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The Boy With the Dead Eyes, Part Two

by Scorpio 5 years ago in psychology
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Part Two - Riylon

Chapter one: Your Past Never Leaves You

It's been ten years since Dylan was killed publicly. That was one of the toughest moments of my life. I knew he had problems, I knew that all the bullying and abuse was becoming to much for him. But all I did was reassure him that it was going to be okay. I just wish I could have been there for him. It was hard to live life, I felt as if I was carrying 1,500 pounds worth of guilt on my back. I felt as if, I was in a pit of quick sand and I just kept falling deeper and deeper. I wasn't the only person who was experiencing this feeling. Skylar Francois was going through hell. The only way I would know this is because we spent so many nights together. Just crying and breaking down together. I thought I had it bad, but then I'd hear her story, and see her once light brown eyes, that seemed to carry hope and light, were now dark brown like a melted chocolate bar. They were always red and puffy, you could tell she had been crying for hours each day. She was falling apart more with every second that passed by. I didn't blame her, the man she loved called her a coward right before he was dragged away. She couldn't forget it. Even if she tried she couldn't. I read her story about Dylan, every last word she wrote was true. She didn't let her love for him, stop her from telling he truth. We all have our own individual demons. Dylan had to deal with his dissociative identity disorder. I had to deal with my anger issues. But Skylar had to deal with her hyperthymestic syndrome. Her syndrome caused her to remember everything against her own free will. But throughout all the pain and hardships we both went through. Having to fight our own demons and deal with the loss of our good friend. We found each other. It was like we were drawn to each other. Those nights that we spent crying together, I believed is what brought us closer. It was as if the tears we shed came together and formed a bond so tight that no one could break. We were both paralyzed by his death and our own sadness. We were caught in a world that was filled with a thick black fog. We both needed a light to guide us and show us a new world. For me, she was my light. I thought that I was hers. But I was wrong. What I thought was love was just a barrier.

Chapter two: No Control

Tonight's the night. I had everything laid out. The napkins, white with little accents of red. I had white and pink rose petals scattered everywhere. The roses were sparkling and filled with life as they sat in the vase,that was perfectly placed in the middle of the table. We had the perfect view, you could see the city and the ocean from where I stood. I had my jet black suit on, with my long chocolate brown hair slicked back. I was ready, and one could only hope she was too. My heartbeat was going a million miles per minute. I had texted her to meet me at the exquisite French restaurant for dinner. I would have loved to go during the daytime but president Hade's new rules destroyed my plans. Anyways, I was just waiting and waiting. It felt like time was just slipping away. We were suppose to start our night at 6 pm. It is now 6:30 pm. I was agitated and growing more angry by the second. You see I've always had bad anger issues, I would be completely fine one minute and the next. I would be throwing and breaking anything in sight. It felt as if rage had completely taken over my body, that was the only emotion I felt. Which left me out of control over anything I did. As I waited, all I could do was stare at the elevator. It is now 6:35 pm.

"WHERE IS SHE" My voice boomed through the room.

I was shaking, if my body were an earthquake there would have been some major damage. I was fed up. 35 minutes late. I got up and started throwing everything. The roses were splattered across the windows. The food was smeared all over the walls with chunks of meat laying on the floor. During my frustrated outburst. I seemed to have missed the beautiful girl, standing in the corner shivering. Damn, was she beautiful. Her brown soft hair had been curled, and put up into a ponytail. She barely had any makeup, just some lipgloss and mascara. But she didn't need anything else but that. Her ruby red dress had accents of gold hiding in the red. The top was fitted perfectly; it was tight at the top and loose at the bottom. What I'm trying to say is that Skylar Francois looked beautiful beyond belief. But I didn't take a second to complement her. I was still in full rage mode. I had a whole night planned only for her to show up 35 minutes late. I needed an explanation and I was going to get it no matter what. I made my way toward her, with each step I slammed my foot down on the ground. We were face to face,nose to nose. I could sense her fear and feel her shaking like a cold puppy. But that didn't stop me. If anything it pleased me to know that I had that effect on her.

"Why were you late, Sky" I said letting my voice deepen and get soft.

"Riy, I need to tell you something" She sounded nervous, and I could see the tears forming in her eyes. Threatening to spill at any moment.

"What is it?" I said harshly avoiding all signs that she was going to break down.

