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The Terrifying 'Star Wars' Species That Destroyer Droids Are Modeled After

by Culture Slate 6 months ago in star wars

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During the galactic war between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS), There were many droids that caused terror to civilians, and clone troopers alike. The high numbers of the B1 Battle Droids, the tough-looking B2 Super Battle Droids, etc. Yet, arguably, none caused more terror, or carnage, like the Trade Federation’s Droidekas. The Droidekas, also known as Destroyers, were high caliber battle droids that belonged to the Trade Federation.

Droidekas had one of the strongest types of armor in the entire droid army, and even with their amazing body armor, they had their own shield generator which was almost impenetrable. Droidekas also possessed extremely strong frontal canons which would destroy any enemy, even could kill Jedi. Droidekas were also feared because they arrived into battle by rolling into a ball. Just the sound of their roll was enough to bring chills throughout the battlefield.

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Droidekas were not only terrifying due to their power, but also due to their horrifying design appearance. The unique design of the Trade Federation wasn’t actually created by them. It was actually given to them by another species. The insectoid-like design featured in the Droidekas is thanks to their actual designers, the Colicoids, a vicious insectoids species that were very vile. Colicoids were able to trade their designs for the Droidekas, in return for exotic meats. The Trade Federation gave them what they wanted, and in return, the Federation obtained the deadly design we know and remember today.

The Droidekas began as battle droids just for the Trade Federation. But as the Clone Wars began, Droidekas were used by the many leaders of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Droidekas were first introduced in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, where they were deployed against Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan while they tried to escape the Trade Federation’s command ship. In the film, they showed the power of these droids, how not even Jedi were able to easily destroy them. Droidekas were no match for starfighter’s blasts, or were easy to destroy while their shields were down.

Although the Droidekas' design was awesome and strong, their true weakness was speed. Even if they were fast while formed into a rolling ball, they were still slow enough, and vulnerable enough, to be blasted away. Yet the Droideka were almost indestructible while their shields were on. However, they were pretty slow to walk, and were easily beaten with speed. In The Clone Wars animated series, Anakin was able to destroy Droidekas with ease by using their speed to his advantage. Another way that many Droidekas were destroyed during the Clone Wars, was with electric charge grenades. Clones would slide in charge grenades through the droids' sheds, shooting them down and blasting them off.

Although the Empire commanded all droid units to be shot down after the forming of the new Galactic Empire, it would have been amazing for the Empire to still use Droidekas to their advantage, as Droidekas could have easily surpassed the horrible aim that stormtroopers were infamous for. One of the great disadvantages of the Galactic Empire was their belief that numbers were better than quality. This gave the Imperial military a huge lack of quality, and an easy downfall. If Droidekas and Super Battle Droids were kept as official Imperial Battle Droids, the Galactic Empire would have had a greater chance of beating the Rebellion. Droidekas were a force to be reckoned with and were rightfully feared by the Republic, and by some of the Jedi generals in the battlefield.

Droidekas might have been manufactured and owned by the Trade Federation, but we owe their deadly design to the horrifying insectoids, known as the Colicoids.

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Written By Christopher Giron

Source(s): Wookieepedia

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