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The Next Animated 'Star Wars' Series Could Be All About Darth Maul

by Culture Slate 7 months ago in star wars
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To quote Alien 3, "This is rumor control. Here are the facts." A few days ago, Jordan Maison of Cinelinx stated he had couple of sources informing him of an upcoming animated series that would focus on Darth Maul. I say rumor because it has yet to be officially announced, but from what I know, Mr. Maison has a good track record when it comes to these sorts of thing. He ain't got no zeroh credibility.

According to his sources, a new animated series is in the works that will flesh out the gaps between Maul's last appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and his first appearance in Star Wars: Rebels. It would be addressing his criminal empire Crimson Dawn. Now there is about a decade and a half between these appearances so there is plenty story to be told. Maison's second source told him that Star Wars voice actors Dee Bradley Baker, Matt Lanter, and Sam Witwer have also been recording something. He also added that this could possibly be something to do with The Bad Batch instead. Maison stated that both of his sources have both independently brought up Darth Maul. One of them even brought up that (if it is indeed a Darth Maul show) the series would be set before Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Let's say for a moment that this is the case. Let’s say that there is a Darth Maul animated show in the works. What could it be about? What could we see?

We can piece some ideas from what we know from the Clone Wars “Siege of Mandalore” arc up to Solo: A Star Wars Story. From that arc we know Crimson Dawn has already been established before the end of the Clone Wars. During the events of the Clone Wars season 7 episode “The Phantom Apprentice,” Maul sends the syndicate leaders into hiding as he knows something is about to happen. He thinks that his former master Darth Sidious is about to make his ultimate move. Maul's plan is to gain as much power as possible in the chaos after said move. We then know from the opening of Solo: A Star Wars Story that Crimson Dawn has become one of the most powerful and feared criminal empires in the underworld.

We can also make the guess that during this time, Maul has had an encounter with one of the Empire's inquisitors due to the lightsaber he wields in both Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: Rebels. He had previously lost his lightsaber during the duel with Ahsoka on Mandalore. At some point Maul may have crossed paths with an inquisitor and claimed their lightsaber as his own. Could we see that encounter? Possibly? Maybe? It would make sense to show it. Maul is pretty deadly even without his lightsaber, so it would be an entertaining fight to witness.

Given Crimson Dawn’s involvement, there is the potential of another character making an appearance. This is none other than Dryden Vos, who was portrayed by Paul Bettany in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Funnily enough, Paul's name was mentioned in one of Maison's sources. It does also help that Paul Bettany has said he would love to return to play the Dryden again. His character model already exists too. Even though he was on screen for mere seconds, animators took the time to create Drydan Vos for a cameo in Clone Wars. It would be interesting to see more Star Wars shows where the main characters are antagonists instead of protagonists. It would mix things up a bit.

Hopefully we will find out more this Disney+ Day on November 12, 2021. Maybe there will be some announcements for other upcoming Star Wars shows since many of next year's shows are in either production or post-production. If I were a betting man, I would have faith in Jordan Maison on this. He has proven reliable before, and he is not one to lie and make up rumors to mislead fans intentionally.

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Written By Conner Heggie

Source(s): Cinelinx

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