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The Black Knight Satellite

by Lady Sunday 3 years ago in space

A Controversial Object in Polar Orbit

The Black Knight Satellite in orbit

The history of the Black Knight Satellite, an object orbiting our planet in polar orbit, should not be so controversial. Polar orbit is an orbit that goes in the opposite direction that our planet naturally revolves. This polar orbit has been used for surveillance, and neither The United States or Russia had capabilities of launching satellites into that orbit when the Black Knight Satellite was supposedly discovered in 1954.

Currently on NASA's site: September 7, 1958, the first Black Knight Missile of the United Kingdom was launched from the Australian range at Woomera to an altitude of over 300 miles; the second Black Knight Satellite has been described as a British satellite launched in 1959 March 12 from Australia, reaching altitudes of 350 feet, weighing 1000 pounds. February 28, 1959, Discoverer I ARPA Satellite weighing 1450 pounds was launched successfully into polar orbit by USAF Thor-Agena A Booster from Pacific Missile Range; stabilization difficulties hampered tracking acquisition.

On February 20, 1962, American Astronaut John Glenn became the first American to successfully orbit the Earth on the Friendship 7 mission. He was the fifth person in space next to Russia's Astronauts.

Neither of the reports on NASA's website give any credibility that this Black Knight satellite could possibly be connected to our events of space exploration, from first Russia and then the United States, at that time period. It's obviously bigger than just 1000 pounds; most passenger cars weigh more than that. In 1958, I absolutely do not believe any country had the capabilities to launch more than a few hundred pounds to orbit and certainly not a polar orbit. History tells us that. Not to mention with all the space junk we already have in our orbit that this particular satellite has managed to remain undamaged by collisions with our other natural space happenings, such as meteors and solar flares. Grumman Aircraft Corporation supposedly took a photograph on September 3, 1960 using a tracking camera of the Black Knight in orbit. I find quite the coincidence in the similarities of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat and the images of the Black Knight found on the internet. The first flight of the F-14 Tomcat was in 1970 and it was retired in 2006.

Grumman F-14 Tomcat in flight

Space shuttle astronauts aboard Endeavor in 1998 allegedly took photographs of the Black Knight satellite, and they have been circulating the internet with the explanation of it being space junk from a prior mission that broke off and has been left there. It was reported by a UFO researcher and retired Marine Corps Aviation Major Donald Keyhoe to newspapers in 1954 that the U.S. Air Force had discovered two satellites orbiting Earth near the Moon. He later recanted his statements. Followed by that, an author, Duncan Lunan, analyzed the repeating radio signals Nikola Tesla had heard during his 1899 radio experiments, and the long delayed echoes of unknown origin picked up in 1928, by amateur radio operator, Jorgen Hals of Oslo, Norway. His speculation was that the signals came from an alien probe about 13,000 years old in an orbit around our moon. This probe, he said, originated from a star in the Epsilon Bootis solar system. Lunan later recanted his speculation claiming he made miscalculations when he decoded the signals.

I have looked at the pictures from 1998 that are all over the internet. I've thought about it for a couple years on and off. The first time I saw it, it reminded me of the movie Spaceballs. It looks like Harry's vacuum-ship, but it lost some pieces.

The thought of getting close to such a dark, ominous object in the isolated confines of the complete unknown vastness of space scares me. There may or may not be a deceased man, or even a woman, inside. Despite this, I still think its nothing more than a distraction for us. If not, there would be a clear, concise explanation.

I believe it's likely that governments have been preparing to lose people on space missions since the beginning of manned space explorations in the 1950s. It's always been a possibility. I believe that NASA, naturally, covers a lot of unexplained events caused by Unidentified Flying Objects, just like all governments hide secrets. In 2016, we are looking up at the sky, just as Nostradamus and Galileo, others before them. Not at the world around us.

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