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The Blink of God's Eye

Journey to Self

By Elle VihmanPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
Generative AI illustration of growth and life, emerging from the cosmos, infinite. Dreamer and mother of nature.

It's been a while since I last wrote something on my own. Today, while watching a so-called 'perfect Christmas movie,' I found myself thinking that despite the film's overly sweet Americanized story meant for entertainment, it contained many genuinely effective thoughts. Especially in the journey of Unconditional Love, there were insights worth exploring.

Here, I'll try to bring them out and explain what's for sale and what's the essence hidden behind all the froth. I might use AI technology to embellish my thoughts because the image bank I've compiled is largely assembled with the help of various AI programs. If I were to highlight them now, Canva and Vecteezy both require significant membership to access all features.

Alright, I digressed a bit into the 'sales' theme. However, despite not being a fervent AI enthusiast, I must admit that as long as I can't draw vectors on my own, having such assistants is beneficial. Each helper should be duly acknowledged.

"The Blink of God's Eye"

In other words, signs to guide us on the path we should live for the well-being of our souls. In modern society, we're like squirrels on a wheel. There's always a hot iron under the tail, urging us forward. Additionally, it's believed that once plans are made, they must be adhered to. Without realizing that what we've thought out on autopilot is one thing, and what our soul truly needs is another. It's about who we are and the lessons we came to LEARN.

To grasp this realization, it's essential to learn to notice those "Blinks of God's Eye" because they direct us toward where we ultimately need to arrive. Yes, again, that term "must" - as if we were obedient servants to a boss.

In reality, that boss is our higher self, which, as I've mentioned in my consultations and topic discussions on YouTube and Telegram, is like a helicopter that has risen above our heads to heights. Thus, from there, there's a clearer picture and a broader perspective. Figuratively, as a physical person, we can only see in front of us and around us with good visibility up to 500 meters. However, if we rise to helicopter altitude at that same point, the horizon becomes much broader. Not only into the future and the past but also where other souls intersect with our life journey.

This means that this "helicopter" has a better radio connection with the Source and our other embodiments. Hence, this "must" is actually what you NEED to learn your lessons and take responsibility for the creation of your life. So, be open-eyed and open-hearted to notice those Blinks of God's Eye.

Divine Timing

All in due time. This phrase was one of my Twin Flame's favorite sayings. All in due time. No promises, no assumptions, no expectations. Simply, everything happens when it's the right time for it. Of course, human impatience and restlessness make trusting this right moment difficult. But that's the difference – do you want it, or do you need it?

I've always tried to do things based on intuition throughout my life. Of course, as a teenager, it was challenging because I too was heavily programmed by my parents, extended family, community, and general societal approval. But all of that was necessary for me to understand people and guide them, showing them the possible paths where their chosen roads would take them.

In this context, your intuition is not a command, not an order to do something. It's more of a ticking sensation in the back of your mind, a sense of the necessity for change. Sometimes even the food we eat or don't eat, our choices – all of this depends on the importance of doing those things at that particular moment. Even if loved ones and society don't approve. All in due time.

This is crucial to understand if you've set the goal of maintaining your mental health and self-confidence and embarking on self-development. Whether it's studies you couldn't have imagined some time ago, taking a job offer that seems crazy, or coming out of grief, sadness, suicidal thoughts, or just self-loathing. Everything has its divine timing, saying that this period is over, now spread your wings and fly. Your wings are ready. Your task is to trust yourself and fly.

Kindness doesn't have to be repaid

One important phrase that stuck with me from today's Christmas movie: Kindness doesn't have to be repaid. It's crucial to accept it. Not by tormenting yourself and humiliating yourself, thinking that you can never repay that kindness.

Interestingly, people seem to have forgotten how to accept gratitude or kindness. Understandable, of course, that in the slavery of the Money God, people have become accustomed to doing everything as a business transaction. But when looking at this business transaction from an energetic perspective, sincere gratitude from the heart for a gesture that might go unnoticed is a sufficient reward. Kindness is an act done when your 'Cup of Love' is full to the brim, and you have nowhere to put it. So, you do, give, help – simply because, for you, it's the right thing at that moment, and your intuition has indicated that it's divine timing. At that moment, you might be in a situation on your life journey, say, between two jobs, with plenty of time to spare and a desire to invest it in something.

Always make it clear to yourself that the person you're doing this kindness for has asked for it and truly needs it. Regarding repayment, if kindness is done where there are no material means, and if you feel uncomfortable because you were put in a difficult situation, as you've always managed everything on your own, and suddenly you're so deep in the swamp that you can't anymore, and all you can offer the doer of the kindness is your gratitude. Then, ALLOW this thing to be just like that. If you genuinely want to know how to repay this energetic contribution, "pay it forward" – meaning, help someone in need. Exactly when you feel that it's the same divine timing demanding a simple act of kindness so that the other can climb onto the 'raft' and continue from your contribution. Just like in the movie "Pay It Forward" (2000), you do two acts of kindness for one."

That is for today. Although there are a few more thoughts, the article would be too long. That is for today.

Elle Vihman

alias YksikHunt



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I was born and raised in a small Baltic country called Estonia. Back then, it was still known as Soviet Estonia, and the main laws were dictated by Russia. Today, the most important thing any individual can do is find their inner balance.

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