The Boy In The Woods

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Chapter One

The Boy In The Woods
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When I was a little girl, I remember my grandparents telling me the story of a boy living in an enchanted wood. His parents died when he was five; apparently, his grandparents were the ones to take care of him, but the story says that his grandparents were into magic. The boy was so scared for his life since he witnessed the death of both parents. He believed that his grandparents killed them to use him for magic since his blood was special. Escaping from the vast mansion, he ran towards the woods that wasn't too far from his grandparent's house. He thought he has going to survive on his own, but it wasn't like that. When he turned nine years, a group of people that lived in the middle of the woods found the boy unconscious.

The boy didn't sleep or eat for days, and he was getting weak. The man who saw him first rushed to get him and took him to one of the houses. He knew someone that could help him to get better. The boy needed more than food and water. He needed a hair cut, a bath, new clothes, and shoes, and, most importantly, to get him to his family. They were so worried about his family. Who would let their child get lost in the woods? It is not safe.

When the boy woke up from sleep, he couldn't help but try to escape. What if his grandparents send the people to kill him. The poor boy couldn't even speak. The whole time that he spent in the woods, he never got the chance to go to school. Being honest, the boy didn't even know his name.

Grace, who was the lady who helped him to get better, and also a witch. Found her way to find out who the boy was and what happened to him. The truth hurt her deeply. She asked, literally begged the alpha if she could stay with the boy since she couldn't have children. She wasn't going to allow the man who found him to take him to the monsters and have him killed. This little boy needed a second chance in life, and she gave it to him. Grace named him Gregory. The young boy had light skin, ginger hair, green eyes, and was skinny. It was evident that he suffered a lot. He struggled to find food, but she was determined to be the mother that she always wanted to be.

On the other hand, Gregory was stubborn. Maybe he was scared because of what happened the day his parents died, and the fact that his grandparents killed them was way too shocking for him.

In 1981 he was eighteen, his whole life changed. Throughout the years living in the woods and getting to know the people who lived there, it got to the point that he needed to make a decision. Gregory was living between werewolves. If he wanted to be part of it, and know more about the culture, he needed to join. On his eighteen birthday, he finally entered, and most importantly, he found his mate.

To his eyes, the woman was amazingly beautiful. She had dark hair, brown eyes, and was a little bit darker than him. She was a goddess. Their love was a little bit too crazy, he was very nerdy, and she loved partying. Gregory didn't know how to get closer to her. Whenever he would talk to her, she would avoid him or tell him that she was not interested. Even a moment, Gregory got a little bit too jealous and got into the party. He wanted her to know by all means, that she was his mate, and she wasn't going to hide from him forever.

The mating season was getting closer, and that meant a little too much in the pack. Selena, the name of the woman Gregory fell in love with, knew well that he was right. Hiding was not the best option. She even felt bad for him because of all the trying to get to know her, but she couldn't help it. He looked so cute and innocent the few times that she talked to him. She was born in the woods, and she knew better the rules than Gregory. So, by the time the mating season came, she invited him to date. Live is short, and mating was inevitable.

When they both went on the first date, it got more comfortable for them to fall in love. Grace was so happy for him. She knew from the very beginning that Gregory was unique.

His blood, the looks, and the family is into magic. He is the son of a priestess and a magician.

His family for generations was into magic. Some of them were werewolves, vampires, priestess, Magicians, and even witches. The destiny wanted him to be very powerful in the family, but betrayal was something that ran through the family. If his grandmother, who was a witch, got the chance to get her hands on Gregory, it would mean glory to her. His blood was all she needed to create the most significant weapon on witchcraft. It could bring immortality to witches, which was one of the things that she dreamt about. There's a lot of mystery in his blood, but here in the woods, he was safe.

In 1985, he got married to Selena. Love was in the air, and blessings were on its way. Selena was expecting twins. It scared a little bit Gregory, but then he realized the beauty in life. The blessings that God was giving to him. He was lucky to have a family.

If my grandmother and her twin didn't tell me this story, I wouldn't have believed that my ancestors were involved with magic and that they lived in the enchanted woods for generations. Nowadays, my parents and I live a healthy life near the woods. If you are wondering if we are still involved with magic, yes, we are.

My father is the alpha. Mother passed away after giving birth to my younger brother Louis. Father still broke from her loss. She meant the world to him; he met her on a trip. His mother had sent him to Spain for vacations after high school graduation, and he met her in a coffee shop. She used to work there part-time while she was still in her last year of high school.

Father asked her if she could show him some places since it was his first time there, and she accepted. He always described her as a sweet young lady, very respectful, and dedicated to whatever she was doing. She worked in the coffee shop to help her mother buy medicines for her younger brother, who was ill. It wasn't too much, but little that she could bring, it could save her brother.

Their love wasn't too sweet; her family didn't want to accept him on the family. To them, he looked like trouble. Little did they know was that he was studying to be a lawyer in college. Mother wanted to be an actress; she wanted to be on the big screen and help her family, but the moment she met my father, all her dreams had to go to waste.

Father could save her brother, but it meant to move with him to England. After saving his brother's life, she had to convince her parents to let her go with Matt. Anna promised him that if he saved her brother, they would leave with him. Father could've had been honest and tell her that he was a werewolf, and she was his mate. Anna and Hector moved with Matt to England. She regretted profoundly involving Hector into their relationship, but after getting to know Matt, Hector decided to go back to Spain. He realized how much Matt was becoming to Anna, and she deserved to be happy, after all, they both saved his life.

Right now, I'm closer to turn twenty, and I still haven't met my soulmate. Everyone tells me to take it easy, but I honestly can't. All my friends have already reached their soulmate. My brother, who is eighteen, found his soulmate too. I'm the only one in the pack without a soulmate. It irritates me.

I was folding my clothes while listening to Beyoncé when my father came into my room with a box nicely wrapped. I looked at him confused, it's not my birthday, and my father doesn't gift people randomly.

-What is it?- I asked curiously.

-They left it in front of the door. I don't know.- He said, passing the small box to me, looking more curious than I am. When he wants to be noisy, he can. He's the only person that can get on my nerves sometimes. But he's the best father in the world.

-Maybe this is for my Julius. You know that I don't get gifts or letters. All my friends are back here.-

-As a father, I can tell you to be careful, and as an alpha, I can say that maybe you are about to meet your soulmate. Last night we recruited ten new males in the pack. They came from somewhere from the Caribbean, and most of them got familiar with us fast. I'm just saying. Don't lose faith right now.- he said with an evil smirk, this man knows something. I know that wicked smirk of his. How much I dislike him when he does that.

Father sits next to me on the bed and watches me while I open the box. I gasped as I watched a beautiful diamond necklace in the box. There was a card in there, but it only said about meeting each other soon. It didn't contain any name on it. Father stands from the bed and starts walking towards the door, before leaving, he said that it is time for him to play the protective father's role. I chucked at that comment; when I was a child, he would always bring up about the day that I bring a boy in the house. Now it is about to happen, but I'm scared. I have never had a boyfriend before. What if its a prank of my friends or my brother? What if he's a bad person? What if he's only a player, and it's not my soulmate? I don't know how this works or the feeling. They only say you will know how it feels when you meet the person.

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