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The Lion and The Rooster

by Scarwled Writing 7 months ago in astronomy

A harmony between the stars of the east and west

"I prefer fire," the Lion proudly says.

"Really? I prefer water myself," says the Rooster with confidence.

The Lion scoffs at the Rooster, "How can one assert dominance without fire let alone water"!?

"With the right amount of intelligence, one can successfully lead the way without being so brash," the Rooster responds rolling his eyes.

The two very bold creatures of the east and west look at each other with disdain. Unable to speak with one another without butting heads. Fierce, dominant, creative, self-centered, and arrogant. Those are some of the words that best describe the Lion. This bold creature leads with confidence that can be mistaken as arrogance. When in reality the Lion is very generous and loyal to the friends around them.

In contrast the Rooster may not be known as the natural born leader that is the Lion. The Rooster is a fighter that strives to get their work done with perfection. When accompanied with the water element, this cocky bird does not show off as much. Smart, quick-witted, kind hearted, and selfish are the qualities that describe Roosters that fall under the water element. These qualities are also exhibited in the Lion.

"Along with striving for success. It seems we both greatly value our family as well as our friends," says the Rooster as he begins to come to terms with the Lion.

"I may not always agree with how you do things, but we are more similar than we had first thought," the Lion responds.

The two creatures nod at each other as they come to a truce. The Rooster's water tames the Lion's fire. Together they are a force driven to success and perfection. Yes they are both full of themselves and expect to be acknowledged for their work, but the water Rooster keeps those urges quiet. Even though together they can be an arrogant know it all, they are just as warm and generous to the ones closest to them as they are as individuals.

The Lion and the Rooster, two very different animals yet very similar zodiacs. They go hand in hand to create a dominant being who is not in your face about it. That sounds about right. I am a dominant and confident person who aims for success, but I am also quiet and reserved. I don't think of myself as an introvert, I just prefer to observe and learn about a person before I open up to them. I enjoy going to parties and other social gatherings. I do crave attention and being around people, but I don't throw myself onto people to get it. The Lion is supposed to be a born leader. I will only lead if I feel like I'm the only one that can do the job the best. I don't mind being the leader, but I'd rather it go to the most qualified person in the group. That's my water Rooster overriding my Leo.

When I was a teenager I would have said both my eastern and western signs do not fit me. I am a quiet person who isn't a cocky leader. A teacher once told me that I am a weird Leo. Back then I agreed with her. It wasn't until I discovered that Roosters have individual elements based on specific years. That I began to think that maybe the Rooster is almost the right fit for me. Since the personality of a water Rooster is similar to my own. In the past I was too focused on each zodiac as individuals, but I should have thought of them as working alongside each other. I can not only be a Leo. It wouldn’t fit my own personality. I also can not just be a Rooster because it still wouldn’t quite fit right. This is because I am both a Leo and a Rooster. The two star signs working in harmony.


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