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By Holly Smith, PastoressPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I do not consider myself a Christian by todays standards, though I am a believer in the God and Jesus of the Bible. I also believe that the Bible as we know it today is very misinterpreted and misunderstood, and true spiritual discernment is the key. That is part of why I take prayer, meditation, and the visions I receive so seriously. God has revealed things to me, things that are going to happen in my lifetime. I fully believe in the things He has shown me and take as spiritual truth.

This world is under a spiritual attack as I type this, and the physical war is coming. It will start with martial law and end with peace and salvation, with, basically, world war III in between. Where the timeline given in my vision is somewhat vague, all believers know that it is coming. All we can do is be prepared for when it comes.

From one of the visions God gave me I have determined that the great war will start after my granddaughter turns five years old [at the time of this writing she is four and a half years old]. The girl in my vision was, I'd say, between five and eight years old. I did not see her face, I am just going by seeing her from the back; though her height, ability to follow precise directions, and carry supplies makes me think she may have been closer to eight. As the vision unfolds, I see unfamiliar aircrafts dropping bombs all around us, we are protected by listening to what I believe to be 'The voice of God'. My granddaughter and I gather supplies and take them to people hiding in a tunnel. Those in the tunnel appear to be mostly adults and they are standing, staring in a 'zombie like' trance, with blank looks on their faces. Their faces are not clear, to possibly identify them, and that is why I believe the focus for this scene is on me and the child and our role in things.

The next scene, I see what is referred to as the Dome of the Rock. At the time of the vision I did not recognize what I was seeing. Researching and finding pictures on the internet that match what I saw is how I concluded it was the Dome of the Rock. For those that are not familiar, the Dome of the Rock is an Islamic shrine built on what is known as the Temple Mount and is located in Jerusalem. I am not sure the meaning of seeing the Dome in my vision other than some say, before the return of Jesus, control of it will be given to Israel. The scene that followed was almost scary. There was a tree with fruit on it, and birds came and took away two-thirds of the fruit. Then, like words on a blackboard, I see "only one-third will survive". I take that to mean that only one-third of the worlds population will survive the war. The last scene of the vision is me walking alone in a tunnel that is actually a very giant and peaceful ocean wave. My spirit is anxious and awaiting the things shown to me.

The time has come for the followers of Jesus Christ to stand up for their Father in heaven as Christ stood in our place as the sacrifice to ensure our salvation. For when the wrath of God is at its full capacity, only then will man truly see and believe. On anther note, I an undecided on my beliefs about the *rapture* and exactly when it might happen, I just know that the time is now for believers to be at the ready for what is coming. The current pandemic is just the beginning. There is a great war coming. One that is meant to separate the wicked from the righteous and cause the collapse of the modern day Babylon.

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    Holly Smith, PastoressWritten by Holly Smith, Pastoress

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