The Seventh Obsession

Love has no face.

The Seventh Obsession

"The Forbidden Romance"

Darkness and light. What would happen if the two of them became one? Here in the realm of the shadow, beings of unknown forms and sizes are everywhere. Here, the inhabitants can smell weakness and among Death, there are worse things. What means existence to demons means termination to mortals. In the underworld, like in the world of the living, power is everything. You are strongest not because of your size or your roar but in the moment of opportunity when you strike and defend against those who dared to trod on what was sacred. A demon can only have what is sacred, it matters not what it is, his eyes, the horns, the weapon that is a part of him as much as his dark soul. There is nothing more precious than that. That was the truth of it for Elionist and there were no other truths. How wrong he was.

"Kara, it's time for school".

"OK, I'm coming mom," said the fifteen-year-old girl as she hurried to get herself ready for the day. It's the same as usual in the morning, Kara thought, there was nothing special about bleak weather and wet roads. It's always the same as it had been since she was a child. Her father had left them when she was very young and her mother, in her distress, fed her the story that he died in a car accident and she would never see him again. nine years later, it would seem that the dead walk the earth as she saw a man with her eyes and a very akin resemblance to her was sitting in the living room talking to her mom and holding her hand. Her mother's head was down and she seemed to be crying.

"Why are you crying, mommy?" Kara asked but her mom didn't raise her head to acknowledge that she had heard her, in face neither did the man.

"Mommy!" Kara tried again but there was still no response from either adult. The man leaned over and placed a kiss on her mother's forehead and whispered an apology, he was on his knees by this time in front of her mother, still seated in the armchair.

Kara tried in vain to communicate with them, for them acknowledge that she was there but after a while of screaming at the top of her lungs, she came to the understanding that they just couldn't see her or hear her for that matter.

It was an alarming feeling, new and crazy and she didn't know what to make of it. The most logical thing was that she was dreaming. Her knowledge extended no farther than that.

"I know that I have not been the person that you married and I am so very sorry that I left you so long ago". The man said, he seemed to be crying too. Was he sad as she was when other children were about to talk about their fathers and she thought that he was dead, had he suffered?

Kara was looking him directly in his face, she was two inches away from him. She had tried the same thing with her mom a few minutes ago but still, there was nothing. But just as she was about to turn away from them, they looked at each other and to her surprise, something else looked back at her. Whoever or whatever it was, it knew that she was there and it wasn't her father that was looking at her either. Those eyes, fierce and cold lurking in the depths of the man that knelt before her mother.

There should be a scream somewhere in the back of her throat, she should back away because apart from the fact that she was invisible, this thing was looking directly at her, unmoving.

"What are you?" Kara asked as she reached out to touch his face.

She was shaken in wakefulness by someone on the bus, she had fallen asleep, even in the midst of all the noise on the bus. That wasn't like her, she thought, then another thought came to her mind and she immediately reached for her mirror, the dream forgotten in favor of her middle school reputation. She blew a sigh of relief when her face was just as she remembered it to be, not stupid drawings with a permanent marker.

"I'm home!" Kara called and her mom came out of the living room with a smile on her face but her eyes were red.

"Is he here?" Kara said and the surprise that registered on her mother's face was the answer to her question. She didn't wait for her mother to say anything or ask how she knew that her face was in the other room. She moved past the room, although she half expected to see someone else but here he was, wearing the same clothing, with the same sad pathetic look on his face. This was creepy and she didn't know what to make of it nor could she tell anyone about this.

She didn't want to be labeled as a freak of nature.

He was not used to humans seeing him and when it happened back then, it's never anything less than an ear-cracking scream and a pathetic attempt to flee which he enjoyed for a time and loved giving chase like the demon he is and demons get bored easily.

How could he be so careless? Elionist kicked a low-grade demon who happened to be in his way. He landed in one of the magma pits and he squealed like all mini demons did. It didn't matter to him one way of another. What concerned the great horse demon was the unexpected turn of events he had just experienced. Never in his very long existence had he had something like that happen to him. What is she? Mortals aren't supposed to see him. He roared and the lower demons trembled and hid in fear of whatever could have caused should a powerful being like Elionist to be angry and they knew what happened when he was angry.

