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The Little Blackbook

by Sierra Thompson 2 months ago in feature

The little black book and the great immense treasure

"The breaze is so perfect. The wind is timing just enough for a challenge. I love to challenge myself. After all you cant really adventure much in a small town" mary thought. she continued to race against the wind another mile down the road until she reached the nearest bench. just then john comes running up. " hey mary, how are you doing today." john asks. you have been avoiding john for a week now since he got a new girl friend. john never really reallized what you really felt for him and you were to stubborn to let him off the hook by directly telling him how you feel. "A reporter in a small town doesnt get the kind of excitement I had once dreamed of part taking in. My mother always said let your heart lead the way but this town is home its where I belong besides where else would I go" mary says. mary continued to run every morning challenging herself to be faster, stronger, more graceful with every step. A reporter who was known to be the go getter of the town. John looks at you just then. " You always find your story your one of the many beautiful stubborn joys of this town." just then john stands up and starts off with a steady jog. as you soon go to follow one of the local joggers yells out to you. "dont forget your book." you bend down to pick up this little black book realizing that this book was not yours and that the only person that had been around in the past 10 minutes you had sat there with was john. You decide to take the notebook home to investigate what secrets john had been hiding from you. when you enter your home you pull out your finest glass of wine. pouring one glass after another. john never let you in on where he had so suddenly moved ot or where abouts in town he was located. A man you had loved your entire life and yet barely knew and you had his whole life in one book or you had thought you did. when you open the bood you see endless words jotted on the pages of what seamed like a mans romance to women he vowed his whole life to, The endless moments of true passion and romance began to entrigue your every sense. Reading these entrys began to feel as if you where walking through them in her shoes. This man truely loved this women with out a doubt in his mind and he would not stop until he had her next to him every second going further. Just then the story becomes to take a turn and just like every reporter you were eager to find out more about what this couple had gone through. It begins to turn into a time of triumph for the couple as the man writes of sadness, loss, emptiness. The man had lost his job and wasnt sure where to turn. they were living in the cold. They began to eat scraps. just as you thought the universe took a turn for the worse for this couple the man starts to write about a misplaced treasure. Mary was eager to find out what this treasure was that this man found. She had never felt so intrigued in her life. but just as she thought that she was revealing some mystery in this couples romance she turned the page to find the next pages empty. she continued to turn the page until she found a page with a little scribble. the scribble read 1245 rosewoods drive. It was then that mary had thought she found her new story. she started of her search looking for 1245 rosewoods drive and found that the address was only 25 minutes out of town. she hopped in her car and headed to the address. when she put the address in the gps it gave her very specific directions. one curvy road to the next when she started to approach the house and what she found was incredible. the house was a beautiful scenery a cabin like mantion with balconys around the entire second floor. a sign in the driveway reading "the edwards". A beautiful field in the back with a porchwing inside of a pavilion decorated in flowers. You then grab the black book and your personal notebook and a pen and head for the door. when you approach the door you find the door had already been open with a couple standing there. You start off with asking the man if he knew who owned the little black book. he nodded his head and asked you to occompany them for a cup of tea. Mary entered the beautiful home with the couple eager to find out more about the couple in the diary. as you seat ms. edwards returns back in with cups of chai tea. mary then looks at mr.edwards asking him if he knew a man that may have came here in the past with a book like this. mr. edwards smiles and says " my wife and I had gone through so much and we were never really sure if we would ever see that book again. I am so glad that you found that and was able to find the address as I have a promise to keep." you begin to get suspicious. Then you remember you plan to write a story about this couple and needed information. You began your quest for answers the minute you got in the car and well now you was not gonna give up with out your answers. " sir in your diary, you are madly inlove with sarah." you see the couple lock eyes and smile hinting that ms. edwards was the sarah you were reading about. " It also states your struggles down the road with sarah?" you look up to see sarah look down and see patrick have a little side grin. " Yes you are correct. We were homeless sleeping in the snow. I had just lost my job and had no where else to turn." you jot that down in your notbook quickly as you begin with the next and final question. "Your final statement before the address sir states that you found a misplaced treasure that changed your life?" Its then that you look up to see patrick smiling along with sarah and nodding to each other. "while walking one day it was extremely cold so we decided it was best to sit and huddle for a bit to warm up. we get up to leave 10 minutes later and I almost tripped." sarah stated. " we had never been so lucky to have tripped in my life." Jotting that down you start to think a bit she tripped over something while getting up from a bench? " where was this located at sarah. "the bike trail. the same one you found my husbands little black book." jotting this down you eyes get big and you look back up to ask the couple if they had been following you. just as you where going to ask patrick looks up to you. "we paid someone to put the book there. See what sarah had tripped over was a little blue book. the book was a diary about another couple who found a misplaced treasure. we did the same as your doing now. we tried to return the book. but then we got suprised with a treasure and was told that we were to write about the misplaced treasure leaving suspense and we were to skip pages and then leave an address and reward the finder of the book with the same reward we recieved." marys eyes grew wild she came here to find a story and might walk out with much more. Patrick looks at you studily. ' do you love some one mary?" you nod in response. " well thats good because you will need that inspiration in order to continue this forward to someone else some day" he stands up and hands you a check for 5 million dollars and says use this to build your future. In 10 years you must do the same for someone else at the same bench for 5 million dollars. you stair off at the check and realize that this could mean your own news stand in a city where you will have more stories and a more exciting life. as soon you leave the edwards house you call john and let him know you wanted to meet up. you tell john what happened and that you plan to move. he then kisses your fourhead and states id follow you to the moon so tell me when.

Sierra Thompson
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