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The Drake Equation

Proof of Life On Other Planets

By Iria Vasquez-PaezPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

N = R*FpNeFlFiFcL. This equation is known as the Drake Equation, also known as the Green Bank Equation, referring to Green Bank, West Virginia when it was first put together in 1961. It is not necessary to use the term "discovered" but rather built only because scientists were piecing it together as a way to find the number or N of technically advanced societies in the Milky Way. This equation was coined at a conference on the "search for extraterrestrial intelligence," held at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, at Green Bank, West Virginia R* is about the rate stars form that become suited to having intelligent life evolve on them.

This means that the human race has lightened up over the years, about the possibilities of Star Visitors in the Milky Way Galaxy. What applies to this galaxy, applies to the rest of the known universe, since the galaxy is full of life of various different kinds. Any science fiction writer who is worth their salt would take this into context with their work. Fp is a variable that represents the fraction, or amount of stars with planetary systems, that have an ecology that could sustain life on that planet, in whatever form it may take on. In any given galaxy, there are only so many planetary systems that can support life, give the type of life that evolves around a specific kind of star if I remember my early astronomy lectures in junior college so many years ago.

Intelligent life lurks everywhere in the cosmos, we cannot assume it does not do this when in fact, it can. A real scientist in their heart knows that the possibilities are endless. How do we know that the Star Visitor contingent hasn't bombed us to smithereens a few times? How do we know that all cultures have a similar account of the Great Flood? The fact is that in real starseed stuff/UFOlogy as a field, we feel that human civilization on earth was kept at a certain number, like with the Bubonic plague cull of the 13th century. Now, coronavirus is loose because of mistakes made by humans, since I feel it was found in nature, taken to a lab, gussied up, and put back into nature at the open-air market the plague originated from.

Ne is about the number of planets available in any given star system that are capable of supporting life in whatever format it comes in. Humans have the dumb luck of having a diverse genome, which is why we have different races on this planet, seeing as we all look different from each other while some species are not designed like this such as the Greys who hail from either Orion or Zeta Reticulum. The Greys come in colors, such as white, grey, or beige. They have black eyes and some theories even say that they are from our future, looking into fixing their genetic structure so that they can figure out ways of helping their species with reproduction.

fl is a fraction of life on planets that evolve to an intelligent race of people. The equation itself is a theory that life evolves at least a few hundred-light years away from us. Radio astronomy is a sign that a civilization is advanced enough to look for other planets that exist in the Galaxy and can pick up radio. We could be talking about other alien races with vastly different biology from ours, who go about things a bit differently, and who pretty much have the technology to find us on Earth if they should choose to do so.

fi This part of the equation of Fi, is about the number or fraction of such planets where intelligent life evolved. The Drake Equation is about boiling it down to specific numbers, only because the chances that intelligent life in the universe being out there is a high possibility, and only a real scientist would bring that to the foreground. The biochemistry of such life is bound to be similar to our own if not different. Alien species are in existence and it is only a matter of time before we find them, although we have no idea what these people look like. Scientists should be taking more of a genuine interest in the field of exopolitics, and for a bit of psychic Intel, Earth is under fire for letting 45 stay in power, racism, and police brutality. How can we treat each other this way is what is on their minds.

fc The variable Fc refers to the number of civilizations that could exist given they develop specific kinds of technology such as radio telescopes that could allow them to contact other life in their galaxy. Some of these civilizations develop weapons of mass destruction also, which means that they could easily destroy themselves if they so chose. Technology like the kind we have evolved on Earth means that we are working on our evolution, which has held a certain pace since 1900.

L stands for the average lifespan of each civilization we may encounter. As it is, what actually happens in the Milky Way Galaxy is that any species violent enough to go into space conquering gets blown to bits. Right now, if we do not act on the violence happening everywhere on this planet, that may be what happens if we get off-world with that attitude. Not every civilization has technologies of mass destruction, but the thing is, human history is about how the very technology is designed to make us richer. L refers to how long a civilization has been in existence, sending messages, and we've had this ability since the 70s. We have now reached the point of two forks in the road, although there may be a third path that branches off from the first. So you see, they are really keeping an eye on us because certain people are not only hated in their native country, but many a dictator is hated on in this galaxy.

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