Humans, ions ago, when things were a part of the pure life, were more connected with the image of paradise. The earth is only such and spirits and demons were able to dwell there without disturbance. Once upon a time, there were mystical creatures and things that couldn't be understood with reason alone. Demons were among that group and their co-existence with a human was a secret to the mortals themselves and only babies and animals can see them or feel their presence when they are near. Humans are not able to cope with differences and they cannot accept that fact that is as old as time itself. They were the ones that invaded this earth and they were allowed to live here.

Harmony was once the currency of the realm of humans and demons but one day someone decided to announce the existence of demons to humans and the seeds of chaos started to grow.

High school was strange to Kara, her friends from middle school pretended that she didn't exist and she, who was used to being the center of attention, was invisible. It had happened only once in her life before she entered into the world of teenagers' prison for the day but that was some freak occurrence, she wasn't even sure anymore if it really happened and so she chooses to close that chapter of her life.

Another day, another prank and another episode of bullying ironically by the same best friends that she had in middle school. The days were all the same and they were becoming difficult with every week that passed. What they teased her about was stupid. She couldn't help the fact that she had boring brown hair and the same close eyes. She couldn't help the fact that her mother made the same mistake again taking her father back into their lives and having him walk out on them once again. And what did they care anyway, it wasn't their life. Their lives were perfect and filled with joy, while she had to work part-time to help out with her home situation.

She sighed and didn't want to know what was waiting in her locker this morning again. Another sink bomb maybe, no that was last week, maybe she will be pushed into it like the first day at school. She was a petite girl and so it was easy for her to fit almost anywhere. Surprisingly, there was nothing this morning and nothing throughout the say either.

'How odd'. She thought.

From that day on there was nothing, not even a tease. She was curious, to say the least, but happy. These days the bullies were more like scared cats than the lions they used to be. They would see her in the hallways and shatter at the sight of her.

"What was going on?"

What in the name of the devil was wrong with him? Another mini demon screamed as he landed in the hot soul burning magma.

What was this annoying feeling? The small group cowering with so much fear that it didn't occur to them to flee and now the punishment for that was a hot bath in the magma pit.

Elionist roared again and just for the hell of it decided that he would challenge one of the powerful demons that lay dormant in their thousand year sleep. If anyone wished to have a fate worse than death befall him then he would disturb the thousand-year-old slumber. He welcomed it, anything to get away from this pestilence that was rapidly growing inside of him, spreading inside of him like a disease. Can a demon such as he know such a feeling in the stillness that is his heart? The possibility was preposterous to even be considered! He was power, he was the things of nightmares! Fear knew him, it was not the other way around! Yet, the cold fury that sent icy spears down his back was more painful when he saw that Kara was being taken advantage of by those who she once called her friend. It was with great impatience that he didn't kill the vermins on spot.

"Why do I care?!" Elionist screamed into the nothingness on his path, it wouldn't take him long to find a demon on that state and he could smell them from where he stood.

"Why do I care?" he said again more calmly this time but he knew the answer. He had lived too long not to know something as old as creation itself.

Can he truly feel something like that? For a mortal? The questions were not new to his mind, he had been asking them ever since that day when he latched on to that man. He only invaded his soul because the man was weak and his heart was troubled. He was feeling guilt and demons fed from things like that but they could never tell what kind of guilt until they actually take up residence in the being themselves. He was sorely disappointed with how pathetic the man was that he was feeding his craving from.

On impulse or just annoyance, he influenced the man to confront the reason for his guilt and come to terms with what he had done. He thought about influencing him to kill himself since he was just a waste of life but somehow, he didn't. He should have known that something was wrong, it should have been clear as day. During the insufferable pleading if the man, was about ready to explore and stop the mortal garbage's heart but as soon as his powerful hands stretched out to wrap around the pumping organ, he felt another presence. At first, he thought it was another demon that could have smelled the guilt on the man and hadn't notice that he had taken up residence. This was sacred ground to him, as pathetic as the filth was, it was now his territory. He drew his sword and prepared for a fight. But then on further analysis, notice that it couldn't be a demon, the scent was more pure, clear with a touch of strawberry.