"I-I.." Her voice began to trail off and she looked down.

I grabbed her face and forced her to look me in the eye.

"You, what? What is it sky? Tell me now." I barked at her, and watched a tear fall down her cheek to make sure she understood.

"I can't do us.... anymore. I t-t-tried to move on with you. B-but the truth is... Dylan was the only person for me. I can't love you.... b-because I still love him..." Her face was now soaked in salty tears. And she refused to open her eyes.

It is now 6:50 pm.

My plans for our date night have gone to hell. She ruined them. She used me. She tried to use me as a barrier. Her heart didn't allow her to love me. She didn't know how to move on from Dylan. So she put me into her heart as a way to block out her feelings. Well it obviously didn't work.

It is now 6:55 pm.

That feeling of rage that I felt twenty minutes ago was blended together with an immense feeling of hatred. I was so deep into my thoughts trying not to let my anger take over. I was pulled out of my trance when I heard gasping and felt tiny hands hitting my arms. I look and see that I have a seriously tight hold on her neck. I was growling like a wild animal that had rabies. I wanted to loosen my grip because I loved her. Even though she might not feel the same I still love her. But it felt as if I was in the middle of a battle. I was fighting to gain control over my anger but before I knew it, Skylar was on the ground. She looked like roadkill that had been hit directly in he face by a car. She had sauce and pieces of food in her hair and on her face. A faint sign of a ring around her neck, that would soon grow into a horrible bruise. Blood droplets were on the sides of her lips. I could tell that she had been biting her tongue in order to refrain from screaming. That would explain the blood. Her chest was no longer rising and falling. Her eyes held no sign of life.

She was gone, and I was responsible for her death.That day broke me into a million pieces. Dylan made me promise a long time ago that no matter what happens in life, that I would always take care of Skylar. I broke that promise. Not only did I let Dylan down, I killed the last person that I had left. It has now been a total of three days without the love of my life by my side. You are probably wondering what happened to her. Did she get a proper burial? Am I in jail? The answer to both of those questions is no. After that night, I knew that I had to do the right thing. I needed to go to her family and confess and risk having the same fate as Dylan. But I couldn't do that. I have a life and goals that would not be accomplished if I died. So I did what any sane human being would do. I packed her away in my trunk and began the journey to dumping her body in a canyon.

Chapter Three: Stay Focused

It had been a slow three days. Each day I was becoming more paranoid and beginning to lose my mind. I had the radio playing. My eyes were focused on the road and I was trying so hard not to lose focus .

"You can't forget about me Dylan."

This voice sounded of a angel, soft and calm. It reminded me of one person only. Skylar. But I knew it wasn't her, it couldn't be.

"Just because you killed me doesn't mean I'm completely gone."

It couldn't be her. Nevertheless I still called out to her.

"S-sky..is t-that you?" my voice cracked with every word, as I prayed and hoped that there would be no response.

"Who else would it be, Riylon. How does it feel to know I'm dead?" She said it with no emotion.

This had to be a prank or something of that matter. Maybe God was playing a cruel prank on me. I needed to know if I was loosing my mind or if she was still alive. I took my time to turn my head. With every centimeter my neck turned I could hear the crack of my bones. My eyes were closed, I wouldn't dare open them. Scared of what the outcome would be.

" Open your eyes baby." She said with an antagonizing tone.

Upon her command I slowly started to reopen my eyes. It was worse then what I expected.

"Dylan? Sky? This isn't real. I-I-I saw both of you die. What the hell is going on." Baffled wouldn't even be the appropriate term to use for how I was feeling.

"You promised me, Riy. " Dylan said, allowing every ounce of disappointment he had roll of his tongue.

"How could you love me and then kill me?" Sky said, as a clear stream slowly began to put from her tear ducts. She closed her eyes as Dylan brought her into his arms. His actions annoyed me but I let it slip considering I had just killed her a few days ago.

"I know I let both of you down. I didn't mean to. I have problems and I couldn't control them. Please understand." I said losing full control of my emotions. I was never one to cry, but seeing them both caused me to release a wave of tears. I couldn't look them in the eyes, it was too intense. I couldn't sit there and observe the disappointment,anger and sadness that was displayed on both of their faces. So I closed my eyes and this time I wasn't going to open them.

