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The bizarre "mirage"

The refracted scenes may not be on Earth, but in parallel time

By CopperchaleuPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

There are many natural landscapes and amazing natural phenomena in the world, and from the perspective of spectacular scenery, a "mirage" is undoubtedly a strange and spectacular sight. Most people may have never seen a "mirage" in their lives.

The mirage is usually found in the desert or at sea, and only those who have lived here for a long time may be lucky enough to see such a mirage. What is a "mirage"? A mirage, also known as an illusion according to modern scientific explanations, is a natural phenomenon formed by the refraction and total reflection of light, an illusion formed by the refraction of light reflected from objects on earth in the atmosphere. Its essence is the optical phenomenon.

The appearance of this illusion is closely related to the geographical location, geophysical conditions, and meteorological characteristics of these places at a given time. It is characterized by the reappearance of the same place with the consistency of time. The sea, rivers, lakes, snowfields, deserts or Gobi, etc., sometimes have the sight of tall buildings, city outlines, trees, and other tall buildings and tall buildings, which is called a mirage.

From ancient times to the present, the mirage is well documented, in many people's view, the mirage is just a natural phenomenon, and there is no strange mystery. Scientifically speaking, a mirage is a phenomenon of light refraction, a distant scene that is refracted to the phenomenon in front of our eyes, that is, the mirage appears to have a real correspondence with reality.

This kind of scenery presented by mirages can find prototypes on the earth today, and many people can find answers from mirages, which are real scenes in distant reality. It can be said that mirages do not find their prototypes in real life, so how can this be explained?

Some people may say that a mirage is a phenomenon of light refraction, and the scene presented cannot find a prototype in real life. It can be said that the world is so amazing that often what we think is impossible happens unintentionally.

In 1954, there was a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea over the Aegean Sea, and perhaps many people in the Aegean didn't know where it was. It is a blue-tinged sea in the eastern part of the Greek peninsula, reaching south to Crete, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea. As the necessary waters for the Black Sea countries to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean, the Aegean Sea occupies an important position in terms of shipping and strategy.

Originally, there is nothing strange about the appearance of mirages on the sea, but the mirage on the Aegean Sea has caused great concern among scientists because the scene presented cannot find a prototype in real time and space, what is going on?

What is the difference between the mirage phenomenon in the Aegean Sea? Originally this scene, people saw the ancient Vikings fighting the scene, dressed in ancient pirate costumes, and holding very old weapons. It is known that the Vikings lived from the 8th century to the middle of the 11th century AD, thousands of years ago.


Why would an ancient scene from thousands of years ago appear over the Aegean Sea? If the phantom is a phenomenon of refraction of light, then the scene presented should be the scene of the earth now, and the scene of thousands of years ago is impossible to appear. However, the event could not have happened now, and we do not have to doubt its authenticity; there were more than 2400 witnesses at that time.

After the appearance of the phantom, the phenomenon of the phantom was widely discussed in the academic world. Many people believe that this phantom sight cannot be explained by the refraction of light, so how should it be explained? In response to this question, scientists do not give a definite answer but simply speculate parallel space-time.

It is believed many people have heard of parallel cosmology, which can also be referred to as multiverses, which refers to the separation from one universe and reincorporation into another universe that is both similar and different from the original one.

Such universes may have planets that are identical to the planets that humans inhabit or planets that are identical to humans. At the same time, in these different universes, things can develop differently. In this universe, you are just an ordinary wage earner, while in another parallel universe, you are likely to be a successful person.

Parallel universes and our current universe have similarities and differences, different parallel times and space, and perhaps all have you, but the development of fate is different, some rich, some poor. With the mysterious mirage appearing above the Aegean Sea, the refracted scene is probably not on Earth, but in another parallel time and space similar to the Earth's present time and space.

At that time, the history of the Earth was still in the period of ancient Greek civilization thousands of years ago, and for special reasons, the battle scenes of the Vikings at that time appeared in our present time and space in the form of a mirage on the Aegean Sea.

The mirage in the Aegean Sea breaks our inherent understanding of the mirage phenomenon, and perhaps the meaning behind the ordinary mirage phenomenon, as we see it, is not so simple, and it both may and may not be a refraction of light.

Naturally, we cannot prove the parallel universe theory yet, and so far it is only theoretical speculation of scientists. If in the future, scientists prove the existence of parallel universes, then we will have to rethink the meaning of the natural phenomenon of mirages, and whether it is a spatial distortion.

Einstein's theory of relativity also tells us that space-time can be distorted. In theory, distorting space-time might be able to open wormholes and connect different parallel space-times. The vision of the Aegean Sea may be a manifestation of space-time distortion, and by various coincidences, it just so happens that the present Earth's space-time intersects with another parallel space-time, thus allowing us to see the Viking battle scene.

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