He got curious and that was the end of him.

From then on, he couldn't stop thinking about the girl that looked at him with such softness in her eyes that paused his sword. That had never happened.

He watched her from the shadows, telling himself that he should kill her for her insolence for looking at him without fear. He had been taking careful precautions to ensure that no other demons knew of his observations. When the times turned into years, he had to come up with a new lie to convince himself why he was still watching her so vigilantly.

He was only curious as to how she was able to see him when he was inside another human being.

I only want to know how she was able to see me". He said to himself at one point. "This is only a test to see if I am imagining things". Again trying to convince himself but it was a cheap lie. He knew that he wasn't the creative imaginative type and that cheap lie broken as it was designed to when he protected her one day when a speeding car went out of control and heading directly for her. He saw the girl closed her eyes and crouched down with her arms over her head.

Before he knows what he was doing, he was in front of her, flipping the car over her head like it was made out of paper. When his senses returned, he quickly returned to the shadows, silently cursing himself for being so foolish. A demon never gets involved with a moral like that. Luckily there were no other demons around, he had made sure that he wasn't followed or seen.

"This has to stop". He had said at that time but it didn't and her bullies were the latest results of his heroics and it was only a matter of time before someone notices his obsession and he would kill any demon who called him a weakling. He would kill the devil, himself.

"Sound the Alarm"

The realm of shadows is a pretentious and misleading name; nothing can truly be hidden there and for those who are wise and restless, will always find ways of entertaining themselves from a distance. powerful demons and entities like death and the devil sees all things but most of the time, it is not worth paying attention to; the demons that roamed the endless void that is the underworld is not as valuable as the humans that were created on the earth. That had been the case until a few years ago.

"He disturbed my flow". The voice that spoke was low and horrible, most who heard it were brought to trembling and for mortals, it means that their time in the world of the living had been expired.

"That he did". Said another voice sweet, deceptive but charismatic but only to those knew not the creature to which it belonged. "For a powerful demon like him that is a bit out of character wouldn't you say so"?

"A bit is putting it nicely". Death said and the Devil smiled.

"Such an intriguing little monster you are, Elionist."

The creature fought him for days and he enjoyed every moment of this distraction. he had to remain focus during battle and this was a good exercise until he accidentally delivered a fatal blow cutting his mental distraction short and like a switch, it was back Kara again. He cursed but it didn't help so he just laid there in the nothingness. it was there that the idea came to him and in his mind it made sense and it was the only way he could get her out of his head once and for all.

"Today we have a new transfer student".

All the students looked up and notice the boy who walked in. the girls started to scream and the boys were annoyed but there was one that looked at the new arrival with intense eyes. She knew him without having to say a word, she knew exactly what he was.

"My name is Jacob Eli". He said and the screams grew louder with the sound of his smooth deep voice. "It's nice to meet you".

The female mortals were all talking at once but he tried not to give into the need to hack them to pieces, all of them were so annoying and their screams were piercing his eardrums. What the hell were they screaming for anyway? He wondered. In his own mind, his transformation to the form of a human teenage boy was perfect, he made sure to assume a handsome countenance as if popular with the times.

There was his mistake.

He only did this so that he could get closer to Kara and finally kill her, only then could he be free of it all then pester in these feelings that were slowly melting his frozen wasteland, making him think of what it was like to be happy with her by his side. How can he think of such drivel? As a demon, he was ashamed.

"I have the perfect place for you". He barely heard what the old hag beside him was saying.

He placed a seat not far away from his Kara and he wondered if she knew what was in the same room as her. All was set into motion and there was no turning back. He would kill her. He said that to himself with certainty but in his still heart, deep, very deep down, he was not happy with his decision.

