion, this is over Unity and there's three components you must understand in the over and understand the unity to get to understand why it's called overunity. The definition of over Unity is overpowered unit, if you want to go in depth about it then over the power the unit must go. So what does all this mean it means that those wires we were talking about are never connected directly butts in indirectly because they must understand this

The gate to the point of zero

What does this mean it means everything has an end and a beginning, trying to bridge the two together will seem impossible the things that we were taught in Buddhism is that if you can find it in nature you can achieve it Easley, but if it is not found in nature it will be almost impossible to achieve it and if you can it will be unnatural. In our case we are trying to get past the gate the point of zero and once you clear this hurdle we call this over, which in short means starting over or going over.

The ( gate) Yes, a point which we call 0 all these devices even this magnetic motor has a gate

which you have to put energy in to jump over this gate to make the unity in which you're trying to unify. I've already one suggestion to jump over but there are many difference points of view on what this means, so let me give you some more words to help you break down the point of view. Frequency, ones and zeros, off and on, back and forth, Hertz, votes no-votes, this is where I can explain this concept in about 2,000 pages, but this is just to get you to understand enough to replicate what I'm trying to tell you, so I'm simply just going to tell you that this has to do with ratio and torque which are related when you talk about producing power. So let's break this down simply in the center of this will which you see in the above diagram come it turns faster than the outside of the wheel everyone knows this. Of course you are placing your generator right in the middle of this field that means that the the diameter of your will must be big enough to let the inner diameter 4 circumference of the generator to turn 3 * as much as the outside of the circumference of the wheels 3 to 1 ratio of course you can make it even more but the outside of the wheel will always equal 1 he could be 20 to 1 100 to 1 or even just 4-1 once you understand this then again you come to an another over in this Unity,and that is over coming back torque. We're drawing near to understanding why I called this over Unity because there's so many overs to the unity that it only made sense to name it that. So far we've talked about overcoming the gate, and overcoming the torque which is the power needed to drive the motor and the generator in the first place. Again I can explain in detail the different types of motors and how they will react to one another, but again it takes you so far away from the point. Just simply find out if the motor is powerful enough to run the generator under load oh, the more heavier the load the stronger the motor must be, second point is your power supply big enough to handle running the motor which is under load once the answer is yes then you're on your way because now we're going to unify it by connecting the generator to the battery oh, and this is where the magic happens remember a battery cannot charge and discharge at the same time this means that at the point where the energy must go into the battery and trying to come out of the battery at the same time is why most people are not getting their devices to work. And let's clear this up you can run these motors on a capacitor if the capacitor meets the same cuarteria we just mentioned. If you need to add more than one capacitor to meet these qualifications then do so but remember what you're using the capacitors or the batteries for to run the motor even though it's directly hook to the alternator you must Supply it would enough power to do the job. I know we talked about charging those power supplies and why most people fail at this. We've already told you that the battery can't do two things at once but if you stop doing one thing then the other thing can do what it's meant to do and then stop that to do the other things. This is called alternation or simply frequency even hurts, instead of calling me all those fancy words what you mean are you going back and forth between two things with one power source if you do this fast enough then the gadgets in which we are talkin about don't know did they have one power supply. Yes people have known this to be true for a long time if you were a TV repairman you would know the speed of a electric gun how many times that beam goes across the Sreen gave you the better quality picture. So over Unity symbol is (Y) you could state it (Y)but it's not it's v over 1

V / 1 stands for [1] is the source of power

[V] fluctuating we call the variable, the variable and it's speed effect how many devices you can serve in a stated time.this is how you get over the United or coupled devices Gateway which otherwise would break the laws of physics. for fun to get your mind in the right space we are going back to the Future to give you an example for your future-ristic answer to overunity. As you can see the symbol for the flux capacitor is though Y and the symbol for overunity is the same. So we can relate that the flux capacitor fluctuates between two points from one source of power and because many people have tried and failed to do this type of overunity machine you can see it will take you into the future. Stolen technology has now been revealed with a simple equation the fluctuating power source is the answer which we all seek to couple a motor and alternator together so you cannot realize fuelless generator.

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