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The End Of Everything

by Dark knight 2 years ago in fact or fiction

How the universe is going to end

However, astronomer Katie says it would be much calmer to know how the universe would end.

Back Katie Mack talks about her new book ‘The End of Everything’.

However, for many digesting the end of this universe may not be as easy as Katie says. In fact for Katie it was no small matter as it looked up.

“Sharing fear”

Katie still remembers the day she knew that one day this infinite universe would end somewhere. She was surrounded that day by her fellow students and their university professor.

“That day we are all sitting in the hall of our Professor Finney’s house. After lunch our professor prepares to teach a lesson in astronomy”. Katie wrote in her new book, “The End of Everything”.

How did the universe initially expand? How did it get to where it is now? Scientists do not know for sure

This is called cosmic inflation.Kate realized that they could not even say for sure that the universe would not end and break down so fast.

“ It seemed a bit personal.There are processes going on in the universe. That means everything can happen to me too. Whether I am also a part of this universe means I have no protection from all of this. Anything can happen anytime”

“One of the things I want to say in this book is it may seem a little selfish. But I think it helps to have a personal relationship with everyone in this infinite universe.

“ What is happening in the universe? What is happening beyond Earth in space? Katie ‘s curiosity to know things started from a young age. But growing up in the state of Los Angeles, she never missed the chance to observe the stars, the Milky Way, and space.

However, brain-sharpening topics such as black holes and space-time were of great interest to her.

When Stephen Hawkings described himself as an astronomer, Katie said, “I wanted to be like him, too.”

Katie Mack has worked as a researcher at Caltech, Princeton and Cambridge Universities. She is currently a researcher at North Carolina State University.

Katie has 3,50,000 followers on Twitter. She has a knack for explaining science topics in a way that is understandable to non-scientists and even those who have not studied science extensively.

“You don’t have to turn the pages and try to understand the whole thing at once,” Katie said of her book.

It is better to stop for a moment and understand

“Science book writers are often left to explain every little thing. They don’t stop somewhere to think and understand. But it’s important. They should be given the opportunity to stop for a moment and understand and move on,” Katie said.

Words like ‘Heat Death’ are easy to understand. Easy to understand for most people. That’s good because the universe is more likely to end through this process.

“The universe is expanding and expanding and contracting. Everything is fading and dimming. But this is not the end of the fun,” says Katie.

“Vacuum DK was the most fun of all. Words like fun should not be used when talking about the fact that the universe is ending but it’s fun to think about this process.”

“If you make a small change somewhere in the equations … somewhere in the universe ‘destruction’ starts as a small bubble … it teaches us that it is possible for the whole universe to be destroyed by the speed of light,” Katie explained.

Science does not say that this is unlikely to happen.

“It’s unlikely that this will happen in a single case. That is, when we can not actually test the theory, we may not know if there is any change in the equations. Then we do not know if this vacuum decay is going to happen.”

“But this is not something that will happen now. It could happen sometime after the millions of years. But in theory it is likely to happen sometime.” Katie explained.

Katie thinks that big big things and ideas like this can give us a ‘perspective’.

“In this modern life there are many things around us that believe that we are safe, that there is a shield around us, that everything is under our control. But none of that is true. There are many things going on in the world that defy all our beliefs.

“We are in this infinite universe. We have to accept what it gives us,” Katie said.

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