It was no surprise that he was still at the school for a month and ‘his plan' was still not executed. He blamed it on the fact that the pesky women were on him like flies on sweet but he knew that wasn't the reason. He had followed her home and watched her like he had always done and on the second month of this transformation scheme, he had entered into her room, a sharp dagger in hand and cold eyes looking down at her sleeping form.

"If I do this, then it will be over and I will be free". He positioned himself to kill the one that laid before him, helpless and weak. She smiled in her sleep even as he brought the dagger down to end her life.

Why the hell was she sleeping? He wondered and the dagger paused. This is the moment when human's souls sound the alarm, even if they were sleeping, why was she was smiling.

"It's OK". She murmured in her sleep and he backed away from her then as quickly as he could he left, frightened. He, the great lions, fearful of a mortal girl?

"I can't kill her". He said running his hands through his hair the realization or admittance was powerful to shake his core.

"I didn't think that you could". Said a voice behind him and he quickly transformed into true form.

"No need to be on the defensive, Elionist". It was a Calderon, another powerful demon, maybe even more powerful than himself but that was not his concern right now. He didn't even sense him. Damn this human form, what was he thinking?

"Calderon". He said with his hand on his sword still, eyes darted around for anyone else.

"I am alone and I have been sent her by the high counsel himself".

"The Devil sent you to me? Why"

"How could it be not?" Calderon smirk looking up at Kara's window. "You're little love nest is a very tempting observation".

He was been watched. It hit him like a boulder and not the earth kind.

"I don't know what you are talking about".

"Elionist, you may deny it but from what we can see, you are very much in love with the mortal".

"I think years licking Satan's boots have made you insane. Me in love with a moral? Did you come all this way to insult me?" he took up the defensive but Calderon laughed and paid no mind to the insults that were dealt.

"If you want I can kill the mortal for you". He suggested. "After all you just said that you can't kill her".

He watched Elionist's face and knew what he saw there, anger, hate, and rage behind those eyes. He was possessive by nature and Calderon knew that.

"You will not touch my prey". He growled, his sword glittered in the silver light of the full moon.

"Touchy, touchy". Calderon smiled, "I will report this to the high counsel and he will be most interested to know your reaction. Normally, you could have your half demon babies but that's not possible in time".

"I told you!" He swung his sword but by then he was gone and Elionist stilled. What was he doing? He wasn't supposed to get angry like that.

He transformed into this human form once again and made ready to leave.

"So that's your name, Elionist". Kara's voice sounded behind him and he was still as a stone. When did she get here? Had she seen him in his true form? Wait why did that bother him so much and more importantly, if that was the case then it would be the second time she saw him and she didn't sound afraid.

"You didn't look like a Jacob to me". She continued when he didn't say anything. "I like Elionist better". She said as casual as it was to have a conversation like this was only he was a demon.

He finally turned around. "Why are you not afraid?" he demanded.

"You don't scare me". She said with shrug shoulders.

"I scare everything and everyone, you just haven't seen me for what I am just yet".

"Maybe you're right, but I have seen you in the way I want to see you". Where the hell did she get these things and why did he feel like he could listen to her for ions and never get tired of hearing her voice?

"I have seen you in my dreams, I have seen you soar above the sky".

"You're a foolish little girl, do not make me out to be some guardian angel for I am a demon and I will kill you"! That should have scared her but he watched her face move closer to him and for a moment he wanted to step back but with his will, he stood his ground. What could a mortal do to him?

Then she did something that he was not expecting. Her small child-like hands reached up and cupped his face and she looked at him just like she did that day they first met.

"Then my life is completely yours, Elionist".

This was no mortal, he decided. She was an enchantress and he admitted, in the small part of himself that was infected by her from the first moment, that he loved her. Wholly as his hollow soul could muster. He was completely in love with her and he could see in her eyes, so was she with him. (Part 2 in the next series things are going to get even hotter as they prepare for the big fight in the 2nd edition with Lucifer himself so stay tuned!)

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