'The Avengers,' Space Force and Our Real American Heroes

by Carlos Guerra 2 years ago in future

Our Heroes in the Real World and the Power They Truly Possess to Build a Better Future

'The Avengers,' Space Force and Our Real American Heroes

We, the American people, have been most certainly blessed with a nation that defends our personal safety constantly. We lead relatively safer lives on a day to day basis, In comparison to many of the other countries we share this planet with. Its not to say that we do not have a great deal of our own issues here at home. Yet the fact remains that due to the strong efforts of our elected leaders and military power worldwide, most Americans have the privilege of going to sleep at night feeling safe. We often have used this hard-earned freedom to create some of the biggest artistic and scientific accomplishments known to man. One industry that benefits from this the most is the movie industry. Over the last 50 years Hollywood has produced some of the most epic films the world has ever seen. Star Wars, Avatar, The Fast & The Furious, Titanic, Harry Potter, Terminator, and most recently Avengers: Infinity War being by far the most profitable movie of all time.

Personally, I am a huge Marvel Comics fan, in the last ten years I have seen every Marvel movie that has ever premiered in theaters and usually the night its released. It was in one of these movies that a notable character voiced an interesting outlook on the on-going events. In a room filled with all your favorite Avengers at the time of civil war, Vision insists that everything that has taken place is a causality. That the very presence and strength of the team invites conflict and conflict always breads catastrophe. You may be wondering what the hell any of this has to do with the reality of our great nation today. Think about it, even our biggest rivals could not “reasonably” argue with the fact that our country has one of the most, if not the most, powerful defense force on the planet. Now that we have taken that fact into consideration, lets rethink those wise words spoken by the fictional comic book character and apply them to our present-day reality. The very strength of Americas military has been a constant intimidating factor in the agendas of multiple foreign nations worldwide. Which is exactly why we find ourselves at the center of almost every major debate that takes place between the worlds other countries. Now I believe the question should be asked…. How can we use our currently possessed responsibility as one of the globes leading nations, to better the world for the future generations that will inevitably replace us?

In my last article I dug into President Trumps recent announcement of his plans to expand Americas military to outer space. Of coarse there is still speculation if this will even make it through congress but many believe, if carried out correctly, this idea could be exactly what humanity needs to begin building a better tomorrow for everyone. America has the most funded defense budget on the planet period! Now if our government began to coordinate a portion of that spending into space exploration and creating a means of more advanced technology to travel into outer space, the possibilities of what we could accomplish are extraordinary. This could be the project that unites all of mankind, in a way like the tower of Babylon story in the bible, humanity coming together to create a means of reaching the gods. Alternating our undeniable powers attention to exploration and advancements that benefit not just Americans but all of humanity.

Unfortunately, based off the way the idea was presented to the American people. It appeared to be Space Force would have more of a military dominant agenda. Which is not a completely bad thing. Who better to spear head a mission like this then the men and women of our armed forces. Although i fear, if this idea is carried out on strictly a military point of view, it will no doubt invite the a similar conflict to that in which Vision warned his fellow Avengers about in Civil War. The possibilities of catastrophic events that could occur in response to a conflict in outer space is specifically why the Space Treaty of 67 was created. Although what if we were to work on this idea with the worlds other foreign powers currently conducting space operations? What If we allied in a way similar to when we fought in World War II, in our efforts to militarize space today? Not as America or China or Russia alone but as humanity... Take a second and contemplate the impact that this could have on the future of our species.

We the American people live out our lives safely at home because throughout our entire history our soldiers have laid down their lives to grant us the privilege. In the real world there are no Avengers, our real-world heroes are our soldiers both overseas and at home. More and more each day, what was once science fiction becomes reality. If any nation was capable of raising the standard for our entire species, to a point that unites all humanity its ours. Then just maybe if the day when some intelligent life form from another planet, who is as evil as Thanos, set its eyes on Earth…

We, humanity, will be ready.

Lets not forget who the real heroes are.....

Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra
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