"HOW COULD YOU, RIY? YOU PROMISED!" Dylan screamed at me, I could tell that one of his personalities had taken over.

"WHY DID YOU KILL ME, RIYLON? HUH? WHY?" Following in Dylan's footsteps, she screamed at me 10 times louder than I had expected.

"GIVE US AN EXPLANATION RIY, EXPLAIN NOW." Both of them said in perfect unison.

At this point I can tell they are no longer pressed against the leather seats of my convertible. They were both inches away from my face. Yet, I still refused to open my eyes. I wasn't going to give them a response. What would I say. There isn't a sentence that I could form, that would be able to make up for what I have done. Part of me felt as though I deserved this. I was the person who let my anger get the best of me. So maybe I did deserve this. Even so, I let my pride get the best of me.

"GO AWAY" I yelled

I didn't receive a response.

"I said go away. Leave me alone. I didn't ask you to show up. What's done is done. Maybe if sky had shown some loyalty to me, she wouldn't be dead. Dylan you know this isn't fair. Yes I promised you that I would take care of her. But promises...." I went on a rant making sure to get every last word out. Before I could finish I heard the annoyingly loud beeping, of what seemed to be a couple of cars.

My eyes immediately shot open, that's when I noticed that no one was here and that it was now dark outside. I quickly jerked my head forwarded and put full force on the gas pedal. Leaving a trial of dust behind as I hit the road. I wish life was that easy. That I could just push a petal or button and leave everything thing behind. Sadly life is nothing like that. I was now a few miles away from the scene of what appeared to be my hallucination. The highway was dark and quiet. With only a sprinkle of cares in each lane. Taking in the surroundings that I could see, I spotted a diner. This is the first time in hours that I haven't thought about what I saw. Instead that thought was replaced with my need for food. Maybe food is exactly what I needed.

Chapter four: The Diner Fiasco

I stood there, gazing up at the big bright neon sign. It was obviously broken. While I stood there, just thinking, I realized that this big sign that was blinking and barely staying up on the building reminded me a lot of myself. At the moment everything seemed hazy, as though I had been coasting through the day. It dawned upon me that I was barely hanging on anymore, that at any given moment I could just tip over and fall apart. Just like this sign. I was pulled out of my zombie-like trance, when I heard the sound of my stomach. This is the first time Ive eaten in days. Slowly, I began to approach the revolving door. A gust of cold air hit me as I entered the diner. I walked towards an empty booth, towards the back of the building. I knew that I couldn't stay here for too long. I needed to get something simple, that I could swallow and hurry back to the road. As I waited for one of the busy waitresses to come and take my order, I started looking around. Compared to the outside, the inside of the diner was fairly nice. The tables were glass with wood around the edges. The booth seats were ripped and the pink leather was beginning to darken. They were playing music from the old days. 2010 to be specific, the music was old but it was good. My gaze fell upon a cracked mirror. I sat there frozen as I saw my own reflection. I looked horrible. My eyes were bloodshot from all the crying I'd been doing, while on the road. My lips were cracked and dry, little dew drops of blood formed in between my dry and dead skin. My whole faced looked flushed, there was no color. It's easier to say that I looked like a corpse, that was hours away from being six feet under. I was so lost in my thoughts, that I didn't notice the waitress who stood right in front of me. I quickly snapped out of it and turned my attention to her. She had an annoyed expression on her face, I could tell that she had been waiting for a while.

"Are you ready to order now sir." She said while smacking her gum and raising an eyebrow towards me.

"Y-yes, yes I'm ready, sorry for making you wait." I said trying not to sound worried or nervous.

"Well, would you like to tell me what you want." She said with an irritated tone.

"Oh, of course sorry. U-um may I have the tuna melt with a fizzy cola." I said, trying to form a smile, while hoping to lighten the mood.

"Ooooh that sounds good Riy. I think I will have the tuna melt also. What about you Dylan? Do you want something?" Her petite voice rang through my head. I know it's not her I'm just hallucinating. I had to be.

Just to check I turn my head to look at the rest of the booth. I would like to say that I was shocked but I truly wasn't. Skylar sat right across from me and Dylan sat by my side.

"What are you guys doing here? Go away!" I screamed at them both.

"You guys aren't real go away!" I yelled once more. I'm sure that the whole diner was staring at me.

"Aww come on buddy, don't you want to enjoy a meal with your best friends." Dylan said, with a smirk forming on his face.

"No I don't, I was perfectly fine by myself before you came." I said, with no emotion looking both of them dead in the eye.

"Babe, I don't think Riylon wants us here." Sky said, ending her sentence with a hysterical laugh.

"Guys move over, I want to feel closer to all of you." She once again laughed hysterically, and had a playful smile on her face as she got up and made her way around.

I stood up and blocked her way in. What's her problem? How dare she show up and call my best friend "babe". Knowing how much I loved her.

"No, Sky go sit back down, where you originally were." I snapped at her, letting her know I wasn't playing around.

"Hey! Back off Riy, let me remind you that she is my girl not yours. If she wants to sit here she can. Deal with it." Dylan said with pure anger in his voice.

I stood there speechless, trying to calm myself down. At the moment anger was beginning to consume me, faster than it ever has. As a few minutes passed, I was beginning to calm down, I just hoped and prayed that neither of them spoke a word to me.

"Are you going to let me sit down or what?" Sky said with a devious smirk on her face. She knew what she doing to me.

"Yeah let her sit down dude." Dylan said catching on to her plan.

"Come on dude, you already killed her. The least you can do is let her sit down." Dylan said with a grin as he stared at me.

"Yeah Riylon, you did kill me right. You care to explain why?" Sky said with a straight face.

At this point I was done. I couldn't do it anymore. I tried to remain calm. It was a mistake and I knew I shouldn't have done it. I don't understand why they were tormenting me. I didn't blame Dylan for what he did, but now they are attacking me. It's not making any sense to me. Even if I wanted to be rational and let it go. I couldn't. My anger was at an all time high. Nothing at this point could calm me down. I walked up to Sky, I roughly grabbed her shoulders and slammed her against a wall. In the corner of my eyes, I saw Dylan burst up and sprint next to me.

"You don't want to do this buddy. Think about what you are doing." Dylan said trying to reason with me. But it wasn't working.

" I've thought long and hard about this. You want to know why I killed you Sky?" I said raising my voice a bit and stared at her.

She gave me no response.

"I SAID DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY. GIVE ME AN ANSWER NOW!" I screamed in her face, making sure she understood how serious I was.

" let her g--"

"Stay out of it Dylan, this doesn't concern you." I barked at him and I quickly returned my eyes back to Skylar.

"Y-yes, I want to know why." Sky said avoiding any form of eye contact with me.

Dylan just stood there, he didn't dare to open his mouth. Out of fear of what I would do to Skylar.

" I did it because of you. I had a whole day planned Sky." I said bringing the volume of my voice down.

"Y-yes I..."

"Let me finish what I have to say Sky!" I yelled at her. Causing her to leave her sentenced unfinished.

" I did it because you left me. I spent hours and devoted so much love into making this night special for us. You gave it all up for someone who is dead. How do you think that made me feel. For that I will always hate you. How would it feel for you if you gave your entire world to someone just for them to turn around and say, that they no longer want that. That they have given there heart to someone else. I don't know if you understand, but you have basically been playing me for years. That brought out the worst in me." My whole brain had been corrupted with anger. All I felt was rage.

This feeling felt all too familiar. I look down and see that I have Skylar in a choke hold. I didn't even remember doing this. But I knew that if I applied anymore pressure she would be dead. In a matter of seconds I was on the floor and Skylar was no longer in my arms. I thought that Dylan had brought me down to the floor. When I looked up it was a stranger. He had me pinned to the ground and was yelling something at me. I wasn't paying attention to anything he was saying. I honestly couldn't give two shits about what he was saying. I looked to where I was once standing and saw the waitress that was chewing gum, passed out on the floor. With a crowd of people around her. I took one look around the diner, Skylar and Dylan were nowhere in sight. I jumped up, throwing the old man off me. There was a mob of people who were beginning to surround me. Have you ever had a moment where you realized that you just royally screwed up and that there was only one way to fix it? At this moment, that's exactly how I felt. I had just confessed to the murder of my girlfriend in front of a bunch of people and almost killed a waitress. I did the only thing I could think of. I bolted out of the diner like a road runner. Without looking back I jumped into my car and sped out of the parking lot. Time was running out, I needed to get to the canyon by sunrise.


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