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The girl from Russia with X-ray vision

by Georgenes Medeiros 4 months ago in psychology
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For a fraction of a second, I can see a color image and then I start analyzing it like an exam,” Demkina revealed in a 2004 Discovery Channel documentary.

In today's story.... We talk about Russian Natalya Nikolayevna Demkina

Born in 1987 in the city of Saransk, 600 kilometers from Moscow (Russia), Natalya Nikolayevna Demkina had to undergo an appendix operation at age 10. Since the girl was woken up post-op, she claimed she could see inside people's bodies "like an x-ray".

As the girl said.... “I was at home with my mother when suddenly I had a vision. It was like a flash. I got to see my mother's body and her organs. For a fraction of a second, I can see a color image and then I start analyzing it like an exam,” Demkina revealed in a 2004 Discovery Channel documentary.

From there, Tatyana Vladimovna, the girl's mother, referred her to the local hospital, where she became the center of attention. Doctors put her through various tasks to find out if this new skill of hers was something genuine or not.

First, she was reportedly taken to the pediatric center, where she was able to correctly diagnose the illnesses the children had, using only her “x-ray vision”.

The girl was tested on several occasions to the point of opposing medical diagnoses unequivocally.

The second vision is only active in me during the day, at night it doesn't work," said Natasha, quoted by the "Pravda" newspaper. She also cannot see her own organs.

According to Russian media, Natasha's diagnoses are often more accurate than those obtained by doctors using state-of-the-art equipment. However, when confronted by a Discovery channel test, the Russian was unable to demonstrate her alleged powers. imposter? Natascha countered, saying that the test conditions were not favorable to them and did not allow her to exercise the "gift".

Tatyana Vladimirovna said that her daughter was always precocious. She started talking at just 6 months old. At the age of one, she could recite from memory some texts by Pushkin and Nekrasov. At the age of 3 she already knew the alphabet.

She detected stomach ulcers and even corrected a cancer diagnosis in an elderly woman, saying that what she actually had was a cyst – which was proven after closer analysis.

After using special vision, Natalya takes pictures of what she saw inside people and gives her opinion on their health status. The young woman has already made the correct diagnosis of several diseases, such as gallstones, kidney stones and cancer.

Cases of people with divine vision have been reported many times throughout history. An article written by Sima Qian talked about a Chinese doctor named Bian Que, who also had these supernatural powers.

The Russian girl was already the subject of a Discovery Channel program in May 2004. The documentary “The Girl with X-Ray Eyes”, was conducted by researchers Ray Hyman and Richard Wiseman, from the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), and by Andrew Skolnick of the Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health (CSMMH). For science, the case is considered inconclusive in nature.

The girl would also be able to diagnose pregnancy. Natalya Demkina charges $13 for every medical reading she performs. In 2005, she opened the “Special Diagnostic Center” (TSSD) in Moscow.

Natascha's special "abilities" were discovered when the Russian was 10 years old. In recent years, Natascha has traveled around the world to demonstrate her "second sight". Challenged by reporter Briony Warden, from the London tabloid "Sun", the Russian pointed out the multiple fractures she had suffered in a car accident.

After that, tests in Japan confirmed the "gift" of the young woman. Natasha was able to identify a prosthetic knee in one person, point to asymmetrical internal organs in another, and early-stage pregnancy in patients at a Tokyo hospital. But doctors were even intrigued when she was able to diagnose a rare undulating curvature in a patient's spine.

The girl is willing to undergo any experience that might help her to be more useful to science and humanity. She is giving dozens of consultations a